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SOC Goes Behind the Scenes at This' Year's Daytime Emmy Awards
Posted Sunday, May 20, 2001 1:38:59 PM
We've broken down some of the bigger stories by soap. Click on a soap's name below and you'll be taken to a page with that show's Emmy stories.

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Rather than list a plethora of chatter and gossip that is specific to one soap or the other and asking readers to pan through to find information about the soaps that they watch, has created individual Emmy chatter sections in each of our 10 soap sections. To access these soap-specific chatter sections, click on any of the links to the right of this column. For your convenience, each of the soap-specific sections are all inter-linked to one another so that you'll be free to read through as many as you'd like at one time.

Below we have listed information of relevance to all soap viewers.

Michael Davies, executive producer of the ABC game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, revealed some upcoming program changes to the Millionaire program -- and some may involve soap opera stars. Millionaire will appear only two nights per week next season, but one of the two nights will reportedly be devoted to celebrities. Davies explained that having an all soap star night was high in his wish list. Earlier this month All My Children's Kelly Ripa (Hayley) appeared on the game show and won $250,000 for her favorite charity.

According to media chatter behind the scenes, the declining ratings to ABC's soaps might have an awful lot to do with the cable channel SoapNet. Some re-broadcasts of the daily installments of the ABC soaps earn a 1.0 in the ratings. These additional viewers could easily boost the ABC lineup's ratings significantly.

For reasons unexplained to the print media, only Emmy winners were allowed into their media room for questioning. Unlike in years past, presenters were only escorted to the photographers' room.

The chatter about why so many soaps were shutout of the acting categories continued to rage on backstage. Said one media member, "I hear the General Hospital people still have their nomination ballots." Indeed, it has been reportedly in several publications that some performers and executives had gotten so used to being nominated that they took this year's nominations very lightly.

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