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Where does Helena get her drugs? She's got more medical breakthroughs than the Harvard School of Medicine

Where does Helena get her drugs? She's got more medical breakthroughs than the Harvard School of Medicine. She can freeze someone for 20 years and bring them back (Stavros); she can brainwash someone into having murderous impulses when they see a diamond (Lucky); and now, with one shot, she has convinced Nikolas he was Connor Bishop and then Prince Nikolas in the span of 20 minutes. Also, I want to go on record as saying I always believed the Cassadines were Greek. Note I did not say "Russian but bought an island in Greece" as was explained Friday. Mikkos. Stavros. Helena. Stefan. All Greek names. You'd think if they were Russian, one of them would have been named Vladimir, or Mikhail. But, hey, who's checking?

I am anxiously awaiting the war between the mob (Jason, controlled violence) and the Queen of the Damned (Helena, openly murderous and psychotic). It should be an entertaining battle to watch. Who will win? Will Jason be able to spring Nikolas from Shadybrook? Also, one must ask, hasn't this place ever been investigated? Seemingly the doctors at Shadybrook aren't above drugging and brainwashing their patients for bribes -- we have seen it many a time before. Don't you think Geraldo Rivera or some other journalist would have done an exposé on Shadybrook for 20/20 or something? On the up side, Jason does know how to break in and snag people, as he had to go after Carly before. (Although Lorenzo is the one who actually got her out.) But Nik won't leave; rumor has it Emily is going to fake crazy to get in, since she can't get Nik out.

But my big curiosity in this is the question of motive. If Helena was after the money, and Nik gave it to her with "Take the money, I don't want it," what would drive Helena to brainwash her grandson, whom she has claimed to love? The explanation of "wanting to turn him into the image of his father" is just a little too kooky, even for Helena. Helena's big drive, for years, has simply been to regain control of the Cassadine fortune, and now, she would turn that down to make Nik into a clone of Stavros? I mean, hell, he's probably still down in that hole Luke trapped him in under General Hospital -- if he withstood being frozen for 20 years, Helena could probably hire an excavation team to drill under GH and lug him out. He may be a little dusty and need a shave, but I am sure he's under there. (I wish he was, actually, I dig Robert Kelker-Kelly)

I also dig Jason. This week he is getting an education on the high cost of love. He is learning that love is something you pay for one way or another. Love is not a feeling, it's a decision, and making that decision means making not one choice, but making many choices every day. Are the choices always right? Are they appreciated? Are they understood? Does the person you love always know that you made the choice you made out of love for them? Certainly not.

Carly feels betrayed by Jason's lie about being the father of Sam's baby, and now doubts the genuine trust the two of them always have shared. But we know that he made that choice out of absolute love for Carly and Michael. Sometimes the things we do to try to love someone are not as well received as we imagine they will be at the time we decide to do them. He seems floored that Carly would doubt his loyalty to her, and wants her to understand the lies he chose to tell were meant to protect her and her kids. Jason reminded her of the day Michael was in the courthouse and afraid to run to her, and told Carly he never wanted Michael to be in that position again.

Carly's having a hard time buying it -- Jason was always honest with her and, now she has to learn to trust him again. Part of the reason it's taking so long to rebuild that trust is the third party who's gotten involved -- Samantha. Carly doesn't think Jason can be loyal to her and Sam at the same time. She wants him to choose, and he won't. But is her desire to get Jason away from Sam purely selfish? No. No. No. I understand her position very well, actually.

Jason and Carly have been friends for years. They are solid, they can always count on one another, there is a deep loving bond between the two of them, and they accept one another, as is, no matter what. That's a rare and valuable thing. Sam is a newcomer, and an unknown entity. Carly would never deny Jason true happiness or love; she adores him and aches for him to be happy. It's just that she is certain Sam cannot bring him that, and she doesn't want him to spend himself on someone who is going to hurt him and break his heart. And of course, there is her selfish streak... She's afraid of losing Jason's friendship, which is the truest thing in her life, and something too central to her existence to imagine ever losing it. I understand that, too.

Jason's motives may have been meant to protect Carly, but even so, he hurt her. Sometimes we love people in the way we need to be loved rather than the way they need to be loved. Carly needs Jason to reassure her, and he needs to show her he is still loyal to her, even though Sam is in his life. And Carly needs to back off a bit and let Jason know he can pursue Sam if he wants, and let him know she will be there for him when Sam crushes him, as we all know she will. It's very hard to watch someone you love chase after something that we know will ruin them. But sometimes, we have to do it, and just sit by with our arms open for them to fall into when the inevitable occurs. And most importantly, not say "I told you so"...

Another thing we have to do sometimes is use our Fast-Forward buttons, which I have had to do a lot lately whenever I see the Teens. Thankfully, Dillon has shed his dress, but now we have to watch Georgie make out with her cousin. (Did anyone see the Gilmore Girls a couple weeks ago, discussing that topic?)

I like the idea of Brooke and Lucas, but I don't know if I can watch Brooke throw any more hissy fits on the way to romance or a career in music. I think once she gets somewhere, I'll be fine, but the hissy fits are doing nothing to endear her to me. I used to like Georgie and Dillon and even root for them to be together, but she has become so whiny and manipulative, I don't want my poor Dillon to be saddled with her. We need a new girl worthy of Dillon's soulfulness.

Is Faith dead? Well, she did slump bleeding to the floor of a jail cell while Sonny stood looking on -- obviously some setup of Ric's or Lorenzo's... But is she actually dead? No, not yet. But will her stabbing get Sonny charged with something? Well, duh... If I were Sonny, and I *knew* I would be arrested, I would have gone to therapy to get over my extreme claustrophobia, so the impending jail time wouldn't be so traumatic for me. Like those people who go and take "fear of flying" classes and go sit on airplanes while a pilot explains all the noises to them so they can take that trip to Maui they have been too afraid to take. You know what they say, Sonny: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail...

Speaking of being too afraid, is Courtney ever going to have sex with Jax? I want to take a random poll out there in Soap Land... Q) Jax (Ingo Rademacher) wants to have sex with you, and not just a one-night stand; he's actually fallen for you. Do you A) Stubbornly avoid having sex with him to keep him from getting an overblown ego? Or B) Get naked and enjoy? Courtney. Honey. Life is short. Jax is one of the good guys. Not to mention stunningly gorgeous. Do it.

Felicia is doing it. Judging the Q contest for Lila's will, that is. Something unexpected -- the other day when Ned took Felicia out to try to pump her for info on the contest -- I actually thought there was a little spark between them. I thought to myself... "Hmmm, that could be a love match." Mac and Felicia are still living under the same roof, but that does not a marriage make, and Ned and Lois are at odds, so why not let Ned and Felicia have a go at it? Of course since he tried to cheat on the contest, he will be broke, but Felicia is not really a material girl.

Isn't it time for Luke to come home yet? I miss him. Maybe he can get home in time to bust Skye and Faith out of the Slammer, as all three Haunted Star partners are now indisposed of -- what a shame to have that lovely casino going to waste or being looted! Or, they could put Mike Corbin in charge, and he could gamble himself into rehab again.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Ric stop hounding Sonny and invite Liz and L'il Punkinhead over for a celebratory "You're going to be a Nurse" dinner? Will Carly track down all Bobbie's old customers and demand they drop their pants to see if their butt-freckles match hers? Will Prince Nikolas claim Shadybrook as his kingdom and have Sheba come in and give pony rides to all the patients? Will Sam realize how truly lovely she looked this week when she had her hair up and wear it that way every day? Please? Will Mary stop acting so surprised that no one believes anything she says, since she is a Big Fat Liar? Will my beloved cousin Mary of Port Charlotte, Florida, have a happier week now that Hurricane Charley is gone??? (XOXOXO)

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