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Monday, August 20, 2012
by Mike

At the hospital, Melanie and Gabi were horrified to see Andrew. Melanie quickly fled, urging Gabi to follow her. Before Gabi could escape, Andrew grabbed her arm.

In the waiting area, Melanie found Maggie and fearfully announced that her kidnapper was in the hospital. As Maggie searched for Daniel, Melanie wondered what had happened to Gabi. Meanwhile, in Nicole's room, Nicole admitted that there was something that she needed to tell Daniel. Before Nicole could elaborate, Maggie interrupted and informed Daniel that Melanie needed his help.

Elsewhere, Gabi begged Andrew to let her go. "I'll tell them, Gabi, that it was your idea. You wanted Melanie out of the way. You thought your secret died with me, right?" Andrew asked. Before Andrew could say anything else, he started to cough and abruptly lost consciousness. Gabi turned to leave, but Chad was blocking her path. "You bitch," Chad muttered, as he grabbed Gabi's arm and dragged her out of the room.

A short time later, Melanie escorted Daniel, Maggie, and a security guard into Andrew's room. Daniel checked Andrew's pulse and announced that he was dead. Melanie continued to worry about Gabi, who was not in the room.

Meanwhile, Chad pulled Gabi into an empty hospital room and demanded an explanation. Chad warned that he was only going to give Gabi one chance to tell the truth. "It was just supposed to be a prank, okay? That's all it was supposed to be. Nothing was supposed to happen, okay? I was the one who wrote the first note, and I pulled off the doll's head. I just wanted you to remember how it was when we were together," Gabi explained.

Gabi insisted that she had never intended to kidnap Melanie. Gabi explained that she had been forced to hire Andrew because Chad and Melanie had been determined to find her nonexistent stalker. Chad reminded Gabi that friends were supposed to look out for each other. Gabi agreed, and she swore that she had never meant to hurt Melanie.

Seething with rage, Chad listened as Gabi tried to justify her actions. "I don't know what's wrong with me. I just feel like everyone is leaving me, Chad. Look, my sister died, and then Will and I break up...and he's gay. And you were the first one who left me," Gabi said. Gabi started to explain that she had convinced herself that reuniting with Chad would have fixed everything, but he interrupted her.

"Can you hear how sick that sounds?" Chad asked incredulously. Gabi nodded and said that she didn't blame Chad for being upset. Gabi added that she hated herself. "Is that supposed to shut me up? You know what? You -- listen, look at me, all right? You are the most selfish, deluded, dangerous person I've ever met -- and I'm a DiMera!" Chad shouted, as he stared at Gabi in disbelief.

Gabi tried to apologize, but Chad was unmoved. Chad warned that Melanie would soon know exactly who and what Gabi was. Gabi conceded that she probably deserved that. Chad countered that Gabi deserved a more severe punishment. Gabi predicted that she was going to lose everything, and she wondered if that would make Chad feel better. Chad ignored the question and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Chad entered the waiting area and greeted Melanie, who rushed over to hug him. Melanie started to tell Chad that Gabi was missing, but before she could finish her sentence, Gabi cautiously entered the room. Chad quietly watched as Melanie embraced Gabi. Daniel wondered if Gabi was all right. Chad insisted that there was no need to worry about Gabi.

Chad hesitated for a moment before adding that he had found Gabi in Andrew's room earlier. Chad claimed that Gabi had been freaked out about her brief encounter with Andrew, but he assured everyone that he had managed to calm her fears. Chad glared at Gabi as he hugged Melanie again. A cop approached Melanie and announced that he was ready to take her statement.

After Melanie left, Daniel excused himself so that he could check on a few patients, and Maggie followed him out of the waiting area. Gabi thanked Chad for keeping her secret. "Look, Melanie's upset enough right now. She didn't need to hear that her best friend nearly got her killed. Stay away from her, Gabi -- stay away from us. If you even try to see her -- if you even try to make it up to her -- you won't like what happens," Chad warned Gabi.

Gabi realized that Chad was still planning to tell Melanie the truth at a later date. Before Gabi could say anything else, Melanie returned and announced that the cops were ready to take Gabi's statement. Melanie offered to wait for Gabi, who declined the offer and urged Melanie to get some rest. As Chad escorted Melanie to the nearby elevator, he glanced over his shoulder and glared at Gabi with contempt.

Meanwhile, Daniel informed Nicole that Andrew was dead. Nicole admitted that she was happy to hear that. Nicole revealed that she was going to be released soon, and she invited Daniel over to her hotel room for dinner later that night. Daniel wasn't sure if he would be able to leave the hospital at a decent hour, but he tentatively accepted the invitation. After Daniel left, Nicole beamed with delight.

At the DiMera safe house, Rafe waited for E.J. to return. Rafe tried to ask Sami some questions, but she refused to cooperate. Sami insisted that E.J. was innocent, and she vowed that she would not let him go to jail for a crime that he hadn't actually committed. Sami noted that it was ironic that Rafe was trying to stop her, because he would have done exactly the same thing if he had been in a similar situation.

Sami reminded Rafe that he had also expressed some doubts about the case. Rafe revealed that he no longer had any doubts about E.J.'s guilt, because an innocent person wouldn't have tried to disappear. Sami insisted that the Salem Police Department would have never given a DiMera a fair chance. Rafe countered that E.J. was also the mayor, which meant that he would have been guaranteed a fair investigation.

As Sami and Rafe continued to argue, Sami theorized that Rafe was pursuing E.J. because Rafe was still upset about the fact that she had slept with E.J. after Johnny's disappearance. Rafe reminded Sami that she had trashed their marriage, and he insisted that he had every right to be upset. Sami scoffed and countered that Rafe was the one who had given up on their marriage the day that Carrie had returned to Salem.

Sami conceded that she had made a terrible mistake, but she refused to take responsibility for everything that had happened. "What you did with Carrie -- that was the ultimate betrayal. You know what? I get it. She's pure, good, and everything that's right in the world, and I am not. But you know what? She's gonna dump her husband the second she thinks she has a chance with you. I know Carrie. I know what she's done in the past. I know right now she's giving you this whole, like, 'Oh, I can't leave my husband' thing, but no -- when she decides that's what she wants, she'll dump him in a heartbeat," Sami insisted.

Rafe, who had been trying to interrupt Sami, finally cut her off and revealed that Carrie and Austin had moved back to Switzerland. Sami was stunned, and she quickly asked for details. Rafe refused to elaborate, but Sami was undeterred. Sami wondered if her name had been mentioned during Rafe's final conversation with Carrie.

Rafe silently recalled his conversation with Carrie -- particularly the part where she had accused him of still being in love with Sami -- but he claimed that Carrie hadn't mentioned Sami's name. "When you lie, it's weird, Rafe. It's like the whole world tilts on its axis," Sami joked. Rafe wasn't amused, and he insisted that he was done discussing the subject.

Sami said that she was sorry that Carrie had hurt Rafe. Rafe ignored Sami's comment and started to search for something to drink. While Rafe's back was turned, Sami tried to escape, but he stopped her before she could reach the exit. Sami locked eyes with Rafe as he held her tightly.

In an undisclosed location, E.J. demanded to know what was going on. A black hood was covering E.J.'s face, and he was tightly bound to a metal chair. Someone removed the hood, and E.J.'s eyes slowly adjusted to the light as he stared at his captor's face. "You contacted me. How did you get into the network? Only my family -- oh, let me guess. Your lover, Kate -- what, did she whisper it across your pillow?" E.J. asked Ian.

Ian angrily clarified that Madison was the true love of his life, and he tearfully revealed that she was dead. Ian cryptically stated that his original timetable was useless, because he no longer had a reason to wait. E.J. struggled with his bindings and speculated that Ian had consumed too much alcohol. Ian advised E.J. to worry about his own predicament.

Ian reiterated that his timetable had been moved up, and he added that E.J. had to do his part to help. E.J. apologetically stated that he was preoccupied with his own problems, and he explained that someone was trying to frame him for Stefano's murder. Ian said that he was aware of E.J.'s legal problems, and he referred to E.J. as his co-conspirator.

"We both wanted him dead, didn't we? Didn't everybody want him dead? Oh, was I just the lucky one who got to do the honors?" Ian asked. E.J. realized that Ian had murdered Stefano, and he demanded to know why Ian had framed him for the crime. Ian shrugged and said that E.J. had made the task incredibly easy.

"It is unbelievable; sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. You practically just set yourself up. You cleared the way...for me to get my due. Now, I am so happy we've had this opportunity to clear the air," Ian said, as he held up the gold coin that John and Hope had obtained in Alamainia. Ian explained that he had devised a plan to make Madison fall in love with him again, but he added that his plan would not have worked unless he had first removed E.J. from the equation.

"With Madison gone...I don't have to wait, and you can give me what I want. And once you do...I'll have the great pleasure of getting rid of you...once and for all," Ian said. E.J. pointed out that he had no reason to help Ian. "Is that a dare? Are you daring me to give you a reason to help me? I accept your dare," Ian said. A curtain was hanging on the wall in front of E.J., and his jaw dropped as Ian revealed what was behind the curtain.

At the Brady Pub, Sonny wondered if Justin had seen Will recently. Justin recalled that he had last seen Will before the first explosion had occurred. Sonny admitted that he was starting to get worried about Will, who hadn't responded to any of the text messages that Sonny had sent him. Justin called Bo, who reported that he had seen Will helping someone after the explosion.

Sonny was still worried, and he pointed out that there had been multiple explosions. Sonny theorized that Will might have gotten trapped in the tunnels during an aftershock. "You really care for Will, don't you?" Justin asked, as Sonny tried to call Will again. Sonny confirmed Justin's suspicion and sighed with frustration as he announced that his call had gone straight to voicemail again. Justin offered to help Sonny search for Will.

At the Horton Town Square, Will was surprised to see T, and he wondered how long T had been back in Salem. "Long enough to hear that you're a fairy," T bluntly stated, and he demanded to know why Will had suddenly turned gay. Will tried to explain that he hadn't been sure about his sexuality until recently, but T refused to listen. T theorized that Sonny had turned Will into a gay person.

", there are a couple things wrong with that sentence," Will said, as he shook his head in disbelief. T wondered if Gabi had not been hot enough for Will, and he pointed out that Will could have switched to a different girlfriend instead of switching to a different team. Will insisted that he hadn't switched to a different team, and he explained that he had always been gay. Will added that he and Gabi were still friends.

"That doesn't mean much, does it? Being your friend. How many years, supposedly, I was your best friend? Turns out I didn't know the most important thing about you, but everybody else does. Hell, you came out on the front page of the paper," T noted. Will said that he had never intended to make T feel like he had been left out, and he wondered if that was why T was upset.

T scoffed and insisted that he wasn't the one who had a problem. T wondered if Will really believed that everyone was okay with Will's new lifestyle choice. Will conceded that some people had initially been surprised to learn that Will was gay, but he added that everyone had eventually given him their full support.

" your face. What do you think happens when you leave the room? Yeah. This is what a real friend does, Will. I'm telling you the truth. Everybody wants to be okay with it -- they want to act tolerant and accepting -- but the second they think of the mechanics of me, it makes them sick to their stomach. Not just me -- everybody, Will," T confidently stated.

Will refused to apologize for being himself. T countered that his best friend had turned into a complete stranger, but Will insisted that he was still the same person. T disagreed, and he pointed out that Will was going to different places and hanging out with different people than he had before. Will said that was just part of growing up, but T ignored the comment.

"You turned on a dime. You found this new 'fad,' you found yourself, changed, doing different things in your life -- whatever you want to call it, but you left your real friends in the dust," T said. Will clarified that being gay wasn't a fad, and he reiterated that he had never intended to make T feel like he had been left out. T countered that Sami had never meant to hurt Will, either.

T's comment confused Will, who wondered if T was trying to suggest that Will was just like Sami. T shrugged and told Will to forget about the comment. T added that he no longer wanted to have anything to do with Will, and he abruptly walked away. Will sighed heavily, struggling to contain his emotions.

Later, Justin and Sonny entered the town square and quickly found Will, who was kneeling behind a cement barrier. Justin silently excused himself so that Sonny could have some privacy. After Justin left, Sonny greeted Will and wondered if he was all right. Will's head was lowered, and he didn't acknowledge Sonny right away. Sonny repeated Will's name, and Will slowly raised his head and forced a smile.

Will's face was red, and Sonny wondered what had happened. Will vaguely stated that he was a bad person who had only taken care of himself. Sonny assumed that Will was talking about the explosion, and he assured Will that people always felt helpless during a disaster. Sonny confidently stated that he knew who Will really was, and he insisted that Will was a good person. Sonny hugged Will tightly.

"I was worried about you. You have no idea," Sonny said, as he leaned in and kissed Will.