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Jade Harlow
Sheryl Connors
Actor History
Other Names
Graphic designer for Mad World
Resides At
Houston, TX
Formerly somewhere in Salem
Formerly Birmingham, AL
Marital Status
Past Marriages
None (assumed)
Flings & Affairs
Lucas Horton (dated/lovers)
Crimes and Misdeeds
Brief Character History

In January of 2014, Sheryl Connors traveled to Salem to interview for a graphic design job at Mad World Cosmetics. Lucas and Kate were both pleased with her work and hired her immediately. However, Sheryl didn't know that Kate was behind the interview in the first place.

Kate had learned that Sheryl was the former roommate of Kate's new romantic rival, Jordan Ridgeway. Kate hoped that bringing Sheryl to town would help uncover some secrets from Jordan's past. Kate was on the right track. Sheryl and Jordan were uncomfortable when they saw each other for the first time. Jordan suggested to Sheryl that Kate was behind the job interview. Sheryl asked both Lucas and Kate about it and they both denied it.

Sheryl and Lucas struck up a quick flirtatious friendship as he helped her get settled in Salem and at Mad World. Their relationship developed into a romance. However, one day she was over at his house and heard a voicemail from Kate where Kate talked about their plan to use Sheryl to get information on Jordan. Sheryl was crushed, broke up with Lucas, and threatened to tell Jordan everything. But Kate warned her not to do that. In exchange for her silence, Kate transferred Sheryl to the Houston office immediately.

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