Scott Banning
Actor History
Robert Caraway
Mike Ferrell
1968 to 1970
Robert Hogan
1970 to 1971
Ryan MacDonald
1971 to 1973
Died in 1973
Cause of Death
Killed in an accident at a construction site
Architect for Anderson Manufacturing
Resides At
Somewhere in Salem
Marital Status
Married (Julie Olson; married 1969)
Past Marriages
Janet Banning (dissolved by her death)
David Banning (son; via adoption)
Scotty Banning (grandson; via adoption)
Flings & Affairs
Susan Martin
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Scott Banning came to Salem with his wife Janet and planned to adopt Julie Olson's son by David Martin. After Janet died, Scott grew close to Susan Hunter Martin, but Julie Olson was planning her revenge. When she learned the boy Scott and Janet were adopting was her son David she sued for custody and won. Eventually Julie got Scott to marry her, because it was the only way she could be in her son's life full time. Scott was unaware that during the years of his marriage to Julie she was having an affair with Doug Williams. However tension was present between Scott and Julie, and in 1971 Scott and Julie separated, and Scott took David to another town where he found a new job. Scott eventually returned to Salem, and Julie and Scott reconciled after Doug had married Julie's mother Addie. In 1972 Scott landed a job at Anderson Manufacturing as an architect. However, Scott died in early 1973 after being hit by a fallen beam at a construction site.

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