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For the Week of February 18, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of February 18, 2013. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Tracy pressures Luke to find Franco's daughter, Lauren Frank

Luke spots a familiar face as he stands on the deck of the Haunted Star

Steve and Olivia are apprehensive when they discover the front door ajar

Olivia has a nightmarish vision of Steve covered in blood

Kate emerges, so Steve advises Olivia to go easy on Kate

Kate is eager to see Trey, but Olivia explains that it's not possible

Sonny admits that he slept with Connie because he wanted to

Lulu assumes the gift for her is from Dante

Frisco makes another attempt to reach out to Maxie

Maxie agrees to spend time with Frisco to avoid Spinelli and Ellie on Valentine's Day

Frisco takes Maxie to the Haunted Star because Felicia and Mac are there

Lulu offers Mac some advice

Felix tries to pull Sabrina out of her depression

Sabrina is unable to enjoy the party because she can't stop thinking about Officer Carlson

Maxie overhears Sabrina admit to feeling overwhelmed with guilt

Sabrina learns that Britt wrote a letter of complaint about her

Patrick offers Sabrina a sympathetic shoulder and surprises her with a Valentine from Emma

Maxie confides to Frisco that she did something terrible

After closing, Michael and Starr share a romantic dance

Spinelli finds a way for Ellie to slow dance with him

Rafe, Todd, and John spend time in lockup together

Todd takes delight in painting John in the worst light possible

John insists a lookalike is responsible for the crimes

John reminds Todd when Todd was in a similar situation

Duke bumps into Anna on the pier

Anna admits that she ended things with Luke

Molly arrives at the police station as Lucy is about to be transferred to Ferncliff

Lucy manages to pass Molly a set of keys that Lucy lifted from a police officer

Molly hopes that the pictures of Sam will help with the search

Sam wakes up and realizes that she's Caleb's prisoner

A.J. and Elizabeth have dinner together on Valentine's Day

Elizabeth offers A.J. some advice about how to proceed with Tracy and ELQ

A.J. agrees to give Tracy a job in exchange for Lila's relish

A.J. sends Elizabeth some flowers

Steve wonders if it's a good idea for Elizabeth to date a guy like A.J. who has a shady past

Elizabeth reminds Steve of her own past and insists that she and A.J. are just friends

Scott Baldwin returns to Port Charles

A sneak peek at next week
Steve admits that he fears Olivia's vision about him might happen

Caleb is determined to make Sam recall their past life together

John races to get to Sam

Kate pushes Sonny away

A.J. figures out what is at the root of his panic attacks

Olivia has an encounter with "Heather"

Someone clings to life while on the operating table

Down the road previews
Todd takes a trip to Llanview

Who's the blonde?

Steve Webber's life changes direction

Elizabeth gets an unexpected visitor

Bobbie Spencer checks back into General Hospital

Shocking surprises make the Nurses Ball an event to remember

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