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Monday, October 8, 2012
by Mike

In Rafe's apartment, Sami vowed that she would never forgive E.J. Sami said that she understood why Rafe and Nicole were trying to keep E.J.'s baby away from him, and she eagerly offered to help.

Rafe wondered why Sami had been willing to believe that E.J. had changed. "Because I was alone. Because...I had nothing left to lose. Because he said the right things. Because I was an idiot. I'm sorry, okay? But I -- I'm not going to fall for it again," Sami firmly stated. Sami added that she knew that Rafe would never lie to her the way that E.J. had.

Rafe nodded and quickly tried to change the subject, but Sami ignored the attempt. Sami said that she knew E.J. better than he knew himself. Sami noted that E.J. hated to lose and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. Sami guessed that it would only be a matter of time before E.J. decided to make his next move. Sami suggested that she could trick E.J. into believing that she was still interested in him.

Rafe declared that Sami's plan was insane, but she disagreed. "You know, if he and I are close, then he'll confide in me. He'll tell me things. He might even tell me what he's planning with the paternity suit and stuff, and then you and Nicole could stay one step ahead of him. It's sort of the perfect plan," Sami said. Rafe noted that Sami seemed excited about the idea, but she insisted that she simply wanted to help him.

"I mean, if you trust me enough to be honest with me about this baby, then we can work together to keep E.J. in the dark. We just have to make sure that there are no secrets between us. That's the only way this is gonna work, right?" Sami asked. Rafe maintained that he was the father of Nicole's baby, and he wondered if that was going to be a problem.

Sami shook her head and assured Rafe that he was going to be a great father. Sami added that she simply wanted a fresh start with Rafe. Sami told Rafe that she wanted their relationship to be perfect -- just like it had been before. Rafe hugged Sami and promised that everything was going to be perfect.

At the hospital, Nicole watched as Daniel inspected Jennifer's hand injury. Nicole quietly returned to her examination room, assuming that Daniel had been holding Jennifer's hand. "No, this isn't -- this isn't happening. This is not happening. This isn't -- this is not real. My baby is not -- my baby is -- my baby's not gone. Oh, God, Daniel. Daniel, I need you. I need you. Why are you with her?" Nicole tearfully asked.

Nicole glanced at the ultrasound machine, which had been turned off. As Nicole looked around the room, she noticed the bag of baby clothes that she had purchased earlier. Nicole reached into the bag and retrieved the Halloween outfit. "No! Why is this happening to me again? Why? It's so unfair. It's so unfair!" Nicole shouted, emptying the bag and tossing the articles of clothing across the room.

Feeling sick, Nicole grabbed her purse and started to exit the room, but she paused before reaching the door. "I don't have anywhere to go. No one's waiting for me. I don't -- I don't understand. I don't -- just a half hour ago, I saw my whole life before me. I don't understand. I don't -- I don't understand!" Nicole tearfully exclaimed, screaming as she angrily slammed her purse onto a nearby table.

As Nicole continued to sob, she saw a scalpel laying on the table. Nicole picked up the scalpel and stared at it for a moment before placing it back on the table. "There's got to be another reason -- a bigger reason -- why this is happening. I have to start making some sort of sense of all this, because I can't -- I can't have gone through all this just to be alone again," Nicole muttered.

Someone knocked on the door. Nicole imagined that the visitor was Daniel, who wanted to tell her that he and Jennifer were back together. The visitor knocked again, interrupting Nicole's thoughts. Nicole quickly tucked the scalpel into her purse. A nurse entered the room and apologized to Nicole, referring to her as Mrs. Ripley.

Before Nicole could correct the mistake, the nurse nervously explained that she was a new employee. The nurse said that she had been trained on the hospital's computer system, and she admitted that the recent technical issues had flustered her. The nurse laughed as she added that everything was being recorded the old-fashioned way -- with a pen and a piece of paper.

The nurse placed Nicole's chart on the table, congratulated Nicole, and abruptly excused herself. After the nurse left, Nicole inspected her chart, which stated that the sonogram had failed to detect a fetal heartbeat. Nicole sobbed as she stuffed the folder into her purse. After placing the baby clothes back in the gift bag, Nicole quietly exited the room.

Elsewhere, Daniel wrapped a support bandage around Jennifer's hand. Jennifer said that she wanted to talk to Daniel about Nicole. Daniel sighed and walked away, refusing to respond to Jennifer's request. Meanwhile, Kayla approached Jennifer and Daniel, announcing that the power had been restored. Jennifer agreed to revise her press release.

After Kayla left, Jennifer tried to say something else to Daniel, but he ignored her. Kayla watched as Jennifer stormed off. Kayla approached Daniel and tried to find out what had happened, but he feigned ignorance. Kayla wondered if Daniel knew why Jennifer had decided to quit her job. Daniel shrugged as he tried to hide his reaction to the news, and Kayla reluctantly walked away.

Later, Jennifer returned to the waiting area and glanced around the room. Kayla guessed that Jennifer was looking for Daniel, and she revealed that he had left earlier. Kayla wondered if Jennifer had decided to quit because of Daniel and Nicole. Jennifer insisted that Nicole had changed Daniel, adding that she couldn't continue to work at the hospital and watch him ruin his life.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Nicole ripped the hospital documents into tiny pieces and tossed them into a nearby trashcan. A moment later, Billie passed through the area, and she said that Nicole was glowing. Nicole forced a smile, and Billie abruptly excused herself. Elsewhere, Rafe waited for Sami, who was purchasing a bottle of wine for their picnic. Nicole spotted Rafe as she walked through the town square.

In E.J.'s office, E.J. reluctantly answered Stefano's phone call. E.J. told Stefano to stop calling, adding that there was nothing left for them to talk about. Stefano, who was at a fancy restaurant in an undisclosed location, knowingly observed that something was wrong.

"You see, I can hear the desperation in your voice. Now, something is bothering you. Listen to me, Elvis -- you are my son, my flesh and blood, all right? If somebody was to hurt you, that means they are hurting me just as much, all right? So...give me a name, and I will make them pay," Stefano promised. E.J. claimed that he wasn't interested.

"You are a DiMera. If you have been wronged, you strike back, all right? Vengeance must be had," Stefano insisted. E.J. claimed that he would be able to handle the situation without Stefano's help. Before Stefano could protest, E.J. abruptly ended the call. Stefano shook his head and sighed heavily.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas greeted Kate, who was working on her latest scheme to destroy Sami's life. Kate could tell that something was bothering Lucas, and she urged him to tell her what had happened. Lucas explained that he had seen Will and Sonny together earlier. Kate was pleased to learn that Sonny and Will had worked everything out. Lucas nodded and elaborated that he had seen Will and Sonny kissing in public.

"Well, gay people do kiss too -- you knew that, right?" Kate sarcastically asked. Kate could tell that Lucas wasn't amused, so she added that she had been under the impression that he had already accepted the fact that Will was gay. Lucas conceded that he had known that Will would eventually be in an intimate relationship with another man. Lucas argued that knowing and seeing were two completely different things.

Kate summarized that Lucas had been taken aback, and he agreed. Lucas admitted that the public display of affection had made him feel uncomfortable. Kate hoped that Lucas had managed to hide his negative reaction from Will. Lucas remained silent, and Kate groaned as she realized that Will had already learned the truth. Lucas defensively stated that he had been unable to hide his feelings.

"You should have seen the look on his face. It was like...he was just purely disappointed in me. He said if I couldn't get over this -- if I couldn't accept him and what was going on -- then there was nothing more for us to say to each other," Lucas said with a sigh. Kate gently stated that Will was absolutely right. "I know that in my head, Mom, but honestly, it's hard for me, because it's the last thing I ever wanted for my son," Lucas admitted.

"Honey, look -- it's not up to you to tell your son who he can fall in love with...or who he should build his life with. Believe me," Kate pointedly stated. Lucas worried that he might not be able to change the way he felt about the situation, and he wondered what that said about the kind of man that he really was. Kate insisted that Lucas was not malicious or homophobic, but he sadly noted that Will believed otherwise.

"Okay, then you just have to prove him wrong. And I'm not saying that's going to be easy -- it's going to take time, and it's going to take effort -- but you are going to get there, because that's what parents do for their children. And there's something else that you should remember -- it took Will a long time to accept being gay, and he had struggles -- struggles that we're never even going to know about -- but as a result of that, I think he's going to be a lot more patient with you than you realize," Kate predicted. Lucas thanked Kate for her great advice, kissed her on the cheek, and quickly exited the pub.

At Common Grounds, Victor spotted Will and Sonny, who were sitting at a nearby table. After holding Sonny's hand for a moment, Will apologetically pulled his hand away and said that he needed to resume his studies. Will was reading the Spanish translation of Don Quixote on his tablet computer, and he noted that the book was nine hundred fifty-six pages long.

Noticing that Victor had entered the coffeehouse, Sonny asked a passing barista to grab the bag of Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha that was sitting on his desk. Will wondered if Sonny was trying to show off his Spanish skills. Sonny laughed and explained that Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha was a rare coffee bean that Victor had ordered. Victor approached the table and added that it was also the most expensive coffee bean.

Sonny firmly stated that Victor's money was worthless at Common Grounds. Sonny led Victor over to the bar so that they wouldn't distract Will. As Victor took a seat at the bar, he glanced back at Will. Sonny noticed and wondered if something was on Victor's mind. Victor said that it was none of his business, but Sonny insisted that he wasn't interested in keeping secrets from his family members -- including Victor.

Pointing out that Sonny and Will had been holding hands earlier, Victor said that it seemed like they were more than just friends. Sonny smiled and confirmed Victor's suspicion. Sonny wondered if Victor was going to have a problem with that. "I don't know what I have to do to convince you that your being gay is not an issue with me. As long as you're happy, I have no problem," Victor assured Sonny.

Sonny was glad to hear that, and he confirmed that he was happy. Victor walked over to Will's table. "You should come over to the house sometime, Will -- visit with your aunt Maggie and me. In fact, we'll make a day of it -- put Henderson to work on the grill," Victor suggested. Will smiled and eagerly accepted the offer, and Sonny agreed that it sounded like it would be a lot of fun.

The barista returned with Victor's bag of Hacienda La Esmeralda Geisha, and Victor excused himself. After Victor left, Will wondered if he had missed something. Sonny beamed with pride and said that Victor was simply being a great guy. Later, Will announced that he only had three chapters of Don Quixote left to read. Sonny found it hard to believe that Will could read the entire novel that quickly.

Sonny grabbed Will's tablet computer and noted that Will was reading the English translation instead of the Spanish translation. Feigning innocence, Will theorized that Sonny had accidentally changed the language when he had picked up the tablet computer. Meanwhile, Lucas entered the coffeehouse and wondered if he could talk to Will.

Will shrugged and agreed, but he added that he had nothing left to say to Lucas. Lucas understood and said that he would do all of the talking. Sonny started to excuse himself so that Will and Lucas could have some privacy, but Lucas stopped Sonny and asked him to stay.

"When I confronted Adrienne that day about my concerns -- that was really stupid of me. I made a complete ass of myself, and what I said to you that day, Will, was also wrong. It's just -- when I saw you guys kissing like that in public, in front of everybody, it -- it -- I don't know, it just made me feel uncomfortable. You know, I really wish that it hadn't, but it did. And I guess that's the thing about feelings -- you can't really control your feelings, know, you can control the way you react to them, and that's -- that's what I'm trying to do right now. I mean, anybody with half a brain can see that you have something very special here, so...I think that's great," Lucas said.

"Well, geez, I mean, with both your parents behind us, and my parents, we're pretty much doomed," Sonny jokingly told Will. Lucas laughed and insisted that Will and Sonny were not doomed. Lucas advised Sonny and Will to do whatever they wanted to do, and he told them not to listen to idiots like him. Lucas started to excuse himself, but Will stopped his father and hugged him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor greeted Daniel, who wondered if he was busy. Victor said that he always had time for his godson. Daniel noted that Victor seemed to take his role as Daniel's godfather quite seriously. Victor nodded and started to recall Daniel's baptism ceremony, where he had vowed to treat Daniel like a son. Daniel acknowledged that he had always had Victor's support.

Victor wondered if Daniel was trying to say that he needed Victor's support again. Daniel shook his head, silently recalling his promise to be Nicole's son's godfather, and he said that, for once, he knew exactly where he was going. Victor said that he was proud of Daniel, and he added that anyone would be lucky to have Daniel in their corner. Later, Daniel returned to the hospital and told Jennifer that she didn't need to resign, because he was going to resign instead.

Back at the Brady Pub, Kate greeted E.J., who seemed to be in a bad mood. Kate knowingly stated that Sami was the only person who could put that kind of expression on a person's face. E.J. refused to discuss the situation with Kate, and he quickly changed the subject. E.J. revealed that he had talked to Stefano earlier, and he said that Stefano had failed to ask about Kate.

The news seemed to sadden Kate, but she admitted that she wasn't surprised. "It's almost amusing, really, isn't it? I mean, he has this, um...sort of uncanny ability, even when he's a world away, to reach out for me when my defenses are if he knows that there's a time when I might be tempted to fall back into league with the devil that is DiMera," E.J. bitterly stated, and he insisted that he was done with Stefano.

Meanwhile, Stefano placed a phone call to someone. "I have not been able to convince Elvis to take his right place in the family, so...I am calling you...because I feel as if you are the only hope I have," Stefano said.