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Monday, September 5, 2011

Due to the Labor Day holiday, Days of our Lives did not air today. This was a planned pre-emption and there will no be "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 6, and pick up where the Friday, September 2 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At the rehab clinic, Melanie met up with Nicholas. Though Nicholas was reluctant to see Carly, Melanie encouraged him to join her. Liv went in to Carly's room to talk to her, and Melanie and Nicholas walked in behind her. When Liv saw Melanie and Nicholas, she invited them to sit in on Carly's therapy session. Unnerved, Nicholas reminded Liv that his participation in the last therapy session had not ended well. Liv agreed with Nicholas, and she countered that she wanted to focus on Melanie's relationship with Carly.

Melanie said that she and Carly had already talked about their issues and that they were fine. Liv explained that Carly had spoken about her guilt, and Carly agreed that she still felt upset that she had kept Melanie from Daniel. With a nod, Melanie sat down with Nicholas, Liv, and Carly to talk about her relationship with Carly. Melanie admitted that she was hurt that her mother had given her up but that she understood that Carly did not have a choice.

"She didn't give up on me until she made me realize why she did what she did. And I know she loves me just like she loves Nicholas," Melanie said with a small smile. Nicholas agreed with Melanie that it was easier to be angry than compassionate but that he was there because he knew that Carly loved him. When Liv expressed concern that Carly did not believe that Melanie's anger was in the past, Melanie was unsure what to say. Carly walked over to her children, told them she loved them, and asked them to be honest with her.

Her voice barely audible, Melanie said that she understood why Carly gave her away but that she would always feel hurt that Carly had abandoned her. Melanie apologized for what she said, but Carly told Melanie that she wanted to hear the truth. Nicholas added that he believed that Carly had acted out of love but that he was still pained by Carly's actions. Shaken, Carly backed away but said she understood.

"Nicky, you had to pull your life together without a father because of me. And you had to live with a feeling of being rejected by your own mother. I have lived with this pain every day for my entire life and I've had to try to find ways to live with it but the worst part in all of this is that so have you," Carly said as she looked at Melanie and Nicholas. "I can't do this any more," Carly said, then walked out of the room.

In the waiting area, Carly poured herself a cup of coffee as Nicholas and Melanie approached her. Carly apologized to her children and explained that she felt stuck. Liv joined Carly, Nicholas, and Melanie in the hallway and counseled Carly to think about her behavior. Liv noted that Carly's actions were not selfish or malevolent, and that only Carly could put the pain of her actions behind her. Liv reminded Carly that Nicholas and Melanie had forgiven Carly but that she was not hearing them. As Carly nodded, Liv added that until Carly could forgive herself, she could not move on with her life.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Gus interrupted Quinn and Vivian's lunch in order to give Vivian an early release copy of a book by her favorite author. With a grin, Vivian commented that she had already received a signed copy of the book from Quinn. Dismayed to be one-upped, Gus sat down at their table, pouting. In a cheery tone, Vivian asked Gus if he could get drink refills for her and Quinn. Annoyed, Gus stalked over to the bar and threw his book away. While Gus downed a drink, he stared at Quinn and Vivian laughing with one another on the other side of the room.

When Vivian and Quinn approached Gus, he was lost in thought. As Quinn had an appointment to get to, Vivian said goodbye to her son. When Quinn turned to leave, Gus reached out and pinched Quinn's neck. Vivian objected to Gus's action, but Gus exclaimed that he was picking something off of Quinn's jacket. When Quinn left, Vivian retired to a nearby table, and Gus tucked the hairs he had grabbed off of Quinn's neck into a napkin for safekeeping.

When Gus walked over to Vivian's table, she was attempting to book a vacation on her laptop computer. Vivian asked Gus to find her a five star hotel on the water on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. While Gus did a search on Vivian's computer, he talked about how beautiful the coast was when they went there together on their last vacation. Vivian reminded Gus that he needed to book two rooms, and Gus chimed in that he was ready to leave whenever Vivian was ready. "Where are you going?" Vivian asked. Vivian told Gus that she was taking Quinn with her, not Gus.

"But we always travel together," Gus said, hurt. Vivian asked Gus to understand that she needed to make up for lost time with her son. Vivian urged Gus to finish booking her vacation before she returned from the restroom. Once Vivian was gone, Gus took the napkin out of his pocket and examined the hairs.

Roman called Taylor at the police station and asked her to pull mug shots from the files and send them to the hospital for Mandy to review. "I want that animal caught," Roman said. Taylor grabbed the files and headed over to Daniel's office to deliver the mug shots to Mandy. While Daniel monitored Mandy's vital signs in his office, Bo and Hope encouraged Mandy to concentrate on getting better. Once Taylor arrived, Daniel left, and Mandy started to review the mug shots with Hope.

Roman poked his head in Daniel's office and asked Bo to join him in the hallway. Once outside the office, Roman explained to Bo that there had been another attack. After Roman left to examine the crime scene, Taylor joined Bo in the hallway and asked him what was wrong. Bo explained that there had been another beating and that the woman had arrived in the emergency room, unconscious. With no way to help Bo, Taylor excused herself and left.

Bo checked in with Hope and Mandy, but Mandy did not see any photos of the man that had attacked her. Mandy was frustrated, but Hope encouraged her not to give up hope. Bo stepped aside with Hope and whispered that the police were wrapping up at the new crime scene. Hope confided that she believed Mandy would shut down if she heard about the new attack.

In the hospital emergency room, Brady ran to the nurses' station with Chloe in his arms and Nicole and Kinsey right behind them. Brady carried Chloe into a nearby hospital room and begged her to open her eyes. While Maxine checked Chloe's vital signs, Lexie arrived and ordered tests. Upset, Brady asked Lexie and Maxine to tell him whether Chloe was going to be okay. With Lexie occupied in her exam of Chloe, Maxine ushered Brady, Nicole, and Kinsey out of the hospital room into the hallway.

Standing in the hallway, Brady wondered aloud how Chloe could have become a prostitute. Kinsey told Brady that Chloe had been desperate for money in order to pursue custody of Parker. Brady argued that Chloe should have gone to him for help, and wondered aloud what he was going to tell the police. Kinsey ordered Brady to promise her that he would not tell the police why Chloe had been on the pier because it could ruin Chloe's chances at gaining custody of Parker.

While Brady, Kinsey, and Nicole were talking, Roman walked up behind them and asked them why they were at the hospital. "Aren't you here to see Chloe?" a confused Brady asked Roman. Surprised, Roman asked Brady whether Chloe was the one that had been attacked. Brady explained that he had found Chloe. When Roman asked Brady to tell him everything he knew, Kinsey panicked and walked to the other side of the waiting area. Concerned, Nicole followed Kinsey.

Nervous, Kinsey admitted that she was scared to talk to the police because she did not want to hurt Chloe. When Nicole asked Kinsey if she was close to Chloe, Kinsey shrugged and said that she was not as close as Brady was with Chloe. "She talks about him?" Nicole asked gently. Kinsey explained that Chloe counted on Brady. "I know that things have been over between them for a long time now, but she says there is still this connection between them. I guess when you fall in love with someone, that never really goes away," Kinsey said.

Across the waiting area, Brady informed Roman that he had found Chloe in an alley. As Brady noted that he did not know how long Chloe had been lying in the alley, Lexie exited Chloe's hospital room. Desperate, Brady begged Lexie to let him see Chloe. Shaking her head, Lexie countered that Chloe was lucky to be alive. Lexie told Roman that he needed to wait to question Chloe because she was still unconscious. As Lexie walked away, Roman muttered to himself that Chloe did not fit the profile for the attacker's victims.

"Why in the hell would this guy do this to Chloe?" Roman said as Brady shifted nervously. Roman asked Brady to fill in the blanks for him because he did not understand how Chloe could have put herself in a situation where the attacker could have taken advantage of her. Flustered, Brady turned the conversation on Roman and asked him why the police had not caught the attacker. Brady apologized to Roman, but before Roman could respond, Maxine called for Lexie to join her in Chloe's room.

Roman informed Brady that he was going to call some officers and order them to canvas the alley. When Roman walked to the corner, Kinsey rushed over to Brady and asked him what he had told Roman. Brady cautioned Kinsey that Roman would have more questions. When Roman finished his phone call, he walked over and asked Nicole and Kinsey why they had been in the alley with Brady when they found Chloe. When Kinsey's eyes widened, Brady jumped in and noted that Kinsey was the one that had realized that Chloe was missing.

Suspicious, Roman asked why Kinsey and Brady had started looking for Chloe in the alley. Brady explained that they had not started in the alley because if they had, they would have found Chloe sooner. Nicole interrupted and noted that they had looked all over town. "So as far as you know, Chloe had no reason to be in that alley?" Roman asked. "No," Brady said before looking away guiltily. Roman admitted that he was concerned that the attacker had expanded his focus from prostitutes.

After Roman walked away, Nicole asked Brady if he was sure that they should be lying to the police. Tears in his eyes, Brady sighed and said that he was sure. Kinsey thanked Brady profusely for protecting Chloe's secret, and Brady assured Kinsey that he would do what he could. "She's been through enough," Brady lamented as Nicole sneaked down the corridor by Chloe's room. As Brady looked up, he saw Lexie exiting Chloe's room as Roman approached.

Lexie informed Brady, Roman, and Kinsey that Chloe had slipped into a coma. "I don't know when or if she'll come out of it," Lexie said. Down the hallway, Nicole slipped into Chloe's room through the side door. As Chloe lay unconscious, a devastated Nicole grabbed her friend's hand and cried.

Roman walked down the hallway to meet up with Bo and Hope and brief them about the latest attack. When Roman told them that the victim was Chloe, he added that they needed to put out a warning to the public since the attacker had expanded his pool of victims beyond prostitutes. After talking to Roman, Bo and Hope returned to Daniel's office to check on Mandy. With a sigh, Hope informed Mandy that there had been another attack. Mandy was concerned about the victim, but Bo told Mandy that the woman was being treated by the doctors.

Gripping Mandy's hand, Hope told Mandy that they needed her to keep looking through the books. Frustrated, Mandy admitted that she had reviewed the last book of mug shots twice and did not see her attacker in any of the photos. "He's not in any of these books. What does that mean?" Mandy asked with worry. "It means he may not have a record," Hope said with a sigh. Furrowing her brow, Hope suggested that Bo call for a sketch artist.

Outside the Brady Pub, Daniel checked the messages on his phone while he waited for Jennifer. When Jennifer arrived, Daniel informed her that Bo and Hope were reviewing mug shots with Mandy. Daniel noted that he wanted to keep a close eye on his phone in case Mandy needed him. Touched by Daniel's concern for Mandy, Jennifer commented that Daniel was an amazing doctor. Daniel admitted that he was unnerved by the violence of the beating and needed to see Jennifer in order to cheer him up.

Daniel and Jennifer went inside the pub to eat, but Daniel continued to nervously check his phone. When Daniel apologized for his preoccupation, Jennifer told Daniel not to worry because she loved how dedicated Daniel was to his job. Jennifer admitted that she was restless now that she was unemployed. Daniel counseled Jennifer to ask for her PR job at the hospital. Shaking her head, Jennifer said that she was not interested in getting her job back. With a grin, Daniel told Jennifer that he would love to work with her again.

"I need to feel challenged. I don't know what that looks like right now, but I know there's something out there for me," Jennifer said. Jennifer admitted that she had fallen into the PR job, but that it was not the career of her dreams. When Daniel broached the subject of her dream job, Jennifer admitted that she did not want to think about that career because of Jack. "You know somehow, all roads seem to lead back to Jack, don't they?" Daniel said.

Jennifer assured Daniel that he did not need to worry about Jack because she was happy with Daniel. "This guy, wherever he is, casts a pretty long shadow," Daniel said. Jennifer explained that although she had a complicated history with Jack, he was a part of her past. With a smile, Jennifer said that she believed Daniel would be "an even bigger part" of her life than Jack was. Satisfied, Daniel leaned over and kissed Jennifer.

Down on the pier, Quinn stared out at the water as Taylor came around the corner and spotted him. Quinn was concerned for Taylor's safety by being on the pier. "You promised you would put an end to this, but you're feeding this monster," Taylor commented. Confused, Quinn asked Taylor what she meant. Taylor explained that another woman had been attacked. When Taylor accused Quinn of sending a woman out on to the street into danger, Quinn countered that he had locked down his business.

"Whoever this girl is, she's not connected to me," Quinn stressed. In disbelief, Taylor said that Quinn was lying in order to cover his tracks. Shaking his head, Quinn noted that Taylor's anger was about their relationship and not about the latest beating victim. When Quinn urged Taylor to let go of her anger about their past, Taylor yelled, "I can't forget about it. I can't forget about you!" Stunned, Quinn grabbed Taylor and kissed her.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rafe was on the computer when Sami returned home to the loft from grocery shopping. She immediately became suspicious when he hid what he'd been looking at. Rafe claimed that he'd just been reading a coworker's blog, but Sami grabbed the computer away from him, and was stunned to see that he'd been reading about ovarian cancer. Jumping to the wrong conclusion, Sami exclaimed, "Oh, my God. Lexie called with the test results? I have cancer."

Sami became furious at the thought that Rafe had kept the information from her, and ranted at him about it until he finally interrupted. Rafe assured her that he hadn't heard anything about her test results, and even if he had, he wouldn't have kept it from her. Sami apologized, and admitted that the waiting was getting to her. Rafe confessed that he had been doing research in an effort to feel a little less out of control, and because he wanted to know what they were up against in case Sami did have cancer.

Sami became upset again, and ran out of the room after yelling at Rafe for doing research behind her back. She returned a few minutes later and apologized, but Rafe understood why she was freaked out. Sami then declared that she wished she had a job to help take her mind off things. She added that she'd had a plan of attack when Johnny had been sick, but she had no idea what to do if she was sick. Sami knew that ovarian cancer seldom had a good outcome, and she hated the idea of missing out on any part of her children's lives. Sami urged Rafe not to let her become a "downer," because she was admittedly a lousy patient.

Rafe reassured her, "Sami, you're my world. You mean everything to me, and there is nothing that is going to get in the way of that -- not now, not ever. We're in this together, you and me. That's a promise. Forever." Sami kissed him gratefully, and declared that he was the perfect guy. Rafe admitted that the idea of seeing Sami in pain, and of not being able to make her better, terrified him, when all he wanted to do was tell her that everything was going to be all right. Sami asserted that Rafe was her hero, but he didn't have to always be strong for her. They sat together silently, just holding each other, for a long time.

Chad and Sonny arrived outside the Cheatin' Heart after doing research at the library for their website project. Will ran up and announced that he had a great idea for the website: much like sites that offered product reviews, they should rate Salem University courses and professors. Will suddenly remembered that he was supposed to meet Gabi for lunch, and Chad pointed out that she was inside with Abigail.

Inside, Gabi confided to Abigail that Will had been spending a lot of time with his friends and not with her. Abigail probed a bit about Gabi and Will's relationship, until Gabi finally revealed, "After the first time we slept together, we haven't had sex since. Ever." The guys walked in just then, and Will apologized because he'd just gotten Gabi's text message. He explained that he was late because he had entered a lottery for fifty-yard-line seats for the first home football game of the season. Taking the tickets out of his pocket, Will told Gabi affectionately, "And I got in -- so we can share a stadium blanket."

That gave Sonny an idea, so he opened his laptop and got to work, while Chad and Will looked over his shoulder. As they viewed the website for the Salem University athletics department, they pointed out all of its flaws -- primarily that it was seriously outdated. All three guys quickly suggested solutions, and Abigail and Gabi contributed a few ideas of their own. Will excitedly noted that if their site were successful, they could expand to other colleges. The boys acknowledged that it would take a great deal of time.

Abigail and Gabi reminded them not to forget about women's sports, and the guys sheepishly admitted that they hadn't thought about that. Chad declared that Gabi and Abigail should help, and Will pointed out that if Gabi worked on the project with him, the two of them could spend more time together. Snuggling up next to Will, Gabi murmured, "I always want to be with you."

The girls then played a game of pool while the guys worked on their proposal. Abigail enthusiastically noted that Will wanted to spend more time with Gabi. Gabi wryly maintained that it would just be more of what the two of them always did: hanging out as friends, playing video games, or studying. She was convinced that Will never wanted to get romantic because she had done something wrong the first time they'd had sex.

Abigail assured Gabi that she could not possibly have done anything wrong. Gabi asserted that although Will cared about her, he wasn't interested in her sexually. Abigail asked if Gabi always waited for Will to initiate things, and Gabi admitted that she did. "Maybe you should do something about that," Abigail suggested.

Chad declared that it had been a stroke of genius getting the girls involved in the website, because then they wouldn't be as resentful of the time the boys would have to dedicate to the project. Will's agreement was somewhat unconvincing, so Chad asked if Gabi and Will were having problems. Will maintained that things had never been better between him and Gabi.

Chad announced that he had to get back to campus, so Abigail and Gabi offered to accompany him. Gabi kissed Will goodbye, and declared that she couldn't wait to see him again after class. After the others had gone, Sonny asked if Will was all right. Will replied somewhat awkwardly that he was fine, and quickly went to the bar to order a burger.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate smelled some perfume samples from her chemist, and deemed them more than satisfactory. When Stefano called, Kate began telling him about her exciting new business venture, but was dismayed to learn that E.J. had already told Stefano about it. Kate claimed that E.J. had talked her into letting the DiMera family invest in Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics, because, like his father, E.J. knew a good thing when he saw it.

Brady and Nicole were at the Brady Pub, since Nicole maintained that the comatose Chloe would not want them wringing their hands outside her room at the hospital. Brady was still in shock that his ex-wife had been desperate enough to turn tricks in order to earn money. Neither Nicole nor Brady realized that E.J. was nearby until he made a snide comment about their relationship. Nicole irritably told E.J. to go away, but he continued speculating aloud about when Brady and Nicole would break up again. Brady finally jumped out of his chair, and with quiet fury, ordered E.J. to shut up.

E.J. wondered mockingly why Brady defended Nicole, when she had humiliated Brady once and surely would again. As Nicole strode over, E.J. continued, "Nicole's an opportunist, Brady. As long as she gets what she needs, right? Money, sex -- in that order, yeah?" Nicole slapped E.J. across the face. "You arrogant, mean-spirited bastard," she spat. Brady got between Nicole and E.J. as if to punch E.J., but Nicole pulled him away. She asked to speak privately with E.J. for a moment, so Brady reluctantly went outside to wait.

Nicole accused E.J. of being jealous that she and Brady were back together, and demanded to know why E.J. cared. E.J. maintained that he wasn't jealous; he was merely fascinated because he knew that Nicole and Brady's relationship was doomed to fail. Nicole hotly declared that she was trying to move forward with Brady, but E.J. continued needling her until she hissed, "If I could kill you and not go to prison, I would!" Brady returned just in time to keep Nicole from carrying out her threat.

After E.J. left, Nicole thanked Brady for not making a scene. "It's only because you hit him first," Brady quipped. Nicole wondered why E.J. had felt the need to aggravate them, and Brady asserted that E.J. seemed hurt. Nicole bristled at the intimation that she could possibly have hurt a "machine" like E.J. Brady pointed out that it was a pattern with Nicole, who had bounced back and forth between him and E.J., and had hurt both men, many times. Nicole was incredulous, but Brady admitted that he often worried that she would hurt him again.

Nicole tried to reassure him that she would rather die than let that happen, and that she was completely committed to him and their relationship. She leaned across the table and kissed Brady fervently. Afterwards, Brady reminded Nicole about the conversation they'd had earlier, and emphasized that he didn't want to put any pressure on their relationship. He gently suggested, "I think we should take things lighter this time. Just try it -- no strings, no commitments. We'll just take it very easy." Nicole admitted that she wasn't thrilled with the idea, but Brady encouraged her to trust him.

When he returned home, E.J. reviewed the figures for Kate's business, and expressed his approval. Kate declared, "This company is going to take off like a rocket." E.J. took note of Kate's enthusiasm, and asked if she were happy with his lack of involvement in the business so far. Kate voiced her displeasure that E.J. had already told Stefano about her plans, but she had vowed to let it go and focus only on the company. E.J. remarked that Kate's passion reminded him of "the old Kate Roberts." Kate declared that, after a long period of distraction, "the old E.J." appeared to have returned, as well.

E.J. asserted that the success of Kate's business would fit perfectly into his plans. Kate warned him that if he meddled in her company, she would take it back immediately. E.J. assured her that he fully intended to honor their original agreement, which gave her complete authority over Countess Wilhelmina. Kate was skeptical, but E.J. pointed out that her company's success -- and its legitimacy -- would draw positive, global attention to the family name. "I'm flattered that you think my cosmetics business could legitimize the DiMera name; it's just a tall order," Kate stated.

E.J. countered that it was all about appearances -- and he knew she agreed. Kate asked if E.J. really thought that a successful company was enough to improve the family name after all the bad press the family had gotten recently. E.J. assured her that he had some ideas. Kate declared that what E.J. really needed was a loving, unflinchingly devoted wife. E.J. was dubious, but Kate believed it would help the family's image. "You need someone who is going to accept you for exactly what you are, and put family first -- always," Kate affirmed.

Thursday, September 8, 2011
by Mike

At Salem Oaks, Melanie and Nicholas greeted Carly and Dr. Norman. Nicholas was holding a picnic basket, and Dr. Norman introduced Carly to her lunch companions. Carly eagerly followed Melanie and Nicholas to the cafeteria.

As Carly, Melanie, and Nicholas enjoyed their indoor picnic, Carly beamed with pride. Carly said that she was glad that Nicholas and Melanie were spending time together. Carly admitted that she had been worried that Melanie and Nicholas might have hated each other. Carly added that she wished that Nicholas and Melanie had known each other when they were younger.

"What I learned from finding you and Dad is that it's better late than never. I mean, I missed out on growing up with him, but I have a real brother now...and a family," Melanie said, as she smiled at Nicholas. Later, as Melanie and Nicholas continued to bond, Carly quietly observed their interaction. Nicholas apologetically noted that he and Melanie had gone to the hospital to spend time with Carly, but they had spent the whole time talking about themselves instead.

Carly assured Nicholas that she wasn't feeling neglected, and she reiterated that she was thrilled that he and Melanie were getting along. "I can't believe it -- it's perfect. I think I finally have what I've always been dreaming of -- a family. I get to have a family!" Carly tearfully stated. Later, as Melanie and Nicholas shared some of their old photographs with Carly, Dr. Norman walked over to their table.

Dr. Norman said that she had heard Carly, Melanie, and Nicholas laughing earlier. Carly admitted that the picnic had been the best one that she had ever had. Meanwhile, Nicholas and Melanie looked at each other conspiratorially, and Carly wondered what they were up to. "Well, we were thinking that if it's okay with Dr. Norman, when you're done with treatment, we could go on a road trip," Melanie explained.

Nicholas noted that the road trip would be a great way to make up for lost time. "I love a good road trip. I can't believe this -- just a couple weeks ago, I didn't think I had a reason to go on," Carly said. Carly wondered if Dr. Norman believed that the road trip was a good idea. Dr. Norman said that Carly was the only person who could answer that question.

Carly said that she believed that she would be able to handle a road trip. Nicholas joked that he and Melanie might even let Carly win a game of license plate poker. Melanie and Nicholas decided that they were still hungry, so they excused themselves so that they could raid the vending machines. After Nicholas and Melanie left, Dr. Norman pointed out that there was one question that Carly still needed to answer. "So, before you move you feel like you could finally forgive yourself?" Dr. Norman asked.

In the alley where Chloe had been found, Brady watched as a police officer cordoned off the area. As Brady stared at the crime scene, Hope realized that Brady was hiding something. Hope wondered how Brady had known to look for Chloe in the alley. Brady insisted that he wasn't keeping anything from Bo and Hope, and he wondered why Hope was hassling him.

Hope noted that Brady seemed upset about something. "I sure am, Hope -- my ex-wife, who I loved, has been beaten up and left as garbage, okay? I'm a little upset. She didn't deserve this," Brady said. Before Hope could respond, Bo joined them, and he guessed that the attacker had mistakenly assumed that Chloe was a prostitute. Brady sighed uncomfortably as he listened to Bo and Hope's conversation, and he abruptly excused himself so that he could check on Chloe.

After Brady left, Hope noted a blood trail on the ground. Bo and Hope followed the trail to the back of the pier. As Bo and Hope started to search the area, Hope found a photograph of Parker. Bo found Chloe's purse, and he noted that the contents of the purse were scattered on the ground. Bo guessed that Chloe had used the purse defensively. Meanwhile, Hope found a torn piece of Chloe's dress on the edge of a nearby crate.

Bo noted that there was an indentation on the crate. Bo suggested that the attacker might have struck the side of the crate with a weapon. Hope muttered that the attacker might have finally made a mistake. Hope added that the indentation might help them determine what the assailant was using as a weapon.

Bo walked over to a specific area of the pier. "Here's my theory. So, Chloe's standing right in here, distracted by her phone or something. The attacker comes out of his hiding place -- wherever, over there -- and hits her, but she doesn't go down. She uses her purse to defend herself, and the purse gets knocked out of her hands. She tries to get away from him. She goes over here, her dress gets caught on the crate. Swinging at her again, she ducks out of the way, and he hits that crate, and that mark was made by the attacker's weapon," Bo suggested.

As Hope inspected the crime scene, she started to add a few notes of her own to Bo's theory. Hope said that their theory fit the profile, but Bo wasn't convinced. "Roman says this guy's widening his net, but this attack on Chloe is a sea change from what we know about him. He goes after prostitutes -- Chloe's not a hooker," Bo pointed out.

Hope recalled her earlier encounter with Chloe in the alley. Hope said that something about that encounter had been bothering her, but she admitted that she probably didn't have any reason to be suspicious. Later, Bo received a phone call from someone at the police station. After the phone call, Bo told Hope that the sketch artist was headed over to the hospital to talk to Mandy.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Sami listened to the message that Lexie had left on the answering machine. In the message, Lexie explained that she had received Sami's test results, and she offered to meet with Sami and Rafe later that day, after she was finished with her rounds. "Are you serious, Lexie? Come on -- I'm not gonna wait around for you to finish rounds! Have you forgotten who you are dealing with?" Sami muttered, as she rushed out of the apartment.

At the hospital, Brady entered Chloe's room. Brady walked over to Chloe's bed, and he grabbed her hand. Brady promised Chloe that he wasn't going to leave her. "I have a little bit of experience going over the edge myself. It's kind of been my area of expertise lately. And I know that you've had it really rough lately...with Daniel, with Philip, with losing Parker, but...see, the thing is, you beat cancer. You remember that? You beat cancer -- that's pretty tough to do. You are so strong, you are so special, and you are so beautiful, and I don't know what the hell you were doing out there on the street selling yourself, honey. I don't know why you were doing that," Brady quietly stated.

Rafe entered the room, and he noted that Chloe was a young, attractive woman. Rafe theorized that the assailant had assumed that Chloe was a prostitute. Brady said that Rafe needed to find the attacker before he had an opportunity to hurt someone else. Before Rafe could respond, Lexie entered the room. Lexie told Rafe that she had received Sami's test results.

Rafe said that Sami had sent him a text message earlier, and Lexie guessed that Sami was probably waiting in Lexie's office. Maxine agreed to escort Rafe to Lexie's office, and Lexie said that she would meet him there after she had finished examining Chloe. After Rafe and Maxine left, Brady asked Lexie if Chloe was going to wake up. Lexie admitted that she didn't know, and she advised Brady to keep talking to Chloe.

Meanwhile, Sami entered Lexie's office, and she spotted a stack of files on Lexie's desk. Sami frantically searched for her test results, but when she reached the bottom of the stack, she realized that her file wasn't there. Sami rushed over to Lexie's computer, and she correctly guessed that Lexie was using Theo's birth date as her password. Sami managed to find a file with her name on it, but the file was empty.

Before Sami could continue her search, she heard Maxine and Rafe's voices, and she realized that they were right outside the door. Sami quickly crawled under the desk, as Maxine and Rafe entered the office. Rafe noted that it was strange that Sami wasn't already waiting in Lexie's office. Maxine shrugged and suggested that Sami might have been delayed. Maxine excused herself so that she could get back to the nurse's station.

After Maxine left, Rafe called Sami's cell phone. Sami was startled when her phone started to ring, and she meekly answered it. Rafe wondered what Sami was doing under the desk, and he guessed that she was looking for her test results. "I just couldn't stand it, you know? I got the message from Lexie, and I just couldn't stand the fact that some lab tech knew and I didn't, and I couldn't wait for Lexie to finish her rounds. I mean, I know you don't understand, and I know you think I'm crazy, but I just had to know. I had to know if I have cancer or not," Sami explained.

Rafe assured Sami that he did understand, and he admitted that he was actually relieved. "You breaking into someone's office and hiding under the desk, it tells me that even with all this stuff going on, it hasn't changed you. And it also tells me...even if it's bad news, that you're gonna be Sami, and Sami knows how to fight, and when Sami fights, not even cancer stands a chance," Rafe said, as he hugged Sami.

Sami quietly admitted that she was scared. As Rafe embraced Sami, Lexie entered the room. Lexie noticed that the files on her desk were in disarray, and she smiled knowingly as she looked at Sami. Lexie wondered if Sami was ready to hear her test results.

Back in Chloe's room, Brady sighed as he held Chloe's hand. "You know, Chloe, it really, really bothers me that I didn't know anything about what was going on with you. It bothers me that you wouldn't think there was anything in the world I wouldn't do for you. Honey, I offered you money. You turned me down, and then you turn tricks? I don't understand why you, Chloe, would do that," Brady admitted.

"Oh, hell, maybe I do. The world beat you up, didn't it? You got to a point where you just said, 'What the hell? I don't care anymore -- what's the difference? No one cares.' I know -- I've been there and back. Here's the thing, honey -- you didn't give up on me, and I will not give up on you. And the police will never find out what you were doing, because I won't let them, and you will not lose Parker, ever. I promise you that," Brady assured Chloe.

As Brady gently kissed Chloe's cheek, Chloe squeezed Brady's hand. Brady called Maxine into the room, as he frantically urged Chloe to wake up. After Maxine examined Chloe, she admitted that Chloe's condition had not changed. Brady insisted that Chloe had firmly squeezed his hand. Maxine suggested that Brady's presence was probably helping Chloe. "Chloe is lucky to have people who care. She's lucky to have you," Maxine said, as she exited the room.

After Maxine left, Brady returned to Chloe's bedside. "She's right. There are so many people that love you, Chloe. They want to see you get better, so why don't you do me a favor and get better. Promise me that -- get better," Brady whispered, as he kissed Chloe's hand.

Friday, September 9, 2011

At the hospital, Roman greeted Daniel, who was just about to examine the latest stalker victim. Daniel opened the patient's file, and was horrified to see that it was Chloe. He ran into her room, and began to sob at the sight of his comatose, badly beaten ex-wife. Roman followed Daniel in, and expressed his sympathy. Daniel couldn't understand why Chloe had been attacked.

Roman could offer no explanation, but assured Daniel that the police were using every tool possible to catch the perpetrator. Daniel worried that, based on her injuries, Chloe might never emerge from the coma. Roman asked if Daniel would give the okay for Mandy to meet with a sketch artist, and Daniel agreed to examine her. After Roman had left the room, Daniel pleaded with Chloe to fight her way back.

As Bo and Hope pushed Mandy's wheelchair toward an office to meet with the sketch artist, they passed Chloe's room. Realizing whose room it was, Mandy felt terrible that another girl had been attacked, and blamed herself for having been too afraid to talk to the police sooner. Hope reassured Mandy that no one was to blame except the "lunatic" who had beaten Mandy and Chloe and left them for dead.

In Lexie's office, Lexie asked Sami and Rafe to have a seat. Refusing to wait another minute for her biopsy results, Sami anxiously urged Lexie to get on with it. Lexie at last revealed, "Although there were some abnormal cells in the tissue we sent to the lab, there is no evidence of cancer." Sami's knees buckled, and she began to weep tears of relief as she sank into a chair. Grinning ecstatically, Rafe hugged his wife, and kissed her on the forehead.

Lexie cautioned them both that Sami would have to return to her gynecologist every six months for checkups. Sami understood. Lexie then urged the couple to go celebrate. Sami was eager to do just that -- but first she pulled Rafe in for a passionate kiss, while Lexie watched with amusement.

Roman was shouting on the phone in the waiting area when Sami excitedly skipped up to him. She threw her arms around her father from behind. As Roman hung up, Sami happily announced that she was cancer-free. Roman pulled her into an enthusiastic bear hug. Realizing that Roman was at the hospital because of the stalker case, Rafe asked if he could do anything, but a giddy Roman "ordered" Rafe to take Sami to celebrate. After another hug for his daughter, Roman hustled off down the corridor. Rafe declared to Sami that he already had a plan for their celebration -- but first they both wanted to see the kids.

While Bo and Roman hovered nearby and the sketch artist got set up, Hope sat next to Mandy in a private office. Mandy was nervous, so Hope reassured her that there were no right or wrong answers. Hope explained that the sketch artist would want to start with the shape of the assailant's face. Acknowledging that Mandy had only seen her attacker for a couple of seconds with his mask off, Hope instructed the girl to close her eyes, and imagine the night of the attack.

Mandy was able to remember a few details about that night, but the memories began to upset her. Undeterred, she took a deep breath, and told Hope that the attacker's face had been oval. The sketch artist began to draw, and with direction from Mandy, he filled in the rest of the face.

Jennifer went to the Kiriakis mansion to drop off a suitcase containing a few of Maggie's things. As the women discussed how long Maggie might be staying there, Victor entered with a gift-wrapped box. Maggie assumed that it was for her from Victor, but the gift was addressed to Jennifer. Jennifer was astonished to find that the box contained a gorgeous, one-shoulder cocktail gown. She twirled around giddily, holding the dress against her, and then read the poem that accompanied the gift, which invited Jennifer to join her "secret admirer" at Chez Rouge. Maggie and even Victor were impressed. Unable to contain her glee, Jennifer jumped up and down, and then scampered away to change.

Victor then informed Maggie that he'd coincidentally booked a table for the two of them at Chez Rouge that night. Maggie was thrilled not only to go out to dinner with Victor, but also just to get out of the house for the first time in a while. "I hope you don't mind I used your name to get a better table," Victor teased.

Gus and Vivian arrived at Chez Rouge, where Charles, the maître d', greeted them, and then led them to a table set for two. Gus assumed that he would be dining with Vivian, but she informed him that the reservation was for her and Quinn, who arrived just then. Gus scowled resentfully.

Gus sat at the bar and glowered while Vivian and Quinn chatted. Gus spied a tray with three glasses of champagne on it, so he grabbed it and carried it over to Quinn and Vivian's table. Vivian thanked Gus for being so "proactive," and took a glass from the tray. As Quinn removed a glass, he appeared to intentionally knock the third glass off the tray.

Vivian chided her manservant, "Gus, that is the second glass that has left your hands in two days." With a shrug, Gus headed back to the bar to get more champagne. Vivian followed him, and hinted, "Sometimes three's a crowd." Gus sullenly assured her that he understood.

Daniel had already been seated when Jennifer, Maggie, and Victor arrived at Chez Rouge. Daniel rose to greet his date, and pronounced, "You do a lot more for that dress than the mannequin did." Victor made a joke about Daniel's rhyming skills -- to which Daniel replied lightly, "Bite me." Maggie wished the younger couple an enjoyable evening.

As Charles greeted Maggie, his affection for his employer was apparent. He then took Victor and Maggie to her favorite table. Vivian soon strolled over, and inquired with feigned graciousness about how Maggie was feeling. Maggie replied that the only lingering symptom from her shooting was a bit of nausea -- which was why she'd had Charles seat her as far away from Vivian as possible. Vivian took the hint and left.

Later, while Quinn made a phone call, Vivian beckoned Gus over to the table. She asked him to put her and Quinn on the list at an after-hours place that Gus had told her about. When Quinn returned, Vivian offered to have Gus drive them to the club -- but Gus was nowhere to be seen.

Jennifer expressed her appreciation to Daniel for buying her the dress, and arranging such an elegant evening for the two of them. She could tell that something was bothering him, and Daniel admitted that he was worried about Chloe. Jennifer was horrified when Daniel explained what had happened, and she empathized as he described feeling a bit guilty that Chloe's life had taken such a wrong turn after their divorce.

After going by the loft to check on the kids and change into dressier clothes, Sami and Rafe arrived at Chez Rouge. They were both grateful to have something to celebrate, and thrilled to be on their first date in a while, but both were also worried about how much a fancy dinner would cost. Rafe and Sami were too happy to let finances spoil the mood, and were about to kiss when Charles interrupted to show them to their table.

As Sami noticed that the flower arrangement on their table was nicer than all the others. Rafe admitted that he'd been to the florist. When Rafe and Sami's song began to play, Rafe explained, "I just figured we've been together all this time, [and] we never go out for fancy dinners, or have champagne, or dance to our song. I just decided no matter what Lexie told us, we were gonna do this tonight." He took Sami by the hand, and led her to the dance floor.

Watching Sami and Rafe sway to the music, Maggie remarked that they looked very happy. Victor apologized about Vivian's intrusion, but Maggie was content just to be there with him. She confessed that she was getting a little bored at the mansion, because she liked to do things for herself. Victor declared that he would make sure that Henderson allowed Maggie to do the things she enjoyed, like cooking and gardening.

"I want you to feel comfortable in my home, because when you're there, every room you enter seems brighter… You've taken a place that [had] come to feel like a fortress and made it into a joyous place, and I don't want that to end," Victor stated, adding, "And it won't, if you decide to stay -- permanently." He encouraged Maggie to take her time and think about it. Maggie replied that she did her best thinking while she was dancing.

Charles arrived at Daniel and Jennifer's table, carrying a serving plate with a domed silver cover. After Charles left, Daniel slid the plate in front of Jennifer, who noted that they hadn't ordered anything yet. Daniel urged her to open it, so a bemused Jennifer lifted the cover to reveal a jewelry box, which held a stunning pair of earrings. Jennifer gasped in amazement. "What did I do to deserve these?" she exclaimed. "You had the good sense to come along in my life at exactly the right time," Daniel declared. Jennifer leaned across the table to kiss him appreciatively.

Daniel then asked Jennifer to dance. He led her to the dance floor, where Sami and Rafe were still enjoying the music, even though their song had ended long before. Daniel teased Rafe and Sami, who had been too busy gazing into each other's eyes to notice that anyone else had joined them on the floor. Sami giggled, and Jennifer commented that Sami and Rafe looked very happy. Sami complimented Jennifer's earrings, and then suggested to Daniel and Jennifer, "It seems like we're all celebrating. We have a bottle of champagne coming. We'd love to share it with you." Daniel accepted, and asked, "What are we celebrating?" Beaming up at Rafe, Sami replied, "Everything."

Victor led Maggie out onto the dance floor, while the younger foursome adjourned to Sami and Rafe's table. Daniel asked if Rafe and Sami were celebrating an anniversary. Rafe replied that it was merely a day that the two of them would remember for a long time. After Charles poured champagne for the table, Daniel asked what they should toast to. "I say we toast to life," Sami declared joyfully. The others concurred, and the group clinked their glasses together.

Gus arrived on the docks, where yellow tape still surrounded the crime scene. He eavesdropped as two uniformed officers discussed how the forensics team was going to take another pass through the crime scene, although the officers didn't think there was anything left to find. After the cops left, Gus reached into his pocket for his handkerchief, in which he had secured a handful of Quinn's hair. He climbed under the crime-scene tape, found a good spot, and sprinkled the hairs around on the ground. "Yeah, this should be easy to find," Gus said to himself, and then hurried away.

Back at the hospital, the artist had finished his rendering, and he held it up for the others to see. Hope asked Mandy if the drawing looked like her attacker. "That's him," Mandy declared of the sketch -- which looked a great deal like Gus.

Meanwhile, Lexie looked in on Chloe. After checking Chloe's vital signs, a discouraged Lexie noted that there was no change. She sat with Chloe a moment before leaving. As the door shut, Chloe stirred a bit, her brow creasing into a slight frown. "Gus," Chloe whispered.

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