Jett Carver
Actor History
Marcus Patrick
Security guard at Salem University
Former ISA agent
Former pilot
Resides At
Somewhere in Salem
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Theo Carver (father; deceased)
Benjamin Carver (grandfather; deceased)
Rita Carver (grandmother; deceased)
Abraham Carver (uncle)
Karen Carver (aunt)
Brandon Walker (cousin)
Theo Carver (cousin)
Flings & Affairs
Chelsea Brady (flirtation/kiss)
Crimes Committed
  • None
Brief Character History

Jett came to Salem during the summer of 2007. He was introduced as a friend and business partner of Jeremy Horton. Jett and Jeremy ran an airline business, "Touch the Sky", which flew high rollers from Salem to Las Vegas. In reality, Jett was an undercover ISA agent who was assigned to investigate Jeremy and his business. It turned out that the business was a cover for an illegal smuggling operation for the DiMera family.

While working with Jeremy, Jett met Chelsea. Even though Chelsea was on and off with her boyfriend, Nick, Jett developed feelings for her. When it came time to bust Jeremy, Chelsea got in the middle of the bust. Jett broke his cover to protect Chelsea from being shot. Jett was shot instead. He recovered, but was kicked out of the ISA for breaking his cover, despite a recommendation from his uncle Abe.

Chelsea helped Jett get a job working with her mom, who was head of security for Salem University. Jett was not seen on screen again, but is believed to continue his post at Salem U.

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