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For the Week of January 28, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of January 28, 2013. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Tracy is caught off guard when A.J. and Michael confront her with proof of her illegal activity

Connie is curious why Tracy is determined to destroy ELQ

Connie breaks down in Tracy's arms over the devastating loss of Trey

A.J. hires Duke to work for ELQ

Anna is conflicted when she learns about Duke's new job

Michael fears that Tracy has something up her sleeve

Ned gives Tracy some hope

Tracy enlists Luke's help to find out what Carly knows about another Quartermaine heir

Patrick is frantic when Emma disappears during Britt's watch

Sabrina is furious with Britt

Britt vows that Sabrina will regret crossing her

Sabrina issues her own warning to Britt

Patrick washes his hands of Britt

A phone call leaves Sabrina upset

Britt is furious that Sabrina made Britt look guilty in Emma's disappearance

Felix thinks that Sabrina and Elizabeth need to spice up their nonexistent love lives

Elizabeth and Sabrina bumped into Max and Milo at the Haunted Star

Max and Milo try to cheer Spinelli up

Lulu overhears Spinelli talk about his one-night-stand with Maxie

Maxie is tempted to tell Spinelli everything when she learns that Spinelli and Ellie are over

Ellie has some harsh words for Maxie when Spinelli takes Ellie home from the hospital

Kristina turns violent in her grief over losing Trey

Kristina is arrested for assault

Alexis begs Sonny to intercede with Connie on their daughter's behalf

Connie is left shaken when Sonny's temper flares

Todd warns Connie to stop trying to run the Sun during his absence

Connie informs Starr that Todd is in Ferncliff and blaming his crimes on DID

Connie runs a damaging story in the paper about ELQ

Kevin Collins arrives in town and realizes why Lucy thinks that John and Sam are Caleb and Livvie

Another person mistakes John and Sam for Caleb and Livvie

Sam decides to pay Lucy a visit

Someone reaches out to John

Todd and Lucy wonder if they could be of help to each other

Molly encounters a man named Rafe on the piers

Molly tells T.J. about Rafe

Anna hopes to get some answers from Rafe

A.J. opens up to Elizabeth about his disappointments

Elizabeth confides to A.J. about her abysmal romantic life

A.J. regrets that ELQ can't fund the Nurses Ball

A.J. is moved by Elizabeth's determination to find another way to make the ball happen

A sneak peek at next week
Heather might be the key to Todd and Lucy's problems

Britt forces Maxie to make a decision

Romance sparks for two couples

A murder mystery unfolds

Federal agents arrive for Tracy

Someone takes aim at Anna

Down the road previews
Laura returns to Port Charles

Scott Baldwin returns to town

Who's the blonde?

Maxie gets a surprise visitor

Steve Webber's life changes direction

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