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For the Week of August 13, 2012
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on GH during the week of August 13, 2012. Be sure to tune in to GH every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Jason and Sam decide to divorce

Alexis has a fainting spell

John is on hand to help Sam with Alexis

John suspects that Alexis was lured to Wyndemere

Josslyn disappears

Carly talks to Jason about Josslyn

Carly races Josslyn to the hospital

Jason and John decide to snoop around Spoon Island

Jason and John have a surprising encounter

Josslyn and Alexis' illnesses worsen

Johnny fears that Carly and Josslyn are paying for his sins

Jason suspects that Ewen has some answers

Sonny pops the question to Kate

Kristina is surprised by Trey's proposal

Dante learns that Lulu is expecting a baby

Lulu schedules a checkup with Dr. Lee

Steve has a talk with Luke regarding Heather

Luke reveals that Heather had a partner in crime

Dante, Lulu, Luke, and Steve compare notes

Ewen has an attack of conscience

Starr wonders why Trey is hesitant to tell Kristina about his father's arrest

Starr demands answers from Trey

Johnny tries to comfort Starr

Patrick leaves the hospital

Epiphany and Emma help Patrick move forward

Thanks to Mac, Shawn realizes that Alexis is interested in more than friendship with Shawn

T.J. and Molly decide to give Shawn's love life a jumpstart

A sneak peek at next week
Jason asks Spinelli dig into Ewen's past

Todd tries to be a supportive friend

Kate recovers one of Connie's memories

Joe turns on the charm with Tracy

Is Anna closer to finding her daughter?

Johnny makes a discovery

Down the road previews
Some familiar faces return

Ewen has ties to Port Charles

Jason faces legal troubles

Will Jason tell Sam what he has discovered?

Tracy's long held secret is in danger of being exposed

Sam and John team up to find out what really happened on the night of the storm

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