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Posted Thursday, May 09, 2002 10:03:54 PM
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It's daytime television's biggest night. soapcentral.com has all the Emmy angles covered. Select an option from below to link to more information.

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All Emmy nominees are asked to submit two clips that they feel represent their best work of the Emmy year. (In the case of the half-hour soaps, The Bold and the Beautiful and Port Charles, nominees are able to submit four episodes.).

All scenes that do not contain the nominee are edited out from the submission clip.

Following are the clips submitted by each of the nominees.


All My Children: Scenes from the Crystal Ball where Bianca was "outed" by Donald Steele as a lesbian. The second set revolved around Bianca finding her almost-girlfriend Frankie in bed with a boy.

As The World Turns: Lily tells her sister, Rose, that Holden and Luke were killed in a boast explosion. Carly visits Julia at the mental institution after the explosion at the boathouse.

One Life to Live: An entire out-of-sequence episode in which Rae has a dream that everyone in town has switched personalities. On the witness stand, Nora recalls that she was the one who pushed Colin down the staircase to his death.

The Young and the Restless: Tricia drives her car - with Matt in the passenger's seat - over a cliff. Ryan fights for his life after being gunned down on his wedding day.


Peter Bergman (Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless): Jack tells his father that Phyllis is unable to have children. Jack asks Phyllis to marry him.

Hunt Block (Craig Montgomery, As The World Turns): During a power outage, Craig and Carly share a kiss. A distraught Craig listens to Bryant's phone message just moments after Bryant's death.

Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward, All My Children): David stands before the court and takes responsibility for dumping Libidozone into a punchbowl. At the Crystal Ball, David kisses Dixie.

Robert Newman (Joshua Lewis, Guiding Light): Josh takes Marah to task for interrupting his wedding ceremony. Josh begins to suspect that Olivia planted the photo of him with Vreeland.

Jack Scalia (Chris Stamp, All My Children): Erica and Chris are trapped in a closet at Enchantment. Chris confesses that he was the one who killed Ryan's dad.


Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder and Rose D'Angelo, As The World Turns): Lily tells Rose that a boat explosion killed Damian, Holden and Luciano. Lily learns from Damian that Luke's life is in danger.

Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forresters, The Bold and the Beautiful): Stephanie and archrival Brooke declare a truce. Stephanie learns that Massimo - not Eric - is Ridge's father.

Finola Hughes (Anna Devane, All My Children): Anna is reunited with her daughter, Robin. Robin then tells her mother that she is HIV-positive.

Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, All My Children): Erica pays a visit to Mona's grave after learning that Bianca is gay. An entranced Erica is found hovering over Frankie's dead body.

Colleen Zenk Pinter (Barbara Ryan, As The World Turns): Kim pays a visit to Barbara at Fairwinds. Barbara plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with James.


Mark Consuelos (Mateo Santos, All My Children): Mateo is kidnapped and placed in an abandoned building by Proteus. Mateo confronts Roger about his connection to Proteus.

Josh Duhamel (Leo du Pres, All My Children): After finding Greenlee and Jake together, Leo tries to convince Greenlee that he loves her. Leo and Greenlee reunite after Christmas.

Benjamin Hendrickson (Hal Munson, As The World Turns): Hal tries to explain to Jennifer why he has to leave. Hal and Craig argue over Barbara.

Paul Leyden (Simon Frasier, As The World Turns): Simon admits the truth about his less-than-clean life to Lily and Katie. A drunken Simon lashes out at Katie.

Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery, All My Children): Ryan comes to the difficult decision to donate Gillian's heart to help save Laura's life.


Crystal Chappell (Olivia Spencer, Guiding Light): Olivia watches as Josh tends to Reva following the San Cristobel earthquake. Olivia encourages Josh to follow his heart and go after Reva.

Beth Ehlers (Harley Cooper, Guiding Light): Harley flees to the Bauer cabin and away from Phillip. Hayley tells Frank that she and Rick slept together.

Kelley Menighan Hensley (Emily Stewart, As The World Turns): Emily's son, Daniel, disappears from the diner. Tom threatens to take Daniel away from Emily.

Kelly Ripa (Hayley Vaughan, All My Children): Hayley carries on as though she is her alcoholic mom, Arlene. Hayley and Mateo are forced to "break up" because of his involvement with Proteus.

Maura West (Carly Tenney, As The World Turns): Carly turns to Jack when she's questioning a leave from Oakdale. At the airport, Craig and Carly say goodbye.


Jesse McCartney (Adam Chandler, Jr., All My Children): JR is confronted by Tad and Dixie over his drug use. JR clashes with Tad about his relationship troubles with Dixie.

Brian Presley (Jack Ramsey, Port Charles): Presumed dead, Jack rises from the dead. Jack attempts to rescue Livvie from Caleb's grasp.

Justin Torkildsen (Rick Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful): Rick catches Amber cheating on him - and then learns that she's pregnant with his child. Rick visits the baby's grave for the first time.

Jordi Vilasuso (Tony Santos, Guiding Light): On prom night, Tony turns Marah away. Ray convinces Tony to work things out with Marah.

Jacob Young (Lucky Spencer, General Hospital): In an effort to keep Elizabeth safe, Lucky is forced to end his relationship with her. Lucky faces Luke after having tried to kill him.


Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful): Bridget and Deacon elope in Las Vegas. Bridget learns that Deacon had been using her.

Jessica Jimenez (Catalina Quesada, Guiding Light): Catalina posts Marah's virgin essay on the Internet. Catalina is escorted to a Santos family dinner.

Lindsey McKeon (Marah Lewis, Guiding Light): Marah discovers that her private work is plastered across the Internet. Marah finds out that Tony read her essay.

Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery, All My Children): Bianca walks in on Frankie and JR in bed together. A distraught Bianca ransacks Erica's office at Enchantment.

Kristina Sisco (Abigail Williams, As The World Turns): Abigail makes a decision not to sleep with Adam. Abigail confronts Adam after learning that he slept with Brandy.

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