Actor History
Ron Leath
1987 to Present; recurring
Butler to the Kiriakis family
Resides At
Kiriakis mansion
Crimes Committed
  • Often the unwitting participant in Victor or Kate's plans
Likes to look at the ladies in the local strip clubs
Brief Character History

Henderson has been Victor's butler and essentially his right hand man for over ten years. Henderson would always help Victor out in his schemes, and stood by his boss after Victor suffered a stroke. When Victor was sent to a rest facility to recover, he stayed behind at the mansion to care for his son, Philip, and by extension, Philip's mother, Kate, and her children, Lucas, Austin, and Billie. Henderson became embroiled in Sami's desire to get her son back when he revealed that he had seen Roberto at the strip club the night Roberto claimed to have been murdering Franco.

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