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For the Week of April 15, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of April 15, 2013. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
After one too many drinks, Scott kisses a Port Charles lady

A stranger was deeply moved by Patrick's speech during the Nurses Ball

Patrick is determined not to let Britt's pregnancy jeopardize what he has with Sabrina

Felix questions Britt's intentions

Sabrina and Felix talk about Sabrina's budding relationship with Patrick

Noah meets someone at the airport

Connie returns

Maxie gets her job back at Crimson

Ellie apologizes for eavesdropping on Maxie and Frisco's conversation

Ellie assumes that Maxie had been referring to Britt's pregnancy

Spinelli has an update about the missing Quartermaine heir

Ellie turns to Spinelli for help

Lulu shocks her family with an unexpected announcement

Lulu's loved ones try to make sense out of what has happened

Michael confesses to Sonny

Carly is not pleased when A.J. taunts her about walking in on Michael and Brenda

Michael gives his mother the cold shoulder

Sonny and Carly talk about the situation between Michael and Brenda

Brenda pays Michael a visit

A.J. enjoys watching the effect that Brenda has on Sonny and Carly

Brenda makes a confession when she learns that Michael told Sonny about their encounter

Carly goes to the airport to confront Brenda

Lucy's request to adopt Rafe is denied

Lucy proposes that Sam take Rafe in

T.J. remains troubled by Molly's closeness to Rafe

Shawn offers T.J. words of encouragement

A.J. arrives in time to see Nikolas and Elizabeth hug

A sneak peek at next week
Brenda makes a surprising proposal

Elizabeth and A.J.'s argument might benefit Tracy

Spinelli heads out of town on a quest

Britt is uncertain about her decision to terminate her pregnancy

Will Anna and Duke's romantic dinner lead to more?

Down the road previews
Whos' the blonde?

A Morley has some questions

Could the missing Quartermaine heir have connections to another powerful family in Port Charles?

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