November 4 to 8, 1996
Sonny ruined Brenda and Jax's remarriage by showing up with the groom's former wife, who had been presumed dead. Bobbie flew off to divorce Tony. Monica came clean with Alan about her affair with Dr. Dorman.
November 11 to 15, 1996
Carly went to the cabin, thinking she would find Tony; instead, she found Bobbie. Bobbie was convinced that Tony loved Carly. Tony warned Stefan to stay away from Bobbie. Stefan said it was none of Tony's business anymore. Bobbie flew to Santo Domingo to get a quick divorce. When she got there, she called Tony to tell him. On Friday, she returned to her room and found it covered with flowers and a note form Stefan. Brenda and Jax prepared to marry, but Sonny interfered. He had returned with Mrs. Jacks in tow. Brenda seemed as if she could kill Sonny. Jax was in shock. John Jacks was so upset that he collapsed. It appeared that Mac was the only one glad to see Jax's wife. They had known each other years before. Kevin was afraid to tell Lucy he had faked his catatonia. He discussed it with Gail. Dr. Dorman decided to sue Monica for sexual harassment, which forced Monica to come clean to Alan; when she did, Emily overheard. Emily turned to Lucky for comfort, but he was too busy trying to best Stefan at Timoria. Emily was, instead, comforted by a boy who offered her drugs.
November 18 to 22, 1996
Mr. Jacks made it through the surgery, thanks to Monica and Dorman. Monica was given a good report concerning her cancer status. Monica and Alan celebrated the news. Miranda decided to stay in Port Charles for the time being. Lucky got into a life-threatening position thanks to the game Timoria. Luke played the game to try to find his son.
November 25 to 29, 1996
Luke and Stefan managed to save Lucky. Sonny pushed Brenda's buttons. Keesha decided that she wanted to become a police officer. Felicia and Miranda struck up a friendship. Brenda read Jax's old love letters to Miranda.
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December 2 to 6, 1996
Brenda and Miranda collided over Jax, and the issue of the real Mrs. Jacks was up in the air. Stefan and Bobbie married at Wyndemere. Luke, Laura, and Lucky worked at cracking the hidden meanings of Timoria. Questions surfaced surrounding the death of Laura's mother, Leslie.
December 9 to 13, 1996
Everyone in Port Charles believed Laura, along with her previously presumed-dead mother, Leslie, had died in an explosion, except for Luke and Lucky, who knew better. With Tom's help, Luke, Laura, Leslie, and Lulu had taken to the road again, leaving Port Charles to escape from the Cassadines. Brenda and Jax's future hung in the balance while they each tangled with their pasts -- Sonny and Miranda respectively.
December 16 to 20, 1996
Jax and Miranda shared a passionate kiss but decided a divorce was the only answer. Sonny was framed for a drug overdose, and Brenda saved his life. Stefan shot Katherine. The bullet lodged in Katherine's spine. Stefan hired Alexis to represent him and assured her that the shooting had been an accident.
December 23 to 27, 1996
Facing paralysis, Katherine decided to undergo surgery. Sonny searched for answers concerning who had attempted to kill him. Brenda wondered if Jax and Miranda had made love in Australia. Lucy told Kevin about her poor childhood. Alan and Monica talked about the difficult year that the Quartermaines had had. Carly managed to get her old job back at the hospital.
December 30, 1996 to January 3, 1997
Tony decided to file for custody of Lucas. The success of Katherine's surgery and the prognosis on her paralysis were still unknown. Dorman went full force at prosecuting Monica for harassment. Alan and Monica missed having Jason around for the holidays. A.J. proposed marriage to Keesha. Monica gave Emily a locket from Emily's mother.
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