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Can you imagine Emily's joy? The man she thought was dead is suddenly there before her eyes, alive, and healthy, miraculously appearing in living color, flesh and blood!

Can you imagine Emily's joy? The man she thought was dead is suddenly there before her eyes, alive, and healthy, miraculously appearing in living color, flesh and blood! He is real, not a ghost or a figment of her imagination. But, then dear readers, I challenge you to imagine Emily's devastating pain... Can you imagine how it would feel if the person you love most in the world suddenly didn't know you, didn't recognize you, had no memory of the life you had been building, or the dreams you had been dreaming, or the hopes you both held in your heart? The love of her life is treating her like a casual acquaintance, a virtual stranger instead of the one person with whom he shared his soul...Ouch... Nikolas simply does not remember loving her. He barely knows Emily's name, and only at all because he heard Mary speak it. When Emily looks at him, she feels all the power of their love, all the hope and promise of their shared vision, all the passion of what passed between them. When he looks at her, he feels nothing, and experiences nothing that is based in reality. He has been brain-washed into believing he is someone else and his own feelings have been buried so long he can't seem to unearth them. He's been given a new identity in a new town, with a new name and a new woman, and everything from his past life has faded into that black hole of Head Bumps found mostly in soaps.

When confronted with this, Emily had two choices - 1) To press the issue and push him into remembering his past, or 2) To realize he is truly happy in the lie of a life that Mary concocted for him and allow him to live it, even knowing it was a lie- knowing he had a family and a past and a destiny with her. Emily sought out the advice of Jason, our last Head Bump Amnesiac and he told her that he would have hated the people who lied to him and the people who told him the truth in equal measure - kind of like the Matrix Blue Pill/Red Pill dilemma. Do you want a real life that may be difficult and challenging and forces you to confront some tough issues, or do you choose the pseudo-happy life that is based on utter fabrication while your head is plugged into a system that programs your brain and drains the energy from you? Emily loves Nik selflessly and at present is choosing to allow him to be happy in his lie of a life instead of pushing him back into a reality she isn't sure he wants anymore. Emily chose Nik's happiness over her own. That's a very commendable choice, Emily. (Do you think Em is playing God? I'm torn...) I hope that eventually she gets to kick Mary's butt, or at least pull her hair someday soon. Emily never lost any hair during chemotherapy, so it would be poetic justice if she and Mary got into a hair-pulling girl fight and she finally lost a handful of those shiny locks. But I want Mary to lose MORE hair.

And no, I am not contradicting myself from last week. I pity Mary. While it's clear she is insane, in my opinion she is a sympathetic character. Crazy, of course, but deserving of our compassion, I think. She was married and devoted to someone who was killed in a war, lost her mind and did insane things, but now has genuinely developed feelings for her faux husband... Nuts, but really, s love ever rational? I still feel for her, because to quote Elton John, "We all fall in love sometimes..."

Speaking of falling in love, I can't help but wonder if Jason and Sam are heading in that direction. I like Sam better with Jason than I did with either Sonny or Jax, because with Jason she gains back a little of that feistiness she had when she first hit town. Jason brings out the best in all those sassy girls like Brenda, Carly and Sam. Loved the backless gown Sam wore to Courtney's fundraiser, but she won't be able to wear it much longer unless she has that same kind of pregnancy Carly did where she remains at a steady 84 pounds until a week before she delivers the baby. Stretch marks wouldn't look good with that dress, methinks.

As to Sonny, I think he better track down Mel Gibson and get a refresher course on his faith. With all of Sony's promises to God and trips to the chapel, he has seemingly forgotten the part of Catholicism where you aren't supposed to cheat on your wife. Even now that he has recommitted to Carly and the boys, and Jason is about to marry Sam, he's over at Jason's place making out with Sam as soon as Jason is out for 5 miutes. Sam has no religion that we know of, no belief system, no morals, so that's understandable in her case. But Sonny knows better. He was once someone who made commitments and kept them. At least he tried a lot harder to keep them than he does now. When he and Lily were married and he wanted to do Brenda, at least he fought it a little bit, and didn't bring her into his home to do it; he at least had the decency not to rub it in Lily's face.

Consider that Jason is willing to marry a woman he doesn't love, and raise a child that is not his, and Sonny doesn't even have the decency to respect Jason's sacrifice by not fondling his new fiancée when Jason is away. I wish the magical spell of Sonny would wear off, and all the women in town would look at his smoldering bedroom eyes and potent sperm and say "No thanks. Not interested." How is it that a handsome decent guy like Lucky never gets dates, and Sonny, the local mob boss has hordes of women? Ned's single, Jax is single, heck, even Lorenzo, who is also a criminal is a better choice than Sonny - someone explain to me what the lure of Sonny is to women who are otherwise basically smart? Sure, he's rich and handsome, but people DIE around him, and he's a bullying control freak. Isn't that one of those things you should consider when looking for a guy? Mind you, I would like to be under Sonny's "protection"- it's kind of like Cootie Protection from 5th grade, if you had Cootie Protection, people could touch you but you wouldn't get their cooties, if you have Sonny's protection, Faith might harass you, but she wouldn't dare whip out her poison ring and spike your lemonade.

As to looking for guys, Sage is back on the prowl for Dillon. She's truly pathetic, isn't she? There are certain breeds of women who can't take a hint. Dillon has made it clear he is in love with Georgie and doesn't want Sage, but that doesn't deter her from making play after play for Dillon. She's a cute girl, I'm sure other boys at her school think she is hot - so it's not as if Dillon is her only choice. Of course, since Dillon is the only Teen guy on the show since "Tom" vanished and Lucas fell into some black hole, I guess Sage may not have another choice with her raging teenage hormones. So far, I like Lynne. I think she's going to be fun. I am all about first impressions; usually I like a character right away or hate them right away and rarely change my mind. (Same as in real life) I like Lynn. I hope she doesn't break my streak.

On to the truly miraculous...I think Mac's recovery from his fire burns is probably something the Guinness Book of Record's should be contacted about. I mean the guy was bandaged up like The Mummy just a few months back, and now he' at Courtney's fund-raiser looking like an ad for Noxzema with a creamy clear complexion. I never use anything on my face but Noxzema and I'm 43 and people think I'm 30 - so maybe that WAS Mac's secret. But seriously - I live in San Diego where we had horrible firestorms last fall. The people who were injured in those fires still have scars. Mac, on the other hand, doesn't have a single solitary mark to ever show he was burned beyond recognition in a fire. But he looks darned good, so I will stop whining. I certainly hope he and Felicia actually get a storyline. I keep asking myself why they would bring Kristina Wagner back just to have her occasionally serving some mashed potatoes to Georgie and Dillon- for pity sake give the woman a STORY. Luke is missing, she's a P.I. - let her go looking for him. Or let her take on Tracy in a battle of the Moms of Teens, or let her and Mac fall back in love and remarry. There are so many wonderful but underused actors on that show it just saddens me. It was miraculous that Alan and Edward actually showed up for Skye's trial and even got to say a few lines. Mind you, I am still peeved that John Ingle isn't Edward anymore, but it's not Nu-Nu-Edward's fault, so I am trying to warm up to him. I didn't think I'd ever like John Ingle after David Lewis retired, and lo and behold I came to adore John Ingle, so hopefully, Nu-Nu-Edward will grow on me.

He'll certainly get his chance later this summer when GH does a tribute to Anna Lee - rumor has it that many GH alumni will travel back to Port Charles for a 2-day funeral for Lila as all the Ghosts of Character's past come back to pay tribute to her. As well they should - what a gracious and wonderful person Anna Lee was- we've all been missing her since they took her off contract, and now, sadly we will have to miss her forever. Or go to www.Netflix.com and rent "How Green Was My Valley."

I also miss Liz, but not for long. She is set to return from maternity leave soon. However, with things heating up for Ric and Alexis, maybe Liz can get Lucky to help her raise Zander's baby, I mean Lulu needs a family since both her folks are in the nut house, and Grandma Leslie seems to dig on babysitting, so much so that she never even leaves the house for a bowl of chili at Kelly's, so that would be the perfect solution. Ric got Alexis looped this week, and she got her first kiss in EONS - since Cameron kissed her fake moustache when she was in drag as Dobson, I think. What a pity that she has to be drunk to get loosened up enough to let a guy touch her. She should take lessons from Carly and Sam; they have no such inhibitions about hopping into bed with men. Alexis, have a little fun - Ric's psychotic, but he's really cute.

What will tomorrow hold dear readers? Will Sage get Uncle Lorenzo to buy off Felicia and Mac to sell Georgie to some roving Circus? Will Courtney Kung-fu kick Jax when she finds out he's not the one who donated the million bucks? Will Sam wear white to her wedding, and more importantly will she brush her hair? Will the crazy blonde stalker end up being Heather Weber fronting for Scott instead of Laura? If so, will Luke be able to seduce her like he has previous crazy chicks that had him in chains? (Does anyone recall Sally Struther's hysterical turn as Jennifer Smith?) Will Sonny sell his Robo-Sperm on E-Bay to infertile couples to add to his Coffee Revenue?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, so I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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