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For the Week of December 17, 2012
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of December 17, 2012. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Patrick finds the DVD that Robin made when she thought she was dying

Robin urges Patrick to find love again

Patrick reaches out to someone special in his life

Britt tries to get Liz's take on what is going on with Patrick

Britt is surprised by Liz's response

A Christmas DVD that Liz bought for her boys disappears

Lucy has her own money troubles, so she can't invest in the Nurses Ball

Lucy fondly recalls emceeing for the Nurses Balls

Lucy gets a frosty reception from Monica and Alice

Maxie tries to mentally prepare herself for the embryo implantation

Maxie talks to Spinelli about her fears

Maxie concedes that she might have agreed to be a surrogate for the wrong reasons

Maxie wonders if Spinelli would have taken her back if Ellie hadn't been in the picture

Alexis hands Maxie some legal papers to sign

Ellie is hurt when she catches Spinelli and Maxie in what seems to be close moment

Connie warns Todd that Johnny is still a threat to them

Alexis threatens to take legal action if Todd and Connie publish Molly's book

Johnny admits to Diane that he's ready to come clean about his crimes

Johnny makes plans to tell Carly everything

How far will Connie go to remove Johnny as a threat?

Connie finds herself drawn to Sonny

Carly questions Connie about Johnny's unexplained disappearance

Michael tracks down A.J. to get to the bottom of things

Sonny accuses A.J. of orchestrating things to manipulate Michael

Sonny thinks that A.J. will eventually lose Michael without any help from Sonny or Carly

Starr is not pleased that Todd can't stay out of trouble

Sam finds herself the center of attention in Tracy and A.J.'s bid to seize control of ELQ

Sonny hosts a Christmas dinner for his family

A.J. invites Michael to spend Christmas with the Quartermaines

Kristina makes an important decision

Someone is rushed to the hospital

A sneak peek at next week
Starr tries to push Connie's buttons

Spinelli talks to Ellie about their future

Patrick wonders what Sabrina is doing on New Year's Eve

Todd questions if Carly is really over Johnny

An unexpected event changes the course of several lives in the New Year

Down the road previews
Will Todd get a second chance with Blair?

Someone from Sonny's past returns

Tracy and Duke share a secret

Maxie gets an unexpected visitor

Trey's days in Port Charles come to a close
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