Behind-the-scenes Emmy coverage
Posted Saturday, May 17, 2003 1:00:09 AM
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Not everything that goes on at The Daytime Emmys makes it to the live broadcast. Some of the most memorable - and crazy - things happen behind the scenes!

Jason Cook's (Shawn Douglas Brady, Days of our Lives) grandmother got a little too happy to see Judith Sheindlin, TV's Judge Judy. Cook says his grandmother "accosted" her favorite television judge. Luckily, Cook says he and Sheindlin met before, so he and his grandmother won't have to appear before her in court!

Alex Trebek, host of Jeaopardy!, hasn't won an Emmy for Outstanding Game Shot Host since 1991. He noted that like this year, his previous win came when the United States was at war in Iraq. Trebek also told reporters that he didn't mind the parody actor Will Farrell did of him on NBC's Saturday Night Live. "I feel honored when they poke fun of me," Trebek chuckled. The quizmaster also mused that the reason he shaved his facial hair was to make it easier for Farrell to portray him.

When the Daytime Emmys were last held at Radio City Music Hall two years ago - last year they were held at Madison Square Garden due to a scheduling conflict - The Bold and the Beautiful's Adrienen Frantz (Amber Moore) got into a car accident on her way to the ceremony. This year, the actress' car arrived unmarred. But that doesn't mean that she didn't have a disaster. The person who was to style her hair for the event "gave mne this horrible bouffant," Frantz moaned. So after well over an hour of having her hair styled, Frantz said she had to undo her do and style it herself!

While a cast of daytime stars took to the stage during the awards show to serenade the audience, backstage some other stars talked about their musical aspirations. Emmy winner Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder and Rose D'Angelo, As The World Turns) has been doing some musical gigs in and around Manhattan of late. On her stroll down the red carpet, she sang Annie's "Tomorrow" to held keep the rain at bay.

Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful's Jack Wagner (Nick Payne) and Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester) said they were mulling the idea of singing together at the next B&B Fan Club gathering.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Art Linkletter proved that Emmy winners say the darnedest things. The former television host said that

"Didn't you used to be Art Linkletter," a white-haired man with a cane said to Linkletter before telling him that he had appeared on Linkletter's show when he was four.

Linkletter also expressed his thoughts on the current state of television.

"And [Former President Bill] Clinton's girlfriend [Monica Lewinsky] was picked to host a show where [a woman] picks a guy with a mask on [to date]," Linkletter quipped. "She never saw a man's face in her life!"

Linkletter later announced that he would be returning to daytime television on a new soap called "The Old and the Restless." The program, he said, would be sponsored by Viagra.

The changes made to this year's Emmys -- from the three-hour length to the revised voting process -- seemed to get the thumbs up from just about everyone involved.

Said Emmy winner Susan Lucci of the expanded telecast. "It's a great idea as long as its entertaining." Lucci said she enjoyed the musical aspects brought in by the show's new producers, White Cherry Entertainment. The production company, which replaced Dick Clark's production company this year, also produces the Tony Awards telecast.

Fellow Emmy winner Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful) said she was initially dubious of the new nomination process because it meant only being able to vote for performers on her show.

"I was kind of against it at first because you can only vote for yourself and one other person on your show. I can't vote for Jill [Larson, AMC] or Finola [Hughes, AMC] or Kim [Zimmer, Guiding Light]," Flannery explained. Flannery admitted that her first impression was wrong because the new procedure brought new faces to the ballot.

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