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For the Week of October 22, 2012
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of October 22, 2012. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
On the heels of tragic news, Michael wants to take a more active role in Sonny's organization

Driven by desperation, Connie reaches out to Trey

Sonny assures Trey that Kate is not the monster that Trey thinks she is

Starr confronts Johnny about marrying the woman responsible for killing Hope and Cole

Connie insists that she and Johnny have to stand strong against Sonny

Lulu is certain that Connie is holding something over Johnny's head

Connie continues to issue threats to keep Johnny in line

Connie vows that things will turn ugly if Sonny doesn't back off

Olivia has a premonition about Heather

Heather continues to pose a threat to Todd

Todd arranges for Olivia and Steve to find Danny's original paternity test

Steve makes certain that Sam receives the welcome news

Starr and Kristina are surprised to realize that they have a lot in common

Michael wants Starr to attend a Halloween party with him on the Haunted Star

Michael and Starr plan a romantic interlude

Luke dons a familiar costume

Duke has an ulterior motive for asking Anna out

Anna finds herself with two invitations on Halloween

Carly invites Todd to go trick-or-treating with her and Josslyn

Carly spends time with Todd in his suite

Dante and Lulu are open to the possibility of adopting a child

Maxie thinks that it's time for her and Patrick to get a fresh start, so she decides to move out

Maxie believes that Britt would be good for Patrick

Surprising twists and turns make it a Halloween to remember

A sneak peek at next week
Connie continues to try to seduce Johnny

Emma answers the phone when Robin calls home

Sabrina and Elizabeth talk about previous Nurses Balls

Ellie suggests that she and Maxie become roommates

Carly and Monica trade heated words

Carly has an unexpected encounter

Down the road previews
Will Todd get a second chance with Blair?

A familiar face returns

Tracy and Duke share a secret

Friends and family gather to say farewell to a beloved patriarch

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