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Monday, January 17, 2011

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Stefano that he had gone to the hospital chapel, and Sami had overheard E.J. bargaining with God to save Johnny's sight and in return E.J. would end his feud with Sami. E.J. said he planned to end all of his animosity with Sami and let her be a part of Johnny's and Sydney's lives. He said Sami had heard him make the promise to God, so he had to make good on it. Stefano asked how long E.J. planned on honoring his pact with God, and E.J. said he planned to keep his contract with God forever. Stefano asked about E.J.'s wedding to Nicole. E.J. said the wedding would be counterproductive because of his promise to God.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor noticed that Kate had an overnight bag when she was preparing to leave, and he asked if she was going out overnight because she had a date. Kate said she was going to Stefano's house, and Victor said, "I didn't know you needed money that much." Victor made a wisecrack about not knowing Kate's "going rate," and she told him not to joke.

Kate showed Victor the island that she and Brady had gotten Vivian and Gus stranded on. Victor thought it was the same concept as the sarcophagus but on a "grander scale." Victor suggested that Vivian might find solace in Gus's arms, and Kate was turned off by the thought. He told Kate to let Stefano know that Victor hoped for good news about Johnny.

Maggie stopped by the DiMera mansion to pick up Melanie's things. Victor said he liked Melanie and was sorry that Philip had hurt her. "When women deal with the men in your family, things usually don't turn out so well," she said. Maggie noticed the map on the table and asked if Victor was planning a trip or an exit strategy. Maggie said that Brady had filled her in on how Vivian had brought Victor to his knees. Victor said Vivian hadn't brought him to his knees, and he felt that Maggie was hitting below the belt. "Pointing out that you were bested by a woman is below the belt," she said.

Victor wondered why Maggie was on Vivian's side after what Vivian had done to her. Maggie said she was upset about what Philip had done to Melanie. Victor asked if there was anything he could do to help Melanie, but Maggie didn't think there was anything anyone could do. Maggie wanted to know if Vivian was upstairs, because Maggie didn't want to bump into her. Maggie asked where Vivian was, but Victor didn't answer.

Maggie felt it was out of character for Vivian to leave when she had the upper hand. Maggie asked again where Vivian had gone, and Victor said he didn't know. Maggie didn't think it sounded like Victor, because he always knew where his enemies were. Maggie noticed the map and the "V.A." on the map, then realized it had something to do with Vivian's absence. She asked what Victor had done to Vivian this time.

Stefano started to tell E.J. that Kate was going to spend the night at the mansion just as Kate walked in. Stefano explained that he was upset about Johnny and needed his wife. E.J. thanked Kate for taking care of Stefano. She asked if Stefano had tested his blood sugar, and she urged him to stay healthy for Johnny. After Stefano left the room, Kate thanked E.J. for giving her a nice welcome even though E.J. didn't mean it.

Kate said that while she was there to take care of Stefano, she planned to keep her distance from E.J., to save him from any more stress. E.J. didn't really care, because the things that had previously meant something to him had lost their importance. Kate said that kids had a way of reminding people what was important. E.J. didn't know what he would do if Johnny wasn't able to see.

On the deserted island, Vivian yelled at Gus for getting out of the tree when he was supposed to be on the lookout for a ship. Gus yelled at her to shut up. She ordered him not to speak to her that way, and he said, "We're on a desert island. You're a helpless mess. I can talk to you however I like." He looked in the box for food, but there wasn't any. Gus demanded to know what she had done with the food.

Vivian said she'd stored it in a safe place so that the food could be rationed. She explained that she was management, and Gus was labor. He demanded to know where the food was again, and she reminded him about the line in the sand that he had drawn. She warned him that if he stepped over the line, "chaos" would ensue. He stepped over it. "And brute strength rules," he said. Vivian designed a schedule, which showed Gus should be on guard duty, while Vivian was supposed to eat dinner. She picked up a can of "smeat" and realized she needed a can opener, which Gus was holding.

Gus went for a walk, and when he returned, Vivian asked if he had found the food she had hidden. He said he had gone to the other side of the beach and spelled out "help." She asked why he'd gone to the other side, and he said it was so that when he got rescued, he would be rescued alone. "So say goodbye to me and my can opener," he said. He started to walk away, but he couldn't do it. Vivian offered him some of her "smeat," but he erased the line he had drawn and offered to serve her meal first. Vivian said they needed to remember that the Kiriakises were the enemy.

Chloe went to the hospital to see Daniel and asked Carly how her hearing had gone and whether Daniel had testified against her. Carly said he hadn't, and that she had been able to keep her medical license. Chloe asked where he was. Carly accused Chloe of not caring about Carly's hearing, claiming that Chloe was only interested in Daniel's whereabouts. Carly told Chloe that Daniel wasn't there, because he'd taken a break after Johnny's surgery, and she filled Chloe in on Johnny's condition.

Chloe felt that Daniel didn't need to be alone, so Carly suggested that Chloe call him. Chloe knew that Daniel wouldn't take Chloe's call. Carly warned Chloe not to ask her to be the go-between, because Carly wouldn't do that to Daniel even if she and Chloe were friends, which they weren't.

At Maggie's house, Melanie and Stephanie argued, and Melanie tried to push Stephanie out the door. "You pushed me around for the last time," Stephanie said as she shoved Melanie to the floor. Melanie grabbed her stomach protectively and accused Stephanie of trying to kill her. "Oh I get it. If I die, then Nathan will come back to you. Is that it?" Melanie asked. Brady walked in, and broke up their fight. He asked what was going on, and Melanie looked at the floor where her papers had fallen out of her purse.

Melanie used her foot to slide the papers out of sight and asked Brady to kick Stephanie out and then leave. Brady asked Stephanie to leave, and Stephanie sniped about Brady defending Melanie. Melanie said that Stephanie was upset because Nathan had dumped her because he had found out what Stephanie was really like. Stephanie accused Melanie of lying for months. "Good luck with your divorce. I hope there's not a prenup," Stephanie said as she turned to leave. Melanie called Stephanie a bitch and tried to attack her, but Stephanie left before Melanie could get to her. Brady asked Melanie what was wrong with her.

Melanie picked up the papers from the floor, and Brady asked her to show him the papers. He read one and realized that she was pregnant. Brady joked about Philip being a "one-man population explosion," but she didn't find the joke funny. Brady apologized. Melanie thought her pregnancy was ironic, because she had asked God for a baby. She said that she and Philip had been talking about baby names at Parker's christening.

Melanie asked Brady not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. She said that if she had the baby, it would tie her to Philip forever. Melanie talked about how much she had always wanted to have a baby so that she could give the child two parents who loved it. Brady sensed that Melanie was thinking of having an abortion. Melanie didn't think it was any of Brady's business, and she didn't want a lecture. He said he just wanted to be a friend to her and would just listen.

Melanie said that if Philip and Victor found out about her pregnancy, they would never let it go. She thought that if she were to give the baby up for adoption, she would have to leave town and do it in secret. Brady asked about the people that Melanie loved. She didn't want Philip's baby, but she said that when she'd thought Stephanie might have hurt the baby during their fight, she hadn't known what to do.

Brady said that while Melanie had created a family with Carly and Daniel, she was alone when it was time to make a decision about the baby. Melanie predicted that Daniel would castrate Philip if he found out about her pregnancy. Brady assured her that he would keep her secret. Melanie realized that Chloe suspected that she was pregnant, and she was worried that Chloe might tell Philip.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie overheard Nathan turning down the fellowship at Johns Hopkins. She confronted him on his decision, assuming he'd done it for Melanie. Nathan didn't think it was Stephanie's business. He felt that her disapproval of his decision was about her hatred of Melanie instead of concern for him. She said she knew that Nathan would never forgive her for what she had done. She thought he didn't know Melanie and how much Melanie loved being married to Philip and having Nathan on a string.

Stephanie warned Nathan that Melanie would hurt him. Nathan urged Stephanie to stop blaming things on Melanie and to take responsibility for her own actions. Nathan said that he and Stephanie weren't together because she was always so insecure and tried to play God with people's lives. "What if we were together? You'd still be pining away for Melanie, and she'd be doing everything she could to keep it that way. I cannot believe that I thought you were worth it," Stephanie said. She said she couldn't believe what she had done to hold onto Nathan. Nathan said he had tried to make Stephanie happy, but no one could.

Philip saw Chloe at the pier, and she told him that she'd tried to talk to Daniel at the hospital, but Daniel wasn't there. She said that Daniel wasn't taking her calls, so she had planned to ambush him. Philip offered to watch Parker the next time that Chloe needed a sitter. She got angry and ordered him to forget that Parker was his son. Philip said he would never forget that Parker was his son, and he planned to be a part of Parker's life. Chloe said she wouldn't get Daniel back if Philip was always part of the picture. Philip explained that he was in the picture.

Chloe thought that if Philip stayed away, she could get Daniel back, but Philip thought otherwise. He predicted that Daniel would never get past the fact that she and Philip had a baby together. Chloe felt that Philip would stay away because of Melanie, because it would be easier for Melanie to take Philip back if he did. Philip didn't think that Melanie would take him back after what he had done to her and her father. Chloe told him that she thought Melanie might be pregnant. Philip asked why Chloe thought that. She said it was because Melanie had gotten sick when she'd gone to see Chloe and tell her off.

Chloe said that Melanie had urged Chloe not to tell anyone, and then Melanie had panicked when Chloe called later. Chloe said the reason she'd broken her promise to Melanie and told Philip was because if Melanie was pregnant, he had the right to know. Chloe felt that Philip should be raising the baby he was having with Melanie, and not raising Parker.

Melanie went to the hospital to check her schedule and saw Carly. Melanie knew from Nathan that Carly hadn't lost her medical license. Melanie asked how Johnny was doing after Carly assisted Daniel with the surgery. Melanie realized that having a baby was scary. She asked if Carly had to do it all over again, whether she would still have Melanie. Carly said a lot of her life decisions were made because of Melanie.

Melanie thought that Carly's life would be easier if she'd never had Melanie. "Easy doesn't give you a reason to get up in the morning. Easy doesn't give you the kind of hope that doesn't go away. Easy doesn't make my heart jump when I get to see you unexpectedly and when you talk to me like this," Carly said.

Melanie couldn't understand how Carly could feel that way, because Melanie was angry at Carly and yelled at Carly all the time. Carly said she didn't like it, but being Melanie's mother was still worth it. Carly said that Melanie was the best thing that had ever happened to Carly. Carly hoped that one day Melanie would have a daughter and could look into her eyes and know the kind of happiness that Melanie didn't even know existed.

Brady went to the pier, and Chloe overheard him yelling at someone to seize files even though Vivian wasn't around. "Who are you, and what have you done with Brady Black?" Chloe said. Brady thought that Chloe had changed, too, and Chloe acknowledged her mistakes. Chloe realized that they had both changed.

Carly called E.J. to tell him that Johnny was awake and the doctors were about to take off his bandages.

Melanie tore up the papers that confirmed her pregnancy. Philip went to see Melanie at Maggie's house. When she opened the door, he asked if it was true that she was pregnant.