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Monday, November 21, 2011
by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Rafe and Will found Johnny hiding under one of the tables. Rafe excitedly tried to call Sami, but the call went straight to voicemail. Will suggested that Sami's battery might have died.

Later, Rafe noted that someone needed to inform E.J. that Johnny was all right. Will volunteered, and he told Rafe to take Johnny back to the apartment. "Listen, Rafe, I know my mom was really upset earlier, but, um, you don't realize that her life was such a mess before you met her, and you've given us a real family, and I just want to thank you for that," Will added, then he exited the pub.

At the Horton Town Square, Nicole greeted Brady and Madison. "I know that Caroline is helping with Sydney, but, um...I'm pretty sure that Sami doesn't want me anywhere near her, but if there's anything I can do to help," Nicole said. Madison wondered why Sydney was not with E.J. Nicole explained that E.J. had given Sami full custody of Sydney and Johnny. "E.J. and Sami hate each other's guts," Nicole added.

Later, Brady asked Nicole about E.J.'s campaign. Nicole explained that E.J. had temporarily suspended the campaign due to Johnny's disappearance. Nicole added that Abe had graciously agreed to do the same thing. Brady pointedly stated that E.J. would not have been as kind if the situation had been reversed.

Brady warned Nicole that she was falling into E.J.'s trap again. Nicole insisted that she was just helping E.J. with his campaign, but Brady wasn't convinced. Madison interrupted, and she offered to leave so that Brady and Nicole could have some privacy.

Brady and Nicole apologized for arguing in front of Madison. Brady said that he wanted to check in with Rafe, and he quickly excused himself. After Brady left, Nicole insisted that she wasn't interested in Brady. Madison shrugged and said that she would never be able to have a personal relationship with Brady, because they were business partners.

Nicole laughed, but she quickly realized that Madison was serious. Nicole pointed out that the workplace was a convenient place to meet people. Madison noted that it was also a convenient place to rekindle an old flame. Nicole wondered if Madison was talking about Nicole's relationship with E.J. "You defended him to Brady, and when you did, your eyes got all glassy and shiny," Madison explained.

Madison offered to shut up, but Nicole realized that she needed to hear what Madison was saying. "You don't know me, or E.J., or our ugly, sordid history together, which makes you a neutral observer without an agenda, and I don't know many of those," Nicole admitted.

"I asked E.J. to sign divorce papers. He didn't want to. I basically insisted. I was done. I'm telling you, I didn't want to divorce E.J. on a whim -- I meant it. I got the papers, and I hassled him to sign them," Nicole explained. Madison guessed that Nicole had immediately regretted that decision. "Like too many martinis after midnight," Nicole dryly stated.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Sami expressed their grief with a kiss. E.J. pinned Sami against the wall, and she angrily ripped his shirt off. E.J. carried Sami over to the couch, and they started to have sex, unaware that Will was knocking on the front door.

Outside, Will rummaged in his pocket for his set of keys, and he let himself into the mansion. As Will passed the living room door, he caught a glimpse of Sami and E.J. having sex on the couch. Will stared in disbelief for a moment, then he quickly stumbled out of the mansion. Will bumped into a table in the foyer on his way to the front door, and he loudly closed the door behind him.

E.J. and Sami heard the noise, and they quickly pulled away from each other as they realized what they were doing. E.J. poured himself a glass of whiskey, and he started to cry as he looked at one of Johnny's photographs. Meanwhile, Sami found her phone, and she realized that the battery had fallen out of it during her argument with E.J.

Sami saw that Rafe had left her a message. Sami turned on the speakerphone so that she and E.J. could listen to the message together. "Sami, hey -- it's me. I have amazing news. Will and I found Johnny at the pub. He's totally okay, and we're gonna bring him home, us there. I love you," Rafe's message announced. After a moment of stunned silence, Sami grabbed her purse and quickly rushed out of the room.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Brady was thrilled to see Johnny. Rafe explained that Johnny had been hiding in the pub the whole time. "Well, next time we play 'hide and go seek,' I want you on my team, okay?" Brady joked. After Johnny left the room, Brady wondered if Sami had heard the false report about Johnny's death. Rafe said that he wasn't sure, and he admitted that he was worried about Sami.

Rafe explained that Sami had lashed out at him earlier. "Sami is not gonna blame you, all right? She lashed out because she was terrified. Sami always talks before she thinks. When she finds out that Johnny is okay, everything will be fine," Brady assured Rafe. Brady excused himself so that he could let his team of investigators know that they could stop looking for Johnny.

Brady opened the front door, and he found Will standing in the hallway. Will's face was puffy and red, and Brady and Rafe could tell that something was wrong. Brady told Will that he was glad that Johnny was all right, and Will silently nodded. Brady shrugged at Rafe, then he exited the apartment.

After Brady left, Rafe wondered if Will was all right. Rafe assumed that E.J. had said something rude to Will, but Will explained that he had not talked to E.J. Rafe realized that Will was probably just worried about Sami, and he admitted that he was worried about Sami, too. " love my mom, and you look after all of us like we're your own kids," Will said.

Rafe stated without hesitation that Will, Johnny, Allie, and Sydney were his kids. Rafe offered to call the police station to see if they could send someone to search for Sami. "I'm sure she's okay, Rafe. Mom always takes care of Mom, and this will not be any different," Will said with a heavy sigh. Rafe said that he was just worried that Sami might have heard the false report about Johnny's death.

"So...instead of waiting to hear from confirm or whatever, she just disappears -- after she blamed you for what happened at the pub?" Will asked. Rafe admitted that he shouldn't have asked Sami to take the kids to the pub, and he admitted that Sami had every right to blame him for that mistake. "She doesn't! She never takes the blame herself for anything! Why do you always make excuses for her?" Will asked.

Before Rafe could respond, Sami rushed into the apartment, and she called out for Johnny. Sami tearfully embraced Johnny, and Will watched the reunion with a dazed expression on his face. Sami laughed as Johnny told her that he had been hiding in the pub the whole time. "What were you doing in there, buddy? Drinking beer?" Rafe jokingly asked.

Back at the Horton Town Square, Brady told Madison and Nicole that Johnny was all right. Nicole rushed off to find E.J. After Nicole left, Madison removed one of the fliers that she had just posted. "I have never been so happy to have wasted three hours of my life," Madison jokingly stated. Brady hugged Madison, and he thanked her for her help.

Brady leaned in to kiss Madison, but Madison pulled away from him. Madison tried to change the subject, and she suggested that they needed to start removing the fliers. Brady grabbed Madison and leaned in to kiss her again, and Madison asked him to let her go. "What if...what if I don't let you go?" Brady asked, as he stared into Madison's eyes.

"You know what your problem is? You love to run the show, and I'm so bad at taking orders, so we're at an impasse here," Brady whispered to Madison, as she pulled away from him again. Madison claimed that she had just remembered that she needed to make a conference call to Paris. Brady pointed out that it was midnight in Paris. Madison corrected herself, and she said that she had meant to say Hong Kong. Madison said that she was glad that Johnny was all right, and she abruptly walked away.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole managed to catch E.J. just as he was about to leave the mansion. E.J. explained that he was going over to Sami and Rafe's apartment to see Johnny, and he invited Nicole to accompany him.

Back at Sami and Rafe's apartment, Will noted that it was amazing that Rafe had managed to find Johnny. Will pointedly added that Sami owed Rafe a debt of gratitude. Before Sami could respond, Will offered to get Johnny ready for bed. Sami handed Johnny to Will. Will glared directly at Sami for a brief moment, then he silently carried Johnny into his bedroom.

After Will and Johnny left, Sami apologized to Rafe. Rafe assured Sami that he understood, but Sami insisted that she had done something horrible. "Honey, listen to me. What happened tonight -- every bad thing that happened -- doesn't matter. Nothing we said or did, none of that counts. The only thing that matters is that Johnny's safe. That's all that matters," Rafe said. Will watched as Sami tearfully embraced Rafe.

E.J. and Nicole arrived at the apartment, and Johnny rushed out to hug them. E.J. and Sami avoided eye contact, and Will stared blankly at his mother as he quietly watched from the corner of the room.