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I need Skye to advise me, how DOES she remain so optimistic in the light of so many setbacks and trials?

I need Skye to advise me, how DOES she remain so optimistic in the light of so many setbacks and trials? God knows I am not as resilient. She was dumped by Jax soon after their marriage, found out she wasn't really a Quartermaine, fell off the sobriety wagon and woke up with a dead cop in her apartment, was framed for a murder she didn't commit, was abandoned by the only other person who knew the truth, and now that he is back has had to masquerade as a homeless person, still wanted by the police, and being chased by a raving lunatic. Wouldn't that be enough to send you into a tailspin? Some people say that soaps are unrealistic because the characters have so many bad things happen to them in a row and real life is never like that. Well, I've got news for you; sometimes it is EXACTLY like that. (I won't bore you with the details, but trust me.) The unrealistic part isn't that so many bad things have happened to Skye, but that she can still get through her days and function like a normal human being, end the day with her eye makeup still on, and keep her lovely hair so shiny.

Heather's hair is not shiny, but she is still one lucky lady. Suddenly the Quartermaine attic, which we have not seen since 1975 or so back when Alan had some beam crash down on his head (I can't recall the exact scenario, so if you remember, by all means write and remind me.) is now the Hot Spot of the Q house. I thought the Q attic had gone the way of the Asian Quarter - never to be seen again (Is Robin's doll still in the catacombs?) Everyone suddenly is lurking around the attic, and strangely enough, NONE of them can see the woman sitting 5 feet in front of the door in the rocking chair. What, is this the Bates Motel? Is Laura even alive, or is Heather brushing the hair of some dead shrunken head, Apple-Doll version of Laura? How can that many people go into a room and not see a human being who is not hidden by any curtain, partition or even a large piece of furniture? This isn't Oz; there is no curtain - SHE IS RIGHT THERE!

But people never see the obvious on soaps. Carly can't see or truly believe that Durant is using her to get to Sonny, Courtney can't see she is in over her head with 'already an adult' foster child who now has mob aspirations, Sonny can't see that the ultra adorable baby Kristina who looks like him and does not look like Ned is his daughter, Helena can't see her curses are pointless, Nikolas can't see that Emily is too whiny to marry, Jason and Sam can't see they are falling in love with each other, Dillon and Georgie can't see their first night of sex may not happen until they are both 24 (That's okay though, as true love/hot sex are worth waiting for.) True love feels no pressure as there is no danger of the love evaporating, eventually, they will be lovers - unless Mac hides an On-Star unit in Georgie's coat pocket. Lorenzo can't see his plan to frame Sonny will surely backfire on him, Brook Lynn can't see what a bossy brat she has become, and I can't see how I only gained 4 pounds in my 3 weeks of binge eating.

What will happen tomorrow dear readers? Will Emily prick her finger on some poison tinged rose in the Garden of Aphrodite? Will Steven Weber realize it's not a good idea to become smitten with Mrs. Sonny Corinthos? Will Lila come back and haunt Edward for proposing to Heather? Will Michael Corinthos kick John Durant in the shins like Michael Banks did the Fidelity Fiduciary Bank guys when they wouldn't let him Feed the Birds? (If you don't know what that means, shame on you - Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00 -go directly to the video store and rent Mary Poppins.) Will Luke shake down any more homeless women for their clothes? Will Laura ever brush her own hair again?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, so I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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