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For the Week of February 11, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of February 11, 2013. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Rafe makes a break for it

Anna and Dante review the footage of "John" releasing Rafe from jail

Dante gets a call that a police officer is down

Sabrina gives Dante a damaging statement about "John"

Luke is eager to see Anna to make certain that she's okay

Anna can't believe that she was so wrong about John

John becomes the prime suspect in Rafe's escape and a murder

John talks to Sam about the evidence against him

Sam questions John about his alibi

John tries to convince Lucy that he's not Caleb

John hopes to team up with Lucy to catch Caleb

Heather has an encounter with Caleb

Heather dons a disguise

Anna gets a lead on Heather and Todd

Tensions mount between T.J. and Molly

T.J. talks to Shawn about Molly and Rafe

Molly agrees to hide Rafe in her bedroom

Rafe has a violent reaction when Molly startles

T.J. is upset when he discovers that Molly helped Rafe

Caleb keeps a close eye on his son

Maxie reluctantly goes along with Britt's plans for Sabrina

Sabrina is horrified to realize that she administered the wrong medicine

Patrick cautions Sabrina not to jump to conclusions

Tracy and A.J. each devise a plan to save ELQ

Laura returns to town

Kristina contemplates doing community service at Pentonville

Johnny asks to see Starr after he is sentenced

Johnny has a gift for Starr

Mac fears that Frisco wants Felicia back

Frisco talks to Felicia about their future

Olivia fears that her vision of Steve in the shower with Sabrina was a premonition

Danny disappears

Starr and Carly talk about Todd and toast to his escape

Diane advises Connie to blame Kate for the crimes

Connie refuses to risk a trip to Shadybrook

Connie and Sonny have an unexpected close moment when they reminisce about a special Valentine's Day

A sneak peek at next week
Love and romance is in the air

Frisco asks Maxie to give him a chance

Britt steps things up in her plans for revenge

Kate emerges but has mixed feelings about Sonny

A.J. offers Tracy a compromise

Luke makes a vow

Lulu gets a visitor

Down the road previews
Scott Baldwin returns to town

Who's the blonde?

Steve Webber's life changes direction

Bobbie Spencer checks back into General Hospital

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