J.J. Bagwood
Actor History
Patti Johns
1989 to 1990
Other Names
Johnnie-Jean Bagwood (full name)
Nanny / housekeeper
Pediatric nurse
Resides At
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Hank Tobin (brother)
Joey Kiriakis (son; twin) (gave up for adoption)
Victor Kiriakis II (son; twin) (gave up for adoption)
Flings & Affairs
Stanley Krakowski
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Justin Kiriakis originally hired J.J. to be the nanny to his son, Alexander, and J.J. soon became friends with her new employer (Anjelica), and even lived with Anjelica and Alexander while she looked after her little boy. J.J. lived in virtual awe of Anjelica, and often sought her advice, including when it came to Victor's bodyguard, Nico...but Nico didn't look twice at her. At one point, Anjelica even asked J.J. to spy on her brother, Hank, who happened to be working for Adrienne Kiriakis. J.J. wouldn't spy on her brother, but didn't stop Anjelica from hanging out with the two of them. J.J. was heartbroken when she learned that Hank had died in a building explosion, and even more devastated when she learned that her friend and employer, Anjelica, had paid Hank to sabotage the building, and was ultimately responsible for his death. After Anjelica and Alexander supposedly died in a plane crash, J.J. left town, but returned a few months later, pregnant, and about ready to give birth. She knew she couldn't give the baby a good home, so she asked Justin and Adrienne to give her baby a home. Delighted and unable to conceive, Justin and Adrienne agreed, and were thrilled when they learned the child was really twins. Unforunately, this was when J.J.'s married lover, Stanley, showed up, and refused to sign papers giving up his rights to his children. J.J. also had second thoughts, but after Justin and Adrienne let her spend a month living with them and the boys, she convinced Stanley that they twins would have a wonderful life. After Adrienne assured J.J. she would always be allowed to see the boys, J.J. left town again, this time for good.

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