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Gina Von Amberg
Actor History
1999 to 2001
Other Names
Princess Gina (royal title)
Past Marriages
None (assumed)
None (assumed)
Greta Von Amberg (daughter; father unknown)
Flings & Affairs
John Black (a.k.a. Forrest Alamain)
Bo Brady
Crimes Committed
  • Art theft
  • Forgery
  • Attempted murder
  • Kidnapping Hope and Stefano
  • Multiple others
Brief Character History

Princess Gina Von Amberg was an art thief and forger used by Stefano DiMera. When she ran away from him, Stefano brainwashed Hope Brady to use her as Princess Gina to continue his art thefts. Hope returned to Salem with no memories of being Princess Gina, and the real Princess Gina went into seclusion in a castle in Europe waiting the return of her true love, John Black.

With the help of her faithful servant Kurt Schwengel, Gina left the castle she had been living in and returned to Salem. Her goal was to reunite with her daughter Greta, and the true love of her life, John Black. Everyone in Salem thought she was Hope, whom Gina had kidnapped and was holding prisoner along with Stefano DiMera. After realising that there was no way John would ever break things off with his beloved Doc, Gina decided that Bo Brady was good enough. She engineered a wedding to the much younger man, but things went horribly wrong. Shortly after exchanging their vows, everything came apart, and Gina (as 'Hope') shot Shawn Douglas before being shot herself. Her true identity was only learned when Lili Faversham saw a familiar scar that only Gina could have had. After Stefano and the true Hope were rescued, Gina's body was officially laid to rest.

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