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Rob Wilson
Ben Rogers
Actor History
Justin Gaston
Rob Wilson
May 22, 2014 to Present
Other Names
Ben Rogers (name his first year in Salem)
Kevin Reynolds (while in Miami)
Oliver (birth name)
Ollie (nick-name)
Bartender at The Edge (Victor's Club)
Former bartender at Club TBD
Former waiter in Miami
Resides At
Apt 623 in Salem
Formerly rented a room from someone in Salem
Formerly in Miami, FL
Formerly in Houston, TX
Formerly in Poplar Bluff, MO
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Clyde Weston (father)
Jordan Ridgeway (half-sister) *Ben's mother is deceased and has never been mentioned by name
Flings & Affairs
Abigail Deveraux (dated/lovers)
Crimes and Misdeeds
Punched Rafe when he learned that Rafe had cheated on Jordan (August 2014)
Punched Chad when he learned that Chad caused Ben not to get an apartment (November 2014)
Punched Chad when Chad told him that Jordan was better in bed than Abigail (January 2015)
Brief Character History

Ben Rogers applied for a job at Club TBD in February 2014. But, it was clear that he was in Salem for something else - his sister, Jordan. He and Jordan frequently spoke of the secret they share and how it wasn't safe for them to stay in Salem. But, Ben was adamant to stay in order to protect Jordan.

While working at Club TBD, he met Abigail Deveraux. The two struck up a flirtation. When Ben saw Nick and Abigail arguing, he stepped in to defend Abigail, saying that a man never had a right to put his hands on a woman. Abigail and Ben grew closer after that. He even supported her the night Nick was shot and he accompanied her to E.J. and Sami's wedding.

Around the same time, Jordan told Ben that she needed to come clean with Rafe about her past. Ben was supportive of Jordan, but was still nervous that "he" would find them.

The "he" Ben was referring to was their father, Clyde. Jordan and Ben (back then known as Tammy Sue and Ollie) fled from their abusive father in Poplar Bluff, MO and hid all over the country trying to avoid him. But thanks to Kate's vendetta against Jordan, Kate tracked down Clyde and told him that Jordan and Ben were in Salem. Clyde came to track them down.

Jordan and Ben were not happy to see Clyde. But, Ben promised to protect Jordan.

Ben also stood by Abigail when the news came out that months before Ben came to town, Abigail had an affair with E.J. DiMera. Ben told Abigail that what happened in her past was in her past and did not effect their future. The two began happily dating.

A few weeks later, Ben learned that Rafe had cheated on Jordan. Ben got into a fight with Rafe, which Abigail had to break up. She told him that she understood why he was angry, but he needed to control his temper better.

Shortly after, Abigail's ex Chad DiMera came back to town. Ben and Chad butted heads immediately over Abigail. To complicate matters more, Chad was still part owner in Club TBD, and therefore Ben's boss. Ben and Chad decided to keep their distance from each other out of mutual respect for Sonny. However, when a reference called to check on Ben for an apartment, Chad gave be a bad review. Ben got angry and punched Chad. Abigail, Sonny, and Rafe all witnessed it and warned Ben again about his temper.

But Chad continued to push Ben's buttons. After seeing Jordan kissing Rafe, Chad wanted to hurt Jordan back. So, he told Ben that his sister was better in bed than his girlfriend. Ben lost it and punched Chad in the face. Witnesses were there and Ben was charged was assault. Clyde told Ben that he'd hire Aiden Jennings to represent him.

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