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For the Week of March 25, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of March 25, 2013. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
A shot rings out

Anna and Dante search for Lulu but they only have a few leads

Dante implores his mother to use her psychic ability to locate Lulu

Dante apprehends the shooter

Anna spots Britt with Dr. Obrecht

Britt and Dr. Obrecht discuss their plans for Patrick during the Nurses Ball

Elizabeth and Emma celebrate Sabrina's big day

Patrick tries to tell Sabrina how he feels about her but the moment is interrupted

Milo is willing to step aside if Patrick has feelings for Sabrina

Felix is disappointed when Milo expresses an interest in Sabrina

T.J. assumes that Felix sees Milo as competition for Sabrina

Felix lets Sabrina know that he's not happy about her date with Milo

Sabrina reminds Felix that Milo isn't gay

Patrick confides to Elizabeth about what happened with Sabrina

Elizabeth urges Patrick to start focusing on what he wants

A.J. hires Spinelli to find the missing Quartermaine heir

A.J. is startled when he finds out about one of Liz's past relationships

Tracy tries to steal the relish's secret formula from the GH lab

Scott blames Bobbie for Laura being at the hospital with Luke

Scott reminds Bobbie that she enlisted Luke's help to break up Scott and Laura

Bobbie confesses that she enjoys living in Seattle but wants Lucas to find someone special

T.J. asks Molly to the Nurses Ball despite his concerns about her relationship with Rafe

T.J. and Molly wonder where Shawn and Alexis are

Alexis takes Shawn to the lake house to recover

Shawn is deeply touched by T.J.'s admission

Rafe turns up on Alexis' doorstep looking for Molly

Rafe leaves after Shawn informs him that Molly is with her boyfriend

Lucy is overjoyed by the changes that Carly made to the ballroom

Carly has a bad feeling when she doesn't hear from Todd

Sam is determined to give John some space

Lucy organizes a rehearsal for the Nurses Ball

Several people volunteer to be a part of the Nurses Ball

Lucy introduces a surprise choreographer

Felicia talks to Maxie about Frisco and Mac

Frisco and Mac get into another heated altercation

A sneak peek at next week
General Hospital's 50th anniversary celebration begins

Carly has a heart-to-heart talk with Bobbie

People reminisce about the past

The day of the Nurses Ball arrives

Tensions are high on the red carpet

Sparks fly between former lovers

Two familiar faces return

Down the road previews
Changes ahead for Lulu

Todd takes a trip to Llanview

Who's the blonde?

Shocking surprises make the Nurses Ball an event to remember

Paging Noah Drake

A Webber returns

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