Clyde Weston
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Actor History
James Read
June 27, 2014 to present

Drug dealer

Owns a trucking company in Poplar Bluff, MO

Owns a club in Poplar Bluff, MO

Resides At

Somewhere in Salem

Formerly in Poplar Bluff, MO

Marital Status


Past Marriages





Ben Rogers (son; with unnamed woman)

Flings & Affairs

Kate Roberts (dated/lovers)

Crimes and Misdeeds

Not shown on screen, but Clyde is assumed to be an abusive father

Broke into Jordan's apartment (July 2014)

Drug dealing (July 2014 - present)

Got in an altercation with E.J. DiMera, resulting in one of Clyde's henchmen shooting and killing E.J. (October 2014)

Covered up E.J.'s murder and framed a random junkie for the crime (October 2014)

Blackmailed Jordan into letting Clyde reconnect with Ben by threatening to tell Ben that Jordan killed their mother (November 2014)

Ordered a hit on Sonny Kiriakis (February 2015)

Brief Character History

Jordan Ridgeway had been living in Salem for just a short time when Kate Roberts felt that something was off about her. It didn't help that Jordan was treating and dating Kate's ex-boyfriend, Rafe Hernandez. Determined to prove that Jordan was bad for Rafe, kate began looking into Jordan's past.

Kate found multiple driver's licenses at Jordan's apartment, all with different names. Kate also learned that Ben was somehow connected to Jordan. Kate kept digging until the evidence lead her to Poplar Bluff, MO, where she showed around pictures of Jordan and Ben. Finally, Clyde met with Kate and told her that he was their father. Jordan and Ben -- or Tammy Sue and Ollie -- ran away from home years before and he hadn't seen them since. Kate told Clyde that they were in Salem. Clyde arrived in Salem to visit, but told Kate to keep it quiet.

Ben and Jordan were not happy to see Clyde. He'd been physically and emotionally abusive to them when they were kids. But, Clyde was adamant that they owed him something. He wanted Ben back in his life as his son. He wanted his stepdaughter Jordan to stay out of it.

In order to make money to stay in Salem, Clyde asked Kate for contacts that she may have from her history with some of the shady business in Salem. Kate referred him to some people who eventually referred him to E.J. DiMera -- who was currently in charge of the drug ring in Salem. However, Clyde and E.J. butted heads over how much territory and product Clyde should be pushing. Eventually, their argument got physical and one of Clyde's henchmen shot and killed E.J. Clyde covered up the crime and framed a random junkie for the murder.

Then, he turned his attention back on his son. Clyde was worried that Jordan would be in the way, so he told Jordan that if she influenced Ben in anyway, he would tell Ben that Jordan was the one who killed their mother. Jordan did not remember killing their mother. But, as she searched her memory, she also remembered other things. One night, she broke into Clyde's hotel room, pulled his own gun on him, and accused him of rape. But he told her that he remembered things a little differently. Still, he told her that he'd already apologized for that night and she needed to move on.

Clyde moved on with Kate. He pursued her until she agreed to go out with him. Then, the two continued to date, much to Jordan's dismay.

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