Kellam Chandler
Actor History
Bill Joyce
1980 to 1981
Owner of Chandler Corporation
Cause of Death
Killed during a scuffle over a gun
Past Marriages
Sunny Chisholm (deceased)
Unknown woman (mother of Liz)
Noelle Curtis (granddaughter)
Liz Chandler (daughter)
Todd Chandler (son)
Flings & Affairs
Marlena Evans (rape)
Crimes Committed
  • Raped Marlena Evans
  • Responsible for the death of his wife, Sunny
Brief Character History

Kellam Chandler moved to Salem in 1980 with aims to take over Anderson Manufacturing. Soon after, Kellam's daughter Liz, from his first marriage, came to Salem to live with him. Kellam had set his sights on Marlena, gave her husband Don a position in his company, and was determined to break up Don and Marlena's marriage. In 1981 when Marlena refused Kellam's advances toward her, he raped her. Later Josh Fallon confronted Kellam about his role in the death/suicide of his mother Sunny Chandler, and eventually Josh pulled a gun on him. Joshua couldn't shout Kellam (who happened to be his stepfather). When he dropped the gun Kellam picked it up and was about to shoot Josh when Todd Chandler came in and wrestled with his father. As they wrestled the gun went off, and Kellam was killed.

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