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I do not cry for Sam. When Sam came on the show, she was a con artist with no morals and was in it for cash, period.

It's all about to collapse, and Mary knows it. Yet she clings to the fantasy that it can last for all she is worth, because she needs to believe it. Believing she can hang onto Nik/Connor, is the reason she wakes up in the morning. Believing she can stay with Nik/Connor forever is the only thing standing between her and utter despair and hopelessness. Her life was a vacuum, a total black hole before poor amnesiac Nikolas stumbled onto her doorstep, and she can't bear the thought of going back to that dark, isolated place. Does she love him? Yes, she does. Should she have allowed herself to love him? No, she should not. Does that make her love any less true, or any less valid or any less meaningful? No- her love, as ill-conceived as it was, is still, indeed, love. Certainly many people have found themselves entangled with someone they knew they had no business becoming entangled with, and yet at the moment when those feelings came bubbling to the surface, they convinced themselves that they could make impossible things possible. That's all Mary has done, lied to herself and convinced herself of her own lie. She knows Nik is not Connor. She knows he has another family who loves him and needs him and mistakenly believes he is dead. But Mary imagined a world where Nik/Connor belonged to her, she painted a portrait of a life she longed to live and got caught up in her vision of that life. She built her life around that imagining and now has no idea how to undo what she has done. How do I know her love is real? Because she was willing to sacrifice her own happiness for his well-being; she was willing to expose her own lies to protect Nik. Sometimes we hurt ourselves to protect someone we love, even when it kills us, and even when the person we are doing it for doesn't know it and cannot see it. Mary was willing to be selfless and let Nik go to save him. But it doesn't matter now, with Emily and Lucky 3 feet away on a shared balcony in "El-Made-Uppo" Mexico - it's only a matter of time before her house of cards collapses. I cry for her a little every day.

I do not cry for Sam. When Sam came on the show, she was a con artist with no morals and was in it for cash, period. Now, suddenly, she is a "Hopelessly Devoted to Sonny" moony eyed limp kind of girl, and she bores me. She's been standing in Jason's apartment waiting for the sound of Sonny's voice in the hall, and out prowling around the elevator looking longingly at his door - PLEASE - let it go, girlfriend. Go back to looking for antique cards, or buried treasures or something. Now she is going to marry Jason, for the sole purpose of annoying Jax and making Sonny jealous, both really dumb reasons to get married, but Jason of course, the hit man with the heart of gold is marrying Sam for Michael, Morgan, and the unnamed baby Sam is carrying. Let's call him Wild Bill, just for fun. Rumor has it Sam will lose Wild Bill and Jason will be stuck married to her for no reason at all - but I'm not sure if that source is reliable. I wish Sam wasn't pregnant as I would LOVE to see a really good catfight with Carly, Courtney and Sam, as our girls haven't had the chance to use their self-defense skills for some time, and besides, Sam just needs her a** kicked. Of course Courtney warmed up on Tracy last week, knocking her to the ground, which I really loved. Tracy - Jax doesn't want you. Deal with it.

Is the blond wig we have seen actually Laura, and if so why did she want Luke catatonic? If not, who is posing as Laura to get even with Luke for what? And now that Lucky is off in "El Fake-O Town-O May-He-Koe", and Skye is in the slammer (with a maternity prison jumpsuit, I'd suppose) WHO will rescue Luke, or even notice him missing? Maybe Alexis will notice? Maybe Ric will notice? Maybe his old P.I. pal Felicia will go looking for him? And if Blonde Wig isn't Laura, who is it? Maybe it's Leslie-Lu SORAS'ed (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome for the uninitiated to Soap World Lingo) into an angry teen hell-bent on getting even with her dad for ditching her? The Helena clone who has been serving Helena's jail time for her? Or could it really be Laura, and ABC has managed to keep Genie' return a Big Secret? One can only hope.

One can also hope that when Carly redecorates the hotel room at the island that she makes it looks less like a Motel 6, and more like an exclusive getaway that rich people might have if they owned their own island and Casino.

Another hope is that her best pal Courtney is able to win the 10 MILLION dollar bet with Jax. Ladies, seriously, for 10 Million bucks, couldn't you resist ANYONE? What a stupid GUY bet. "I bet you 10 Million bucks you can't go 3 months without having sex with me!" What kind of a bloated male ego bet is that anyway? For 10 million bucks, I could resist John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and any other guy you can name - what an easy way to make a lot of money! Mind you, I am certainly enjoying watching Jax try to seduce her, but temptation in and of itself isn't a sin, it's how you act on the temptation. Courtney can spend the next 3 months salivating for Jax and wanting him like crazy, overwhelmed with desire for him - but if she uses a little self controland doesn't give in to her desires then the real prize awaits her at the other end. Some people don't get that the way you go about things is just as important as the end result. At the end of the 3 month bet, in 90 short days, she can jump him on the 91st day if she is still hot and bothered, so why rush ahead when waiting would bring her everything she wants? Win the bet Courtney; show him what you're made of. Do it for all women everywhere. :

What will tomorrow hold dear readers? Will Dillon find the Phantom of L and B who's been singing through the hallways? Will Faith succeed in her 17th attempt to take over Sonny's territory, or end up like Wile E. Coyote again with an "Ouch" sign when she gets herself blown up? Will a guy who's been drunk as often as Luke really be able to be sedated, or won't his body just get used to it and wake up in about 30 minutes? Will Lucky agree switch places with his brother and pretend HE is Connor when Emily finds Nik as Lucky hasn't had a woman since Summer got pushed off the Cassadine bluffs?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, so I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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