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For the Week of March 18, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of March 18, 2013. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Scott offers to accompany Laura on a visit to Lulu's place

Luke talks to Lulu about Scott

Luke questions if Lulu's latest gift is really from Bobbie

Laura admits that she recently discovered that Luke isn't dating Anna

Lulu confides to Luke that Laura might have accepted Scott's proposal for the wrong reasons

Lucy urges Scott to elope with Laura

Lucy twists some arms to help Scott obtain a marriage license

The news for Rafe isn't good

Carly confesses that she's not involved with A.J.

Todd is hopeful when Carly kisses him

Carly is reluctant to put her trust in Todd

John and Sam admit that they are afraid to act on their feelings

Ellie gives Michael and Starr the secret formula for Pickle-Lila

Michael shares the good news with A.J.

A.J. pleads for a second chance with Elizabeth

A.J. comes clean about what she saw

Elizabeth agrees to go out with A.J. if he promises to perform with her at the Nurses Ball

Elizabeth accuses Patrick of trying to avoid Sabrina

Patrick claims he was caught by surprise by Sabrina's confession

Epiphany confronts Britt about what Spinelli uncovered

Olivia has a fainting spell

Patrick diagnoses Olivia with low blood sugar and dehydration

Olivia urges Dante to return home and check on something

Kevin encourages Mac to have a talk with Felicia

Anna and Felicia talk about the men in their lives

Frisco offers Maxie some advice about the baby

Maxie is surprised when Frisco confesses that he wants Felicia back

Does Spinelli overhear something revealing when Maxie wakes up from a nightmare?

Lucy asks Kevin to be Scott's best man

Lulu disappears

Luke and Laura join forces to look for their daughter

The Falconeri loft becomes Command Central

A sneak peek at next week
Patrick decides to open up to Sabrina about what he's feeling

A shot rings out

Scott resents Laura leaning on Luke in a crisis

Anna and Dane stumble onto a clue that might lead to Lulu

Tracy breaks into the lab

Is Laura the target of someone's plot for revenge?

Down the road previews
Changes ahead for Lulu

Todd takes a trip to Llanview

Who's the blonde?

Two familiar faces return

Shocking surprises make the Nurses Ball an event to remember

Paging Noah Drake

Someone whips the performers into shape

A Webber returns

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