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Jason wants a normal life. He is torn - the things he is being told about his life make no sense to him.

September is a yucky month for me. Last Friday, my 13-year old schnoodle Rex, my most faithful little pal, dashed out and got hit by a car. My husband and I had to say goodbye to our constant companion; it's a deep loss. We had him cremated. I'm hoping he's in heaven playing fetch with my Dad. I kept starting to try to write last week, but my trusty schnoodle who used to sit at my feet while I typed was conspicuously absent. I cried and wrote nothing. This past Wednesday would have been my Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary, except as you may recall if you have been reading my column for awhile, that my Dad died a year ago in September. Mom had to celebrate alone. My sister's birthday, also coming up in September, will be our first since she died in January of lung cancer. To say I've been depressed is an understatement. Please forgive me for not writing last week.

But hey, here we are a new week and the news that Jennifer Bransford is on the way out cheered me up a little bit. I promise I won't say anything unkind about the Nu-Nu Carly for at least one month. I'll give her a solid month of free praise and kindness just because she is rescuing me from Bransford. Who knows, maybe she will WOW me on day one and I won't even have to be fake nice. I was a little surprised by the firing of Kari Wuhrer however, as Reese was becoming more popular than Carly, judging by the letters you wrote to me.

But, we have Robin coming back, and I guess you can't have too many Sonny/Jason babes on at once. Besides, we have to make room for other new characters, like Crazy Neck Tattoo Mob Dude. I have to say when I look at him I just think...OUCH. I think it's clear he will wake up and either A) Implicate Ric, or B) Blackmail Ric. Only time will tell. This will cause more stress between Ric and Alexis, and they don't need any more grief than they already have - what with Reese perched outside of Ric's hospital room and stalking him to the park (which turned out to be a good thing) in her bad outfits, Alexis' paranoia is justified for once.

Also justified is everyone who calls Courtney a 'ho. Let's see, in the past 3 years, she has been married to AJ, Jason, Jax, and is on her way to husband # 4 by the looks of things. 1 husband per year is not a very good track record. That whole "til death do us part" thing must not have sunken into Courtney's soul, as her magazine subscriptions probably last longer than her marriages. I'm glad Michael is peeved at her; at least someone is brave enough to tell her about herself even if it's a 10 year old. Emily's "it's no ones fault" line is not true. It's always someone's fault. My dad was a minister and he told me "Love is a decision, not a feeling." And on days when the feelings aren't exactly flourishing, you have to keep making the decision to keep the promises you made. Apparently Mike never taught Courtney that. Emily at least had Alan and Monica for role models, who in spite of all their bickering are still together. Jax had John and Lady Jane, but their example of a long committed marriage didn't sink in, as his list of wives keeps pace with Courtney's list of husbands, in fact he's one up on her. He was married to Miranda, Brenda, Alexis, Skye, almost Chloe and almost Brenda for a 2nd time, and now Courtney. Not to mention that he's currently trying to woo Elizabeth.

Lucky and Liz are the most stable people in this storyline, Liz was married once, to Ric and well, she had to divorce him after she realized he'd been keeping Carly chained up in their panic room, and Lucky has never been married, so for this baby's sake, I hope Liz and Lucky get primary custody just so the kid has some semblance of a normal life.

Speaking of normal lives, Jason wants one. He is torn - the things he is being told about his life make no sense to him... Like the song says..

"Half of my blood is Cain's blood
Half of my blood is Abel's
One eye looks to Heaven
One eye looks for trouble"

Jason can't reconcile his two sides. How can he be a man of faith who attends church regularly and still be the man who guns people down in cold blood? Well isn't that a battle we all have with ourselves? We like to see ourselves as good, kind people, but then we have a road rage moment, or become furious with the person who stood in the line at Starbucks for 10 minutes and gets to the counter still doesn't know what they want, or we have a friend or co-worker who unexpectedly does something hurtful to us and we start thinking of ways to get even in our brain, like erasing the address book from their cell phone or telling some guy they don't like that they DO like him, etc. And we look at ourselves in the mirror and say "Who AM I, anyway?" Jason has that to a larger degree, as he only has memories of death and killing, but he can't recall why he would do such dreadful things. I hope this signals a shift in the GH universe; bring on some more romance and hospital drama and ease off on the machine gun battles. Don't get me wrong, I love the characters of Sonny and Jason - I love the depth, we know why they both became criminals, but people do change, people are capable of making good choices, and both of these men have realized their "career choice" has cost them and their families a price they don't want to pay. After Sonny's kids were kidnapped, he realized he was responsible for his kids being in danger. And now, that Ric may have possibly committed a murder for him, it's going to hit home again that no one close to him can escape the violence. Without Jason defending his position, he may see the wisdom of exiting gracefully.

Now to the Scooby Doo set. For awhile there was a real mystery at the Pizza Shack. We had 3 girls drugged by some mysterious hand, and a few unlikely suspects. Could it be the eternally cute Dillon, the magically appearing Lucas or the son of Mob Lord, Diego? Suddenly, we are introduced to SETH. Mystery solved. Everyone knows the instant the expendable guy is introduced that he will end up being the guilty party. Is there any chance they'd make Dillon the stalker now that they can nail Seth with the crime? Um, no. And how, may I ask, are Mac and Felicia able to afford to send yet another kid to private boarding school on his Policeman's pay?

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Jason see a Harley drive by and remember riding his motorcycle up to that place he used to meet Robin right around the time she shows back up in town? Will Lucky get depressed over Jax hogging his woman and move back into the box car? Will Alexis dress up as Dobson and kick Reese's butt incognito? Will Rosie come over to my house so I can pet her? Will Diego end up with any more nude photos in his backpack? Will Crazy Neck Tattoo Guy still be around for November Sweeps?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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