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THE 29th ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS panelists predict the Emmy winners: Sarah Beth Curry
Posted Thursday, May 09, 2002 10:03:54 PM
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Sporadic GL recapper, Sarah, has been watching the show for about a year now. It was the lovely face of Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos) that captured her attention that sunny day in May of 2001 when her friend insisted on watching soaps instead of going outside to frolic in the spring air (or doing something that didn't involve the sappy soaps her mom used to watch). Little did she know, seeing that face would change the course of her afternoon VCR programming forever. Now, she's in love with Gus Aitoro's spontaneous wit and even has a running commentary with a woman at work who looks uncannily like Blake Marler. In addition to her recaps for SOC, Sarah is always quick to give Anne (a.k.a Blake) daily updates on her and Ross' ongoing crisis. (And, some people say Sarah looks like Blake's nemesis, Tory Grainger, so it's always amusing for Anne to discover Sarah's locked her in a cell down at the docks and taunted her with videotapes and junk food). Did we mention rum is Anne's favorite drink? She got a kick out of hearing her counterpart's discovery of the beverage behind a wall in her cell. Too perfect.

Sarah's too busy with school and a full time job to take on any more soaps. It's hard enough to stay up-to-date with GL, but for Jordi and SOC, she'll make the extra effort. It's well worth it.


For Outstanding Drama series, my prediction is As The World Turns - if you want to know the truth, I am not a regular viewer of any of this year's noms, but I predict ATWT based on the fact that a TON of people DO watch it - some of my very best friends, actuallyŠ so let's just say, I've heard things...


For Outstanding Lead Actor I choose Hunt Block because, we have to admit, his mother gave him the PERFECT soapstar name!


As much as I'd love to see Finola Hughes take home the Outstanding Lead Actress award, I think keeping her GH character name ("Anna") may have hurt her chances just a little ;) The best bet is ALWAYS on the lady with the split personality disorder or, in this case, the one who played twin sisters, separated at birth. Twins raised by different families in different areas of the country, with corny flower names to boot - it's so undeniably Emmy.


My only hunch here comes from setting the GL VCR timer a few minutes too early and catching a glimpse of Paul Leyden brooding about his latest crises. Quite impressive... or maybe I'm just a sucker for the accent!


My heart screams "HARLEY!" and even though I'm a GL fan to the end, I have to think politically and go with Kelly Ripa. Regis' new sidekick sure gets enough press these days - a familiar face at the grocery store magazine rack, she's America's favorite girl-next-door. I'm sure the Daytime Emmys will be equally impressed by her ability to multi-task.


I know I'm probably way off, but I just love him so much I HAVE to pick Jordi "aye carumba" Vilasuso for Outstanding Younger Actor. He's the reason I traveled back into soap opera land anyway! Thanks, J! It was WELL worth the trip!


I am forced to take the advice of a friend on this one and deny my first instinct (GL's Lindsey McKeon who is equally deserving) and go with Kristina Sisco from ATWT. Nat, if I'm wrong, it was all you!


I have no choice but to make a total uneducated guess here. Let's go with All My Children just for the heck of it. Besides, they have that infamous lesbian storyline this year, and that had to have turned a few heads with the awards committee.

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