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Posted Sunday, May 15, 2005 8:40:08 PM
Okay, let's be honest for a minute: Everyone has their favorite star that they'd like to see go home with an Emmy. But being a fan favorite isn't enough to guarantee a victory on Emmy night. A panel of volunteers watches each nominee's Emmy submissions and then casts his or her vote for the best of the bunch.

In recent years, the voting process has come under fire by the media. Last year, the media was not permitted to screen the Emmy reels. This year that ban would have been repeated had it not been for a last minute change of heart by the Academy. So what are the Emmy voters seeing? How can a supposed shoo-in end up not winning? It all has to do with the actors' scene selections.

Following is an account of the scenes that were submitted by the nominees.

Outstanding Drama Series

All My Children
Episode 1: This episode highlighted the search for Babe and Bianca and also showed how Paul staged a helicopter crash to make it look like one of the babies died. He then gives Babe's baby boy to Kelly, Bianca's baby girl to Babe and allows everyone to believe Bianca's baby died in the "crash."

Episode 2: Pine Valley grieves for Miranda after an incubator is recovered from the river. Later, Kendall informs Bianca that her baby died. Meanwhile, Babe's condition takes a turn for the worse.

As the World Turns
Episode 1: A recently murdered Rose D'Angelo narrates a special New Year's episode that takes a look at all the suspects in her murder.

Episode 2: Rose again narrates, this time as Barbara's hearing begins. Barbara sneaks out, attacks Emily and takes off with Will. Paul realizes that Will was the one who killed Rose. Craig tries to keep Cabot's adoption a secret. Katie and Mike make love in the shower.

General Hospital
Episode 1: A fire breaks out at the Port Charles hotel leaving some odd couples stuck together.

Episode 2: As the fire at the hotel turns into a raging inferno, a helicopter attempts to rescue those stranded by the fire from the roof of the hotel. As Emily is rescued, Nikolas it left behind.

The Young and the Restless
Episode 1: Victor gathers the Newman family and Bad and Ashley together in order to discuss Abby. Kevin is attacked in his jail cell. Drucilla's hair starts to fall out after she tests a hair-straightening formula.

Episode 2: In a special Christmas episode, Michael gets a taste of the Scrooged lige. Malcolm joins the rest of the Winterses for a Christmas meal. JT gets a surprise visit from Colleen.


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