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For the Week of May 12, 2014
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of May 12, 2014. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
The Nurses Ball continues with entertaining and special performances

Love is in the air at the gala

Luke makes the most of his moment in the spotlight

As the ball concludes, some are left with their heart in tatters

Duke and Anna's bond grows deeper

Duke and Sonny continue to plot against Julian

Luke tries to determine the extent of Sonny's knowledge about the Jerome Organization

Alexis isn't impressed with Jordan

Alexis appeals to Julian to quit the mob

Julian decides to have a meeting with Luke

Jordan and Shawn take a stroll down memory lane

T.J. becomes concerned when he overhears his mother on the phone

Jordan tries to explain things away

Friendships are tested

Michael makes a power move at ELQ

Anna shares some news with Dante and Lulu

Liz makes a decision about her relationships with Nik and Ric

A sneak peek at next week
Luke has ulterior motives for visiting Alexis

Carly reaches out to an old friend for help

Julian makes a shocking announcement

Jordan has a talk with Anna

Lucy gets some news

Luke is out for revenge

Down the road previews
Patrick realizes that he can't remain in limbo until Robin returns

Michael learns that Sonny shot A.J. and that Carly knew the truth

A young lady catches Morgan's eye

Emma has some competition

Silas' life becomes complicated when his wife arrives in town

Sabrina's cousin, Juan returns to Port Charles

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