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For the Week of October 1, 2012
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of October 1, 2012. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Everyone arrives at the Haunted Star for Sonny and Kate's wedding

Several people have reason to object to Sonny and Kate's union

Sonny decides to wait until after the wedding to tell Kate about Trey

Sonny spends some time with his sons before the wedding

Sonny instructs Max and Milo to keep their eyes open for Joe

Johnny disappears shortly after he and Carly arrive for the wedding

Lulu wonders what is going on between the bride and Johnny

Maxie is not pleased when Spinelli shows up at the wedding with Ellie, his date

Trey decides to open up to Kristina about his parents

Alexis is concerned when she can't find Kristina

Trey searches for his wife

Trey begins to suspect that his father is responsible for Kristina's disappearance

Joe defends his actions

Joe turns to Tracy for help, as the police close in

Natalie sends a letter

John heads to the lake house

Sam doesn't feel comfortable attending the wedding, so she decides to stay home

Sam talks to John about Jason and Elizabeth

John and Sam console each other

Jason shows Elizabeth his divorce papers, as he opens up to her about how he's feeling

Elizabeth is consumed with guilt, so she confesses all

Jason reaches out to John

John pays Téa a visit to talk to her about the baby

Téa his horrified when she realizes that "Susan" has disappeared with Victor

Starr gets her first glimpse of the real Johnny

Carly cries on Todd's shoulder

Todd persuades Carly not to leave

Olivia accepts that her hallucinations are actually premonitions

A sneak peek at next week
All of Heather's transgressions are exposed

Duke's intentions are revealed

Luke returns

Tracy and Luke lean on each other

Lives hang in the balance when Jason and Sam catch up with Heather

Down the road previews
A familiar face returns

Jason makes life-changing choices

Friends and family gather to say farewell to a beloved patriarch

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