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Monday, February 7, 2011

At the police station, Hope told Bo that she missed Ciara, and Bo assured her that she would be with Ciara very soon. He said that Hope wouldn't go back to that prison. Hope said Bo should be getting an award, not jail time, for saving her life. Roman told Bo that Hope was right and that while Bo wouldn't be getting a medal, he wouldn't be going to jail. Roman explained that the governor wanted to put the prison scandal behind him and as long as Bo agreed not to talk to the press about what had happened, the governor would agree not to press charges. Bo assumed that Hope was free to go, too, but Roman said that wasn't the case.

Bo said that if Hope couldn't go free, he didn't want to be free either. Hope objected to Bo's declaration. Bo said that Hope's experience dealing with the prison officials who were murdering women for their body parts should have accounted for something as far as letting her go free. Roman said Hope's case would be reviewed by a judge. Bo said that Hope would not be going back to that prison, because it wasn't safe there. Hope asked Roman to give her a minute alone with Bo.

Hope told Bo to go home and be with Ciara and that Carly was probably anxious for him to get home. Bo said she wasn't because Carly was moving out. Hope asked what had happened, and he said that Carly knew his heart belonged to someone else. He said he couldn't give Carly what she needed, and she deserved someone who could love her completely. Roman returned and told them that he was going to Sami's for Sydney's birthday party. He urged Bo to go home, see Ciar,a and get some rest, but Bo said that wouldn't happen until Hope got pardoned too.

Bo assured Hope that he would find a way to get her back home without a prison break, and he assured her that they would face things together from then on, and he grabbed her hand. An officer told Hope that it was time to go. Hope asked Bo to give Ciara a hug and kiss for her. Then she asked if he had told Ciara that all the time. He said that Ciara always loved hearing it, and soon Hope would be able to tell her that herself.

Hope met with Justin, who filled her in on the case against Ben, Jane, and Bird. Justin said that Hope would be able to stay in lockup at the police station until the judge reviewed her case. Hope said that she was terrified by the thought of going back to prison, but the thought of going home scared her almost as much. Bo interrupted Justin and Hope to tell her that he had a surprise. He stepped out of the room, and returned with Ciara, who ran into Hope's arms. Hope noticed the locket that Ciara was wearing, and Ciara said that it made her feel better whenever she missed Hope. Ciara asked when Hope would be home.

At the hospital, Jennifer asked Carly if Jack had called. Carly said she didn't think Julie had been able to reach him. Jennifer was disappointed. Carly blamed herself for leaving Jennifer alone at the prison, but Jennifer urged Carly not to blame herself. Carly was angry at Ben. Jennifer said she had thought that Ben was a good guy, and she wondered when she would ever learn.

Jennifer told Carly that her brush with death had made her think about her life. She said she had two kids that were almost grown, a husband whose whereabouts were unknown, and she didn't have a job. Jennifer felt like she needed to start her life all over again and didn't know how to do that. Carly said that Jennifer would figure it out. Jennifer felt she couldn't live in limbo forever. Carly said that she and Jennifer were in the same boat. She explained that she and Bo had broken up. Carly said she felt foolish to think that she and Bo would have been able to recapture the past.

Jennifer said that she and Bo loved each other, and the relationship was meaningful for them even if it wasn't meant to last forever. Jennifer assured Carly that she would find someone to love again. Carly said she felt satisfied knowing that she had done the right thing for Bo and Hope, but she didn't feel she had done the right thing for herself. She said she had never felt more cherished in her life than when she was with Bo. She felt she would be okay eventually when the pain went away.

Sami offered Nicole another beer, but Nicole didn't want any more. Sami wondered what was taking Rafe and E.J. so long. Sami noticed the bracelet that Nicole was wearing and complimented her on it. Nicole said she couldn't ever take it off. Sami asked why, and Nicole said it was a tracking device that E.J. made her wear so that he knew where she was every minute.

Sami wasn't shocked that E.J. would do something like that -- she was shocked that Nicole would put up with that. Nicole said she was doing it for Sydney. She was willing to give up her freedom to be a part of Sydney's life. Sami said that would be really touching "if it weren't completely insane."

Nicole asked why loving someone was insane. "Someone who isn't yours, Nicole. She already has a mother," Sami said. Nicole didn't think that mattered, because it didn't mean she couldn't be an important part of Sydney's life. Sami asked if Nicole had considered what would happen in the future when Sydney grew up and found out how Nicole had stolen her from Sami. "You really considered how she's gonna react to that? If she's gonna think that you're worthy of her love?" Sami said that Nicole had "a very fragile relationship with Sydney" and asked if it was really worth Nicole throwing her life away.

E.J. didn't love or trust Nicole and never would, Sami said, and she asked why Nicole would want to marry him. Nicole said that all she ever needed or wanted was to be allowed to be around Sydney and Johnny. Sami thought that Nicole sounded "pathetic and sad." Nicole tried to leave, but Sami stopped her to apologize. She said the Nicole she knew would have taken off the bracelet and shoved it down E.J.'s throat.

Nicole said that would be good for Sami -- Nicole would cut all ties with E.J., and she would never get to see E.J.'s kids again. "They're my kids too," Sami said. Nicole said she didn't care whose DNA Johnny and Sydney had -- she loved them, and she vowed that she wasn't going anywhere. Sami said she was fine with that. "Gee, is that because you don't have a choice?" Nicole asked.

Sami received a text message from Fake Rafe saying that he and E.J. were on their way back from the bakery, so that meant they needed to put Sydney's party dress on. Nicole showed Sami the dress that she had ordered custom-made from Paris for Sydney, but Sami thought it was over-the-top. Sami showed off the dress that she had bought for Sydney, and Nicole accidentally "on purpose" spilled her beer on it. Sami was furious. Nicole was glad she had a backup.

Rafe dreamt that Sami threw a birthday party for Sydney, and Sami didn't seem to notice that he was gone. Rafe woke up and was sure that Sami needed him. He said he needed to get to her. He wondered how it could be that Sami and the kids wouldn't miss him. Rafe had a severe headache, yelled for help, and curled up in a ball on the floor.

On the way back from the bakery, the Rafe impostor asked E.J. for a refresher course on everyone who was at the party, because there were so many names to remember. E.J. told Fake Rafe to blame his confusion on the accident and to avoid talking to Gabi. E.J. assured Fake Rafe that he was doing fine and had captured Rafe's "dullness," and there was no way that anyone would suspect that Fake Rafe was an impostor. Fake Rafe said he wouldn't complain about his job because of all the money that they were paying him. Stefano walked up and asked if Fake Rafe was sure about that, because Stefano would be complaining if he had to live with Sami.

Fake Rafe asked what Stefano meant by that and also what was wrong with Sami. "What isn't wrong with her would take a lot less time to tell you," Stefano said. Fake Rafe said he liked what he saw in Sami -- her "smoking hot bod" and her warmth and affection. Stefano laughed at Fake Rafe. Fake Rafe tried to warn E.J. that he was fine with kids, but he didn't get along as well with babies. E.J. said he was fine with that, because he didn't want his kids to like Fake Rafe.

Sami put the dress that Nicole had bought on Sydney, and Gabi complimented Sydney on it. Fake Rafe, E.J., and Stefano walked in, and Sami asked who had invited Stefano to the party. Will offered to play Candyland with the kids so that Sami could confront Stefano. Sami told E.J. that she and Fake Rafe didn't want Stefano in their home. Stefano insulted Sami's apartment by comparing it to the nursery rhyme Mother Hubbard. E.J. told Stefano to try to get along.

There was a knock at the door, and it was Roman. Roman was shocked to see Stefano and asked what he was doing at the party. E.J. said that Stefano had as much right to be there as Roman did. Sami said that she and Rafe would decide who was invited into their home. E.J. said that it was Johnny and Sydney's party, and he felt both of their grandparents should be there.

Sydney started crying, so Sami offered to get her. Sami asked Will what was wrong with Sydney, and Will said Sydney had looked at Fake Rafe and started crying. Sami thought it was weird, because Sydney loved Rafe. Sami fed Sydney cake and assumed that the reason Sydney was cranky was because she hadn't eaten any cake yet.

Fake Rafe whispered to Stefano and E.J. that he had tried to warn them that he didn't get along well with dogs or babies. E.J. ordered Fake Rafe to get away from them or people would suspect something was fishy. Sami told Fake Rafe that the party was going well except for the unwanted party guests. She was grateful for having the kids together with them. She said you couldn't tell what Johnny had been through. "Except for that eye patch he's gotta wear, poor kid," Fake Rafe said. Sami said that the positive thing that resulted from Johnny's illness was that they were back together as a family.

Roman told Sami that he had been reinstated to the police force, which meant that Rafe was demoted. Fake Rafe said that he could use the time to recover from the accident. Roman said that Rafe had done a great job replacing him. Stefano told Roman that he had heard what was going on at the prison, and he was grateful that Hope had made it out alive. Stefano acted disgusted with the warden's illegal organ donation scheme.

After the party, E.J. said that Johnny had wanted to spend his first night back from the hospital with Sami, and it made sense for Sydney to stay with her as well. Sami thanked him, and so did Fake Rafe. Sami expressed her gratitude to Rafe for having her kids with them for the night, and she was grateful to have her husband back. Will and Gabi left for the movies, and Sami told Fake Rafe to take a nap while the kids were asleep.

Fake Rafe said he felt fine and told her to stop worrying about him. She said she couldn't help it, because she felt guilty about the accident. He asked what she had done, and she said that he had chased after her when she had stormed out and then crashed. Gabi told Will that Rafe seemed "off" -- distracted and cold. Will attributed Rafe's behavior to painkillers.

Fake Rafe assured Sami that he didn't blame her for anything, but she still blamed herself. He said that his memory was cloudy, but they were together. Sami said that he would remember something, and she pulled him into a kiss.

Stefano went home and planned to give Rafe a piece of Sydney's birthday cake but found him passed out on the floor. Stefano gave Rafe some pills to take for his headache, but Rafe wanted to see a doctor. Stefano said that all he had to do was eat. Stefano offered Rafe some cake and urged him to eat, but Rafe wasn't hungry. Stefano thought that Rafe had assumed that the cake was poisoned, so he sampled some himself.

Rafe pointed out that Stefano was diabetic, and Stefano said that was why the cake was more dangerous for him to eat than Rafe. Stefano said that Rafe needed to regain his strength, and Rafe asked why. Rafe asked for some milk. Rafe asked why Stefano was taking such a risk by keeping him prisoner.

At the DIMera mansion, Nicole and E.J. toasted to the way that the party had turned out. E.J. told Nicole that he appreciated the way that she had handled Sami. Nicole acknowledged that it wasn't easy, but she felt it was worth it for the children. She also thought it was generous of E.J. to let Johnny and Sydney spend the night at Sami's.

E.J. and Nicole toasted to kindness and happiness for them. Nicole felt it was surreal being at the mansion, laughing with him and not trying to kill each other. She said she had never thought she would be back in the mansion. E.J. asked whether she was happy, and she said she was.

E.J. told Nicole that she deserved something for the way that she had conducted herself at the party. He took off Nicole's bracelet. He said that he wanted to take the first step towards trusting each other. Nicole said taking back the bracelet was the best gift that he could give her. E.J. moved closer and unbuttoned her blouse. He pulled her into a kiss.