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Monday, October 1, 2012
by Mike

At the Horton house, Nicole informed Gabi that Abigail had left earlier. Gabi explained that she needed to talk to Abigail about Melanie. Intrigued, Nicole asked Gabi to elaborate.

Gabi informed Nicole that Melanie had cancelled the wedding and taken a trip to Europe. Nicole wondered what had caused Melanie to make that decision. Gabi vaguely stated that things had gotten complicated. Nicole thanked Gabi for the information and dismissively ushered her toward the front door. After Gabi left, Nicole muttered that Daniel was going to need a shoulder to cry on.

Outside Daniel's apartment, Daniel refused to reveal Melanie's whereabouts to E.J. "Let me make this really clear, E.J. -- I don't want my daughter anywhere near you, or anybody from your family, ever again. I'm relieved as hell that Melanie ended things with Chad. It is over, and I will do whatever I need to do to keep it that way," Daniel vowed. E.J. tried to enter Daniel's apartment, but Daniel blocked the path.

Forcing a smile, E.J. urged Daniel to refrain from punishing Chad for E.J.'s actions. E.J. insisted that it would be foolish for Melanie to walk away from Chad, who was the best thing that had ever happened to her. Daniel countered that Chad was a sociopathic liar who couldn't be trusted -- just like the rest of the DiMera clan. As the nearby elevator doors opened, E.J. dismissively stated that trust was overrated.

Nicole exited the elevator and noted that E.J. was an expert on that particular subject. Daniel led Nicole into his apartment and slammed the door in E.J.'s face. "Saying goodbye to Melanie is going to seem like a warm day in paradise compared to what happens when I expose you two for what you've done and take what is mine," E.J. muttered. E.J. placed a phone call to Chad and vaguely stated that there had been a delay.

Meanwhile, inside Daniel's apartment, Nicole revealed that she had heard that Melanie had left Salem. Daniel said that Chad had broken Melanie's heart. "Amazing -- another heart put through the shredder by a DiMera. I know that all too well," Nicole said. Nicole optimistically predicted that Melanie might meet someone in Europe who would treat her as kindly as Daniel had treated Nicole.

Changing the subject, Daniel cryptically informed Nicole that he might have figured out how to make their lives less stressful. Daniel revealed his plan to Nicole, who seemed to approve of the idea. Daniel promised to talk to Rafe later. Nicole vowed to find a way to repay Daniel, who excused himself so that he could return to the hospital.

At the hospital, Abigail entered Jennifer's office and said that she wanted to talk about their earlier argument. Noting the stack of documents that had been placed on Jennifer's desk, Abigail wondered if her mother was busy. Jennifer glanced at the list of DNA testing facilities and silently recalled Daniel's earlier warning to mind her own business. Jennifer assured Abigail that the documents could wait.

Jennifer blamed herself for starting the argument. Abigail shook her head and insisted that she was the one who had overreacted. "I think that we both overreact a lot lately, and, um, I think we need to forgive ourselves. I just think that overreacting -- it's just -- it's part of this grief, you know? And we can't be sad all the time, so sometimes it comes out in anger," Jennifer theorized.

Jennifer hugged Abigail, who hesitantly admitted that Nicole's presence at the Horton house had made the situation more stressful. Jennifer assured Abigail that Nicole's days as a houseguest were numbered. Jennifer started to ask about Cameron, but Abigail said that she didn't want to talk about him. Jennifer wondered if everything was all right. Abigail vaguely stated that she might not be taking a date to Melanie's wedding.

Jennifer and Abigail started to talk about the wedding, which they both believed was happening too quickly. Abigail wondered if it would be wise to share her concerns with Melanie. "You know what, honey? Real friends -- they are a rare find, so yeah, I -- I think you owe it to them to help them. I mean, you would want them to do the same for you, right? Then you should -- you should try to do whatever you can...even if they don't want you to," Jennifer said.

Abigail and Jennifer started to talk about Nicole again. Jennifer explained that she was only going to let Nicole live at the Horton house until the baby was born. Abigail recalled her earlier conversation with Nicole, who had said that Jennifer had been under a lot of stress lately. Abigail added that Nicole had warned that the stress might make Jennifer more susceptible to rumors and lies.

"That's just amazing. It's such a non sequitur. She's unbelievable. Why would she think that -- that if I am under stress -- she -- she's amazing. And then she says these things to you, and she doesn't want you to tell me what she said to you, right? So now she wants you to lie to your mother? She's living in my house, and she's playing divide and conquer? How dare she do that?" Jennifer asked, unable to contain her anger.

Abigail shrugged and suggested that Nicole was probably just lonely and jealous of Jennifer's past relationship with Daniel. Jennifer warned Abigail that Nicole was a manipulative liar who was incapable of being honest and direct with anyone. "Nicole's life is about to get a whole lot lonelier. She is about to hurt someone very badly who doesn't deserve it, and I am gonna stop it," Jennifer added.

Abigail guessed that Jennifer was talking about Daniel. Jennifer insisted that she and Daniel were just friends, but Abigail wasn't convinced. "How can you say that? How can you say that I could possibly have feelings for another man, when my husband just -- I'm sorry, I'm totally overreacting again," Jennifer realized with a sigh. Jennifer calmly reiterated that she and Daniel were just friends.

Abigail apologized for upsetting Jennifer again. Abigail admitted that she should not have told Jennifer about Nicole's comments. Jennifer disagreed and pointed out that knowledge was power. After Abigail left, Jennifer looked at the list of DNA testing facilities and wondered what Nicole had convinced Daniel to do.

A short time later, Daniel entered the waiting area and overheard a receptionist mention that she had been instructed to hold all of Jennifer's calls. Daniel's curiosity was piqued. Meanwhile, in Jennifer's office, Jennifer placed a phone call to someone. Jennifer claimed that she was calling on E.J. DiMera's behalf. Before Jennifer could continue, Daniel grabbed the phone and angrily ended the call.

At the Brady Pub, Caroline was talking to someone on the phone. Caroline said that she was certain that she had made a deposit earlier. Caroline insisted that the person's records were wrong, and she abruptly ended the call. Roman entered the pub and wondered if Caroline needed help with her paperwork. Caroline scoffed and pointed out that she had never entered the police station and offered to help Roman do his job.

Caroline wondered why Roman had neglected to tell her about Bo's situation. Roman said that Bo hadn't decided what he was going to do yet. Roman added that he hadn't decided what he was going to do if Bo decided to leave the police department. "Well, it's not about you -- it's about your brother. Roman needs your support," Caroline firmly stated. Roman reminded Caroline that he was Roman. "Well, of course you are. You're Roman and he's Bo, and the two of you need to figure this out," Caroline impatiently replied.

At the police station, Hope said that she had been looking for Bo earlier, and she wondered what had happened to him. Bo explained that he had spent the entire day working, bitterly adding that he was doing the work of fourteen detectives. Hope realized that Bo wasn't aware that he had missed Ciara's poetry reading. "Damn it! I missed -- son of a...gun. I missed it. It's because of this damn job," Bo said with a sigh.

Hope wondered if missing the poetry reading had made it easier for Bo to make a decision about leaving the police department. Bo shook his head and reminded Hope that he had previously mentioned that an idea had been forming in his head. Bo elaborated that he had realized that leaving the police department would make it easier for him to go after Stefano.

Bo reasoned that he would no longer be forced to deal with restrictions and paperwork, which meant that he could devote all of his time to giving Stefano migraines. Hope said that Bo would also have more time to attend poetry readings. Hope could tell that the idea had energized Bo, and she admitted that she was intrigued. Hope grinned as she added that Bo would have to agree to be careful and let her help out occasionally.

As Hope kissed Bo, Roman entered the office. Bo guessed that Roman wanted to know if a decision had been made yet. "No, no -- no pressure from me. Not anymore. All I'm gonna say is that, uh...little brother, you are one of my hall of fame detectives. I can't replace you. Bottom line is -- we need you, may not need us," Roman said.

Later, Roman asked for Hope's input on a few of the junior detectives. Hope guessed that Roman was planning to promote one of the detectives if Bo decided to leave the police department. Roman confirmed Hope's suspicion, and he reluctantly added that he was also going to be forced to get rid of a few people.

Back at the Brady Pub, Bo showed Caroline a newspaper article about a carjacker who had recently been convicted. "I arrested that guy. He went to trial. He was convicted for carjacking. Now he's off the streets. He carjacked seven women -- two of them had kids in the car. This is why I do what I do," Bo said. Reaching for a photograph of Ciara, Caroline countered that Bo had other things to consider.

Bo smiled as he looked at the photograph. Caroline said that the picture had been taken when Ciara had been three years old. Caroline's comment shocked Bo. "Time goes by like lightning, Bo, you know? I get a lot of people in here every day speaking about their regrets. I never hear one of them say that they wished they'd spent less time with their families," Caroline pointedly stated.

In Rafe's apartment, Sami assumed that Rafe felt that she was moving too quickly. Sami started to assure Rafe that she was willing to take things slowly, but he interrupted her. "Sami, just stop, okay? Just stop. It's not gonna work. This -- this -- us. There is no us. It's not gonna work now; it's not gonna ever work. We're done," Rafe said.

Sami demanded to know what had changed. Rafe silently recalled E.J.'s earlier threats, and he wondered if he really needed to recap all of the lies and betrayals that he had endured. "We talked about this, and you said there would be a lot of work, but that we could -- we could try, and -- and maybe you could find a way to trust me again. It sounded possible. When did it go from possible to impossible?" Sami wondered.

Rafe shrugged and muttered that he couldn't change the situation. "No, you -- you kissed me. You did that. It's because you felt the way that I feel. I know you do. You remember what it was like for us. You remember how good it was. You remember loving me, because I know I will never forget loving you. And remembering all of can you stand here and tell me that you don't even want to try?" Sami asked.

Rafe avoided the question and insisted that refusing to accept his answer was only going to make the situation worse. Sami sighed and sadly stated that the situation couldn't possibly get any worse. Sami reluctantly exited the apartment. As Sami entered the elevator, Rafe watched through the peephole and resisted the urge to chase after her.

Later, Rafe received a phone call from E.J., who recapped the terms of his blackmail. Rafe revealed that he had already talked to Sami, and he abruptly ended the call. Rafe slammed the phone down in frustration and reached for a bottle of beer. After taking a drink, Rafe angrily threw the bottle across the room. Meanwhile, in the town square, E.J. smiled. "Poor Samantha. She must be feeling terrible," E.J. happily stated.

Gabi entered Rafe's apartment and asked him to talk to Justin about setting up some sort of payment plan. Gabi insisted that she wasn't going to let Rafe pay for her mistakes. Rafe assured Gabi that everything had already been taken care of. Rafe said that there was nothing that he wouldn't do for Gabi, and he abruptly exited the apartment. Later, in the town square, Nicole ran into Rafe and wondered if he was all right.

At Common Grounds, Gabi informed Abigail that Melanie had cancelled the wedding. Abigail wondered what had happened. Gabi shrugged and claimed that she wasn't sure.

In Sami's apartment, Sami slammed a door and tossed her keys across the room, struggling to contain her emotions. Sami glanced at a framed family portrait that had been taken before her marriage to Rafe had ended. Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door. When Sami opened the door, she found E.J. standing in the hallway. Sami returned to the photograph and placed it in a drawer.

E.J. started to fabricate a lame story to explain why he had gone to Sami's apartment, but she ignored him. E.J. wondered if Sami was all right. Sami claimed that she was fine, and E.J. tried to hide his smile. E.J. feigned concern and urged Sami to tell him what was wrong. "You were right. You were right...when you said that Rafe would never be able to get past what happened between us. You were right. He never will," Sami sadly stated.

E.J. hugged Sami and smiled triumphantly.