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Do any of you attend church? If so, you will be acquainted with the concept of lies of omission.

Do any of you attend church? If so, you will be acquainted with the concept of lies of omission. If not, here's what it means... "A lie of omission is to remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up. A lie of omission is a method of deception and duplicity that uses the technique of simply remaining silent when speaking the truth would significantly alter the other person's capacity to make an informed decision." Say for instance if you knew someone had been led to believe he was a deserter from the Marines, when he was, in fact, a presumed dead prince. Not telling him, or for that matter, not telling his brother, or other concerned parties, is in the ethics of the church, a sin. If you know something that should be told, you should tell. Period. She has been trying to tell him, but if you go in for puppet wisdom, and I do, there is that Yoda gem "Do, or do not. There is no try."

Emily of course, is the selfish sort, so we can add this to her list of sins like running off with Nikolas when she was married to Zander. In my quest for spiritual and ethical debate, I have asked myself if it is a sin for Emily to seduce "Connor" when he THINKS he is married to Mary, even though she knows he actually isn't. Isn't sin, basically, a matter of the heart, its intent and its' attitude? He THINKS he is cheating on his wife. He THINKS he is being unfaithful, so, in effect, does that not make him unfaithful? I invite your opinions on this.

Lorenzo is a drug and arms dealer, so we already know that his moral compass is a bit eschewed, so it's no shocker that he hasn't told Nik the truth, but for the life of me I cannot figure out his MOTIVE for wanting Nikolas kept in the dark. I mean if he wants someone to spy on Sonny and Jason, why would he choose someone whom they would obviously recognize if they catch a glimpse of him? And Mary has nothing to offer Lorenzo (except maybe a warm bed after "Connor" catches on to her. Lorenzo hasn't had any since Carly dumped him, and Mary hates to be alone, for all we know Lo' is a wooden duck carver...

Mary might not be so smitten with Connor anyway if she knew he was out cheating on her at the first opportunity, she might throw him back to the Cassadine's and find some other poor amnesiac to pretend to be her dead husband. She should take careful note this time to find someone who can actually carve wooden ducks, or she should leave that out of the lie telling. Also, she should find someone who actually looks good in flannel. Nikolas looks fine in his designer Prince duds, but the Mackenzie Bothers Flannel look is just NOT him. Mary slipped into the river, and in her delirium dreamt the exact thing we have all been waiting for; Nikolas to remember he is Nikolas and to toss her away like a used Kleenex. Tyler Christopher is always so wonderful at sinking his teeth into every scene where they give him with even a bite of meat - which makes me wonder why they don't give him more? He's a truly gifted actor. But all his passion was wasted in that dream scene as Mary woke up to find him faithfully by her side like the loyal puppy she has trained him to be. Good dog!

Carly is by Sonny's bedside as well, but somewhere in Costa Rica at a convent that is a home for unwed mothers and just happens to have underground tunnels and secret doctors on call for occasions when mobsters get shot there. Sounds plausible, huh? NOT! But that Sister Agnes sure stays calm in the face of danger.

Sonny's shooter is lurking in the hallways of GH with some photo of him and Sam in his wallet, so I would guess he is either A) Sam's secret husband, B) Some dude who Sam pretended to love and then stiffed in some scam, or C)Some kin-folk of Sam's here to rescue her and her baby from the Mob? Who knows, but stealing a blue shirt and some birth control glasses does not a disguise make. We can still tell it's you, Nico.

Questions of the week - 1) How close could someone get to YOUR neck with a hypodermic needle without you seeing it coming? 2) What sort of jails do they have in Italy where they would jail Carly and Jax together, and Jason and Courtney together rather than the women and men being separated? 3) Who is feeding Sheba and paying Mrs. Lansbury? Shouldn't Emily hurry up and tell Nik the truth for the Horse's sake? Its obvious Mrs. Lansbury is still there, too- as the place is pretty free of dust for not being lived in all this time... 4) How did Carly get to Italy on Sonny's jet to bust up Courtney's date when Sonny had it to fly after Sam to Costa Rica? How did Carly get from Italy to Port Charles and then to Costa Rica all in one afternoon? Wouldn't homeland security pull her over and rifle her bags after an itinerary like that? Speaking of which, I was personally searched 11 times this weekend... I bet you will all rest easier tonight knowing that Disneyland and the Women of Faith conference people are doing their best to screen terrorists who may be disguised as 43 year old blonde women.

Speaking of terrorists, Liz is back with her new baby Cameron, and is already terrorizing Ric. Why did she come back to the park to talk to Ric, just to reject him again? "I miss you, and I miss the dreams we had." She began... very promising, right? Then when Ric takes her hints and asks if she wants to start over again, she looks down her nose at him and says "NO, of course not!" (Well, not in so many words, but...) and while I like Liz and Ric together, I hated her smarmy dismissal of him. The thing about love is that you have to love the WHOLE person, darkness and light, and I hope Ric will find someone who loves both sides of him. Faith loves his dark side, Liz loves his Light side, but no one loves Ric, as a whole being.

Two people who are seeing the best and worst of one another and still hanging on, is our Non-Couple/Couple, Sam and Jason. But let's face it; we all know that anytime people on GH pretend to be a couple, they inadvertently develop real feelings for one another. Emily and Nikolas, spring to mind, and as I started making the list in my mind over my 25 years of watching, it's just too long to write, but trust me, it's a trend. If you pretend to be a couple, somewhere along the line, love blooms, or at least a very strong case of like, such as Brenda and Jason, Alexis and Jax, and Ned and Chloe, just for starters.

Well, nice to see they pulled the mothballs off of the underused Denise Alexander and let Grandma Leslie actually have a scene this week. It was brief, but it was great to see her. I remember the day when she was front burner, and pretty darned good at it, too. That great old quadrangle of Rick and Leslie Weber and Alan and Monica Quartermaine was such fun to watch. Nice that they gave her two whole lines to say...

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Emily get pregnant with "Connor's baby? Will we find out that Liz's baby is really Sonny's too, as Zander may have touched Sonny once and his Robo-Sperm penetrated through Zander's skin? Will Grandma Leslie take a lesson from poor dead Summer that you shouldn't go out dressed up like someone that other people want to shoot or push off the bluffs? Will Jax ever ask Courtney where she hides Rosie when he drops by and how she keeps her furniture and carpet free from dog hair? Will Sonny send a VERY large donation to Sister Agnes for hiding him and nursing him back to health after his gun shot?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, so I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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