The Reel Emmy Story: Lead Actor/Actress
Posted Sunday, May 15, 2005 8:40:08 PM
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Outstanding Lead Actor

Grant Aleksander (Phillip Spaulding, Guiding Light)
Episode 1: Rick brings his new baby girl, Leah, to visit Phillip but is alarmed to see how agitated he has become. He discovers that Phillip has not been taking his pills and has been stashing them in his briefcase. Phillip insists that the pills make him feel worse and he's desperate to get out of Ravenwood. Rick tells him about a drastic but often-successful series of treatments - Electro Convulsive Therapy - and Phillip declares that he'll do anything to get out. Rick plans to speak with Dr. Langham to see if Phillip qualifies as a candidate for the therapy. [Apr 13, 2004]

Episode 2: As Lizzie and Coop argue over who's more to blame for the fight between the Spauldings and the Coopers, Phillip's fixer arrives to abduct Lizzie. Coop attempts to help Lizzie, but he can't and she's taken to her father. She's furious with him and when Phillip tries to make her go away with him, Coop shows up to bail Lizzie out. Lizzie decides to stay with Coop, enraging Phillip. He vows to destroy the people who have cost him his daughter's love. [November 10, 2004]

Steve Burton (Jason Morgan, GH)
Episode 1: Jason informs Sonny that he (Sonny) is the father of Sam's baby and explains how he altered the results of the paternity test. Jason wants to pretend to be the baby's biological father. Sam is happy when Sonny says he is in fact the baby's father, but is shocked when Jason wants Sam to say that he is the father of her baby. [May 21st, 2004]

Episode 2: Sonny gives his permission to use the stem cells from Sam's baby to try to save Kristina. Sam is stabilized but her condition remains critical. Jason breaks down at Sam's bedside. Alexis allows Sonny to see Kristina. Jax and Courtney grieve for the loss of Sam's baby. [November 9, 2004]

Roger Howarth (Paul Ryan, ATWT)
Episode 1: Paul assures Will he'll always love him. Barbara pleads for Paul to let them go. Paul holds Will in a loving embrace while the helicopter approaches. He finally releases Will to a waiting Hal. Walker comforts Jennifer, who can't bring herself to tell him what she now knows about Will. Lily, at Dusty's urging, has called the press. Holden bristles. A devastated Hal holds Will, cautions him not to say another word about what happened. He will take Will into the station himself. Barbara and Paul share some bitter words before she's taken off in handcuffs. [January 19, 2004]

Episode 2: Jennifer and Will try to get Paul to change his mind about marrying Rosanna. Paul gets an idea, and calls Rosanna over. Paul announces that they need a sign that marriage is their destiny. He hands Rosanna a pack of cards and asks her to choose one. If it matches the card he chooses, then they're meant to be. Rosanna is reluctant at first but she eventually picks a card, thrilled it's the same. She's kissing him when she knocks the deck of cards to the floor and realizes they're all the same card! [November 12, 2004]

Michael E. Knight (Tad Martin, AMC)
Episode 1: Tad demands the entire truth from Krystal after reading Jamie's letter and soon realizes that Bess is actually Miranda. Tad makes it clear that there can never be anything between him and Krystal. [November 4, 2004]

Episode 2: At the DNA test lab, Adam blames Tad for the heartache JR will suffer if Bess turns out to be Miranda. Adam warns Tad to stop Brooke from printing a story linking JR to Bianca's accident. Brooke attacks Tad after he admits that Jamie may never return to Pine Valley and reveals the entire truth about the babies. Tad and Brooke comfort one another. [December 22nd, 2004]

Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin, Y&R)
Episode 1: In Kevin's hospital room, Michael gives a heartfelt speech on being a better brother and asks Kevin to give a sign that he hears him. Michael is thrilled when Kevin starts to blink and talk. Later, in the waiting room, Michael is shocked when Gloria arrives demanding to see Kevin. Michael refuses to allow it. [May 10, 2004]

Episode 2: At the hospital, Gloria insists on seeing Kevin, but Michael refuses to allow it and tells her to go back to Detroit. Michael blasts Gloria for not doing anything when he and Kevin were abused. Gloria admits she was wrong and tells Michael how proud she is of him. [May 11, 2004]

Jack Wagner (Nick Payne, The Bold and the Beautiful)
Episode 1: Brooke reveals to Nick that she and Ridge want Nick in the baby's life. Later, Jackie finds Nick at his boat and tries to tell Nick the truth about the baby's paternity. [June 18, 2004]

Episode 2: Jackie tells Nick they performed the paternity test again the day she took a hair from his head, and that Ridge is the father of the baby. Nick accuses Jackie of using him to ruin Ridge and Brooke's lives, and warns her to stay away from all of them. When Stephanie calls Ridge he informs his mother that he and Brooke are back together and that Brooke is in labor. Ridge calls Nick to tell him to arrive quickly because he is about to become a father. [June 21st, 2004]

Outstanding Lead Actress

Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder, ATWT)
Episode 1: Lily tells Lucinda she is a changed woman and is ready to go home again. Holden lets her in but won't tell Lily where the kids are and says that if she doesn't get help, she won't be seeing them again. Lily insists that no one will keep her from her kids, not even him. She slams out. [March 5, 2004]

Episode 2: Molly goes to Holden to apologize and finds that he's keeping the kids from Lily. Lily goes to Lucinda, expecting her to also be outraged that Holden has hidden the children, but Lucinda refuses to help Lily find them. Later, Lily contacts Holden in the guise of a truce, but uses their meeting to find out the location of the children. Holden realizes this is the case and intercepts Lily, having Molly take care of the kids. [March 8, 2004]

Kassie DePaiva (Blair Manning, One Life to Live)
Episode 1: Viki finds Blair in tears in the Lord mausoleum. Blair admits to Viki that she's remembering things differently now and thinks it is possible that Todd didn't rape her. Blair struggles with her feelings for Todd. [March 25, 2005]

Episode 2: Blair has a heart to heart talk about Todd with Nora, who urges her to stay away from Todd. Todd agrees to help Kelly cover up the discrepancies on Ace's medical forms in exchange for her getting Blair to meet with him alone. Kelly tricks Blair into meeting Todd at Ultra Violet. Todd makes an impassioned plea for Blair to forgive him but she remains torn and ends up leaving. [April 5, 2005]

Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, B&B)
Episode 1: Nick is surprised when Brooke receives a flower delivery from Stephanie. Nick has doubts about Stephanie's sincerity but Brooke disregards his concerns and is overjoyed that she and Stephanie have finally built a relationship. Eric pressures Stephanie to admit the truth of why she wants Brooke to be with Nick instead of Ridge. Finally, Stephanie admits that she will never accept Brooke and that she is and always will be furious over the pain that Brooke has caused their family. [April 23rd, 2004]

Episode 2: With the help of Nick's sober buddy, Corky, Stephanie and Nick make it safely to the wedding in time for the reception. Stephanie unintentionally makes her presence known. When Brooke takes Stephanie off to talk it leads to another argument. [July 13, 2004]

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis, GH)
Episode 1: Sonny informs Ric and Alexis that Sam refused the procedure. Alexis and Ric accuse Sonny of valuing Sam's baby more than Kristina. Alexis confronts Sam, tearing into her for not saving Kristina's life. [November 5, 2004]

Episode 2: Ric and Alexis seek shelter in a shack where they argue but then make up. [December 23rd, 2004]

Juliet Mills (Tabitha Lenox, Passions)
Episode 1: Tabitha convinces Charity to leave Harmony. [June 25, 2004]

Episode 2: Tabitha and Endora gleefully prepare to host a "Thanksgiving from hell" for several of their unsuspecting neighbors. Endora goes overboard with dinner preparations, leaving a flustered Tabitha to deal with a flock of live turkeys. [November 24, 2004]

Erika Slezak (Viki Davidson, OLTL)
Episode 1: Viki goes to see Ben and reminisces about the happy times they spent together. Ben wakes up from his coma. [February 13, 2005]

Episode 2: Viki loses consciousness when she learns of Ben's death. Kevin gives Larry the go ahead for the transplant. When Viki awakens, she remains conflicted about whether or not to accept Ben's heart as she fears it would be a constant reminder of what she's lost. Asa and Renee say their final goodbye to Ben. Viki's loved ones remember her strength in the face of tough situations. [May 26, 2004]

Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Summers, Y&R)
Episode 1: Daniel tells Danny he does not want to discuss Phyllis, and does not think about her at all. Danny mentions Phyllis lives in town and wants to see Daniel. Daniel declines the invitation to dinner and states he has no desire to meet with Phyllis. After Danny hangs up, Phyllis enters and asks if he has spoken with Daniel. Danny explains to Phyllis that Daniel has decided he does not want to see her. Phyllis is crushed. [March 11, 2004]

Episode 2: Unknown

Kim Zimmer (Reva Shayne, GL)
Episode 1: Reva has an awkward meeting with Sandy in a neighborhood bar. She challenges him to a game of pool. Her anger rising, Reva finally asks him why he did this to her. Sandy doesn't try to make excuses and admits what he did was horrible. [November 3rd, 2004]

Episode 2: Reva is faced with painful memories of her past when she finds Jonathan making a scene in the Country Club fountain, just as she did so many years before. She shuts him up when she jumps into the fountain with him. After they talk for a bit, it appears that they have reached a new understanding. Later, Billy warns Reva that this kid could still be trouble. [November 17, 2004]


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