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Here comes the bride, but she wasn't dressed in white and she doesn't remember getting married.

Here comes the bride, but she wasn't dressed in white and she doesn't remember getting married. Not to mention the get up her new husband was wearing looked like something borrowed from the Wizard of Oz wardrobe closet... After weeks of sad, sad storylines, GH got some much needed comic relief with Luke and Tracy's Vegas Nuptials. This was delightful on so many levels - first it's given some of our veteran cast members an actual storyline, second Tony Geary and Jane Elliot have wonderful chemistry and this little turn of events has given them back their joy in their work. On Friday - we even had a little of that old Carol Burnett show fun where someone ad libs a line the other wasn't expecting and the other has to muffle their giggles. They're having fun with this, and in turn, so are we. And last but not least, it's brought man crazy Alice the Maid back into the fray. The scene where she was wrestling Tracy for Luke's suitcase was priceless. This Alice chick is not all that discerning, after all, she got hot for "Dobson" which was actually Alexis in drag, so you know she doesn't have the best instincts about picking men. I hope Tracy makes Luke hang around awhile for the Cassadine money; I'm in no hurry for the fun to end.

Part two of this drama is Skye flinging herself in Lorenzo's arms declaring her love for him to make Luke jealous, and he's amused enough to play along. I like Skye and Lorenzo together, this may start out as the two of them trying to make the objects of their affections jealous, but hey- who knows they may discover they actually like each other along the way. I've been rooting for Lorenzo to win Carly for a long time now. But, that was the Carly I liked and now that it's NuCarly, I wouldn't really wish her on anyone. I don't want her with Sonny, I don't want her with Lorenzo, I don't want her, period. I feel safe saying that as your letters to me indicate you're not warming up to her either. I went into this with an open mind. Carly has been one of my favorite characters, so I was desperate to like the new actress taking over the character, but after weeks of being open minded, and trying to give her a fair shake, I just don't like her. She has no tenderness, she has no warmth, she's a shrieking bully who has no chemistry with anyone. I keep asking myself...WHY? GH had a very popular actress in Sarah Brown, and when she left, Tamara came in and did an amazing job - we loved them both. So, Tamara quit, and why TPTB didn't make a beeline to Sarah Brown, I'll never understand. We already know and love her, we already accept her as Carly. Why wasn't she the first choice? Instead, they have foisted this poor Jennifer woman upon us who is a decent enough actress, but she's NOT Carly. I just can't make myself like her. GH should take some recast lessons from Y & R - the new Victoria and the new Mac are both great recasts, and neither of them look a thing like the old actresses who played the role - it's less about being a visual clone and more about a similarity of spirit, in my humble opinion.

Speaking of my opinions, and I do have so many of them - in the Ric Vs. Alexis fight, I'm on Ric's side, 100%. Alexis has gotten so judgmental and conniving I can barely stand her anymore. Yeah, yeah, she has her daughter's best interest at heart, or so she says, but I don't buy that. The real problem is she didn't get her way. She never wanted Sonny to know he was Kristina's Dad, and now that he knows and she can't control the whole universe of her child, she is trying to get Sonny out of the picture so she can go back to getting her way. I just wish she'd taken birth control the night she and Sonny had sex so we could have been spared the whole existence of Kristina. Funniest line of the week (Okay, it was only funny to me) was Ric asking Alexis how she'd feel if someone put Kristina on the witness stand. HA! She'd feel fine because Kristina would just sit there looking blankly off into the corner where I can only assume her real Mom is standing and not utter a single syllable. Not much to fear in that, now is there?

Fear should be striking terror in Nikolas' heart though, as Emily may wake up in a blind rage some night and think he's Connor and hack him up with her nail file. I have a love/hate thing with Natalia. She has had some real powerhouse scenes and pulled them off, and she has had some real clunker scenes where I laughed through them because they were so hokey. But this week in the scenes where she and Nik role played and she got to tell "Connor" off, she nailed it - I really think the real life off-screen chemistry between Tyler and Natalia enhances the scenes they do together, I always feel he brings out the best in her - Emily's scenes with Nikolas are stronger and truer than her scenes with anyone else. Let's just hope they never break up.

I miss Faith, but the fact is the storyline dictated she had to go, because we all know Sonny would never let her live considering the circumstances. I bring this up because right now I have to ask myself "Why is John Durant still breathing?" Sure, he's Carly's Dad, but Sonny and Jason know how to stage murders that look like car accidents or mysterious heart attacks, and why they haven't arranged such demise for John Durant, I cannot say. I never understand anyone who expends so much energy HATING someone. I have people I don't like. I have people who have wronged me. I don't spend my whole existence like Inigo Montoya preparing for revenge against them. Hey John, you don't like your daughter's husband? SO WHAT? Get a life, go back to New York. Leave them alone. Go. Now. Please. Thank goodness Michael has Mike and Bobbie for grandparents, because Alan and Durant are just bitter old nincompoops.

I said this last week, but I must say it again. Dylan Cash as Michael Corinthos has done such an amazing job of acting it boggles the mind. That child has such nuances and layers in his work. He communicates so much in a look, and can deliver a line with such perfection you'd think he'd been an actor for 40 years. Bravo, young Dylan, we love ya. Dust off a place on your bookshelf for that Emmy.

Last week I asked you to share with me the "defining moments" in your lives and many of you did. I was wowed. I am way behind on mail, but I swear I will answer all of you as soon as possible. I was incredibly moved by your stories of pain, and triumph, rage and healing, sin and redemption. It was as if a treasure chest full of sparkling hearts was laid before me and I am so thankful you felt free enough to talk to me like a friend and tell me about your lives.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Luke sell his wedding suit to Elton John for HIS upcoming wedding? Will Rosie the disappearing dog be Courtney's flower girl, or will they parade Lulu out for a day's work? Will Dillon ever realize he can apply for scholarships and not have to be a slave to Tracy for tuition money? Will Nikolas realize he's out of prison and can get a real haircut? Will someone throw soap in Carly's eyes so we can get a tear out of her? Will the FBI ever realize Reese isn't giving them much into and fire her? Will Mac hire her to be another of the PCPD cops who never ever ever ever ever solve a crime?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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