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THE 29th ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS panelists predict the Emmy winners: Liz Lee
Posted Thursday, May 09, 2002 10:03:54 PM
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Liz is the monitor volunteer for the B&B Board and the lieutenant monitor volunteer for the Y&R Board. She's widely known in her narrow circle as the Greatest, Most Vocal, (and possibly only) Fan of Y&R's "Mary Williams", and is beyond frustrated that yet again, the great Carolyn Conwell is an Emmy shut-out! Get over it, Liz. Your taste is excellent but eclectic, what do you expect? Liz has watched daytime drama since high school, cutting her teeth on the ABC lineup, then in college picking up CBS and staying there ever since: lots of Y&R, some ATWT, a dollop of B&B, and the occasional GL . Liz credits her spry for her age outlook on her wholesome Gateway to the Midwest lifestyle, and her cheerfully bent wit comes from the sleep deprivation and paucity of bathroom privacy you get from hanging around two young children.


ATWT - from what I've read AMC and OLTL have had good stuff but are uneven...Y&R is on an even keel but seems to be between power house stories...ATWT has been on "high" consistently all year, has done some fabulous stuff, and done it really, really well. It was "their year" last time and they're just as good...even better...this time. They deserve it.


Bergman is a favorite of mine, but his character had very little to do outside his romance with Phyllis, and romantic stuff no matter how well done is generally not Emmy material. I'd love to see Robert Newman take it, it's his first nom after a career of fine work, but if he won, it would be one of those "Lifetime Achievement" style awards, not necessarily based on just this year's work. Not that he wasn't excellent! Shamefully I'm not familiar with Scalia or Irizarry on AMC.

I find Hunt Block to be a mesmerizing actor who fills the void left by the late Michael Zaslow, who was IMO the most compelling actor in the daytime genre. Plus Block is backed by the P&G machine, which is nothing to sneeze at lately. Plus Block (if he wins) is bound to give a humdinger of an acceptance speech. The world needs articulate, slightly bent winners.


This was a tough one. Susan Flannery had a great year with great material and got to deliver a lot of great lines fans have been waiting to hear. Martha Byrne does remarkable work as two characters, but I think Emmy voters have seen the twin thing often enough to not let it sway them overmuch. Lucci had her big win, and Hughes, from what I understand, is somewhat hampered by a less clearly defined character.

Zenk Pinter had a great, great year, turned evil and was a hideous burn victim. Emmy caliber material for an Emmy caliber actress.


Again I am somewhat hampered by my unfamiliarity with AMC post 1984 ;) so I may be embarrassed if Consuelos, Mathison or Duhamel take it. I understand Duhamel is quite good and a hottie to boot. :D

I'm back to the sheer power of the P&G wave...the system is organized and backing excellent actors with excellent performances. So...I'm down to Leyden and Hendrickson. Leyden is great but I think somewhat hampered by a mostly strictly romance storyline, and his pretty boy looks (which are considerable, let me tell you! I may be married but I'm neither blind nor dead!).

Hendrickson has had an strong year, strong material, and a strong history in the genre.


OK, this may be me, but I'm so done with Ripa fever! She was everywhere for awhile and is still visible in most places. Take a break Kelly. :)

Back to the P&G girls...Menighan Hensley and West are fierce, able actresses with cool, feminist, heroic bad girl roles. Love 'em both, but I think they may hurt each other, voting wise. Chapel's Olivia...she lost Josh to Reva (what a surprise!), made unethical business deals and boinked Alan...yawn. So-so storyline although well done.

I'd like to see (IMO) long shot Ehlers take it. Her character has had a pretty good year, has had a lot of personal growth, and Ehlers is a very personal, revealling, emotive actress. She deserves an award and this might be her year.


I see a toss up between Torkildson and Young. Ironically funny, there's no love lost there between Young and the B&B team. Things were said, feelings were hurt...LOL. ;)

PC's Presley might take never know. He's the only PC nom, that might help him. Vilasuso...maybe. He's the victim of a false pregnancy scam, isn't it? How well does stupidity play at the Emmys? I'm not at all familiar with McCartney and haven't seen any buzz that fills me in on him.

GH is a strong show...I'm going out on a limb here with Young (and I hope the cameras pan the B&B table if he wins...and vice versa if Torkildson takes it!)


OK...McKeon, Jimenez, and Finnegan are all fine actresses. Finnegan in particular in this trio (IMO she has a decent chance of taking this!). But...for the most part, eh, I'm not seeing Emmy-quality work here. Just good work. Sisco has a strong chance, she has a murder story and amnesia backing her up (LOL).

I'm going with Riegel partly based on her excellent work, high visibility and still cutting edge story; and partly based on her taking advantage of a wee little P&G backlash. The P&G machine is outrageously evident in this category in particular. JMO


ATWT. They've been amazing AND consistent (the hardest thing!) for a couple of years now. They deserve it!!!

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