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Monday, November 29, 2010

At the hospital, Nathan told Melanie that he didn't think Melanie could ever look bad to him. Meanwhile, Daniel was making progress on finding a cure for the virus that Melanie and Nathan had. He developed an anti-viral for it, but he didn't have time to test it. Daniel wanted to inject himself with it, but Carly stopped him, reminding him that he was a father and shouldn't take such chances. When Daniel left the lab to check on Chloe, Carly grabbed the antidote. She left Daniel a note and took the antidote. Carly went into the isolation room with Melanie and Nathan, and Melanie asked what she was doing there.

Daniel went to Chloe's room, and Stephanie and Philip were visiting Chloe. Daniel told them that things looked better for Melanie and Nathan. Daniel asked to speak privately with Philip. While Stephanie was waiting, Father Matt showed up and said he had blessed both Melanie and Nathan. Stephanie felt like it was her fault, because she needed to tell them something, but they'd gotten sick before she could. Father Matt asked if there was anyone else that she could give the information to. Stephanie looked over at Daniel and Philip and said, "probably," but the timing wasn't right.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady updated Nicole on what had transpired with Vivian. Brady needed to go to the hospital to check on Melanie. Nicole decided to tell him that E.J. had his kids back for good. Brady wanted to know how "that bastard" had gotten his kids back, because he was a proven kidnapper. Brady noticed the look on Nicole's face, and she decided to tell him the truth. She said she had found Arianna's camera in the box with Arianna's things, and she'd decided not to tell Brady, who had been too upset over Arianna's death at the time.

Nicole said she hadn't wanted to take the camera to the police, because that would mean Sami would go to prison. Brady realized that Nicole had given the proof to E.J., and he warned her that whatever she thought she would get out of the equation, "Trust me, you won't."

Later at the hospital, Brady visited Chloe in her room and expressed concern about Daniel's plan to test the drug on himself. Chloe was sure that it would work. Brady asked how Chloe was doing, and she said she would be fine. Brady told her to let him know if she needed anything or if she needed someone to talk to. Chloe asked him to pray for Daniel, and Brady agreed. After Brady left, Chloe told Parker that she had made a mess of everything and had lied. She prayed that God wouldn't punish Daniel for her sins. When Daniel returned to the lab, he saw the note that Carly had left, and he ran to find her.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate was surprised to see the kids with E.J. He said that Johnny and Sydney were back with him thanks to Kate, and he didn't know whether to thank her or destroy her. Kate feigned disinterest in what was bothering E.J. He said he had proof that Sami had shot him. Kate pretended to be surprised. E.J. said he had confronted Sami with the proof, and Sami admitted that she had gone to the DiMera mansion, because Kate had called to tell Sami that E.J. was taking Johnny and Sydney out of the country. Kate called it "total paranoia" and was preoccupied with her cell phone, so E.J. ripped the phone out of her hands and threw it on the ground.

E.J. said he considered Kate to be just as culpable for E.J.'s shooting as Sami was. He asked what she thought Stefano would say when he found out. Kate called E.J. a "self-righteous bastard." She said the only one responsible for what had happened to him was him. She said he needed to take a "really, really good look at just what it is you've done and exactly what it is you are." Later after Kate left, E.J. told Nicole, who had stopped to spend time with Sydney, that it was clear that Nicole loved Sydney and would always love her. E.J. encouraged Nicole to take Sydney to the garden and spend time with her for an hour.

At their apartment, Sami fed Allie and Will breakfast. Allie asked Sami when Johnny and Sydney would be returning home, and Sami said, "Not yet." Will pressured Sami to be more specific with Allie, because his sister had a right to know; the little girl was upset and scared and didn't like being left in the dark. He asked Sami whether Johnny and Sydney were ever returning home. Rafe offered to get Allie ready for school, but she wanted to know about her siblings. Rafe pointed out that they were running late, and he hurried Allie off to the bedroom to get dressed.

Sami informed Will that she had been forced to turn Johnny and Sydney over to E.J. Will realized that E.J. had obtained Arianna's camera thanks to Nicole. Kate dropped by Sami's place to find out why she hadn't warned Kate that E.J. knew that Kate had warned Sami that he had been planning to kidnap the kids. Sami didn't care what would happen to Kate, and Kate said that Sami should care, because she had a plan that could help everyone.

Kate told Sami that it was wrong for E.J. to take Sami's kids from their mother. She said that Stefano was out of town and didn't know about it. She said there were documents that could be a "game-changer" for them. Rafe said that crossing Stefano could make things worse. Brady called Kate, and she had to rush off to meet him. After Kate left, Rafe and Sami thought that Kate had seemed desperate, and Sami said that Kate's plans always blew up in her face just like Sami's had done. Rafe assured Sami that they would get the kids back, and he asked her to trust in that.

Kate showed up at the hospital, and Stephanie told her that Daniel had developed an antiviral and planned to test it on himself. Kate asked to speak with Brady alone and asked if what Brady had told her on the phone was true. Brady confirmed that Vivian was free. Kate told Brady that while he needed to focus on Melanie, he couldn't ignore Vivian, because she would go after every one of them. Brady knew that. Kate said Vivian wouldn't start with Victor or with Philip. Brady said it wouldn't be Kate or Nicole either -- he had locked her in the sarcophagus and was first on Vivian's to-do list.

Philip asked Stephanie her opinion of what the odds were that the drug would work. She thought it was worth the risk. Philip said that if Daniel could pull it off, everyone would be happy. Stephanie said even if the drug worked, no one would be happy. Philip wondered what Stephanie was talking about, and she said that her mother had made her realize that no one could hide from the truth. "The truth about what?" Philip asked, and she said, "Parker and you."

Melanie told Carly that she wasn't supposed to be in isolation with them, and Nathan pointed out that Carly wasn't wearing a Hazmat suit. Carly assured Melanie that everything would be all right. Daniel showed up as Carly injected herself with the antiviral. He asked what the letter was about and begged her not to do it.

In the garden, Nicole said she hadn't been that happy in a long time, and she was sure that she was doing the right thing. Sami spied on Nicole spending time with Sydney. Nicole looked up and saw Sami standing in the bushes.

When E.J. returned to the living room, Rafe was waiting for him. E.J. asked what Rafe was doing there. Rafe said he was there for Will, Allie, Johnny, and Sydney. He said the kids needed each other, because they had a bond that didn't just disappear depending on whether someone won or lost. He wanted to reach an agreement for the kids' sakes, at least for the holidays, but E.J. said no.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In the quarantine room of the hospital, Carly injected herself with the Loma virus as Daniel banged on the observation window and begged her to stop. As Daniel made a ruckus, a security guard asked Daniel to step away from the quarantined area. Frustrated, Daniel punched the security guard, knocking him to the ground. When Daniel looked through the observation window again, Carly was pulling the needle out of her arm.

Daniel grabbed the keys from the security guard and urged him to run down the hallway because he was opening the door to the quarantined room. As the guard ran away, Daniel rushed into the isolation unit. "Why would you do that?" Daniel asked Carly. Worried, Melanie and Nathan asked Carly and Daniel why they were in the room without protective clothing. Daniel warned Carly that the anti-viral treatment he had created would be too much for Carly to handle. "If we're wrong, it could be more fatal than the virus," Daniel said.

Carly reminded Daniel that if they did not test the anti-viral treatment on her, they would run out of time to treat Melanie and Nathan. Carly explained that she did not want Daniel to test the anti-viral on himself because he had a new baby. Daniel countered that he was the better option because he had been exposed to the virus and had not been affected. Groaning, Carly reminded Daniel that exposure was only dangerous for a person exposed to a late stage patient. Angry, Daniel argued that the anti-viral had been created to treat a patient with his antibodies and his weight. When Daniel suggested that they should wait and see if Melanie and Nathan recovered, a panicked Carly refused to wait for her daughter to die.

"Mom, please don't do this," a weakened Melanie said. Carly rushed to her daughter's bedside and urged her to rest. When Carly walked back over to Daniel, he stated that they should wait for an hour so that he could be infected with the virus, since Melanie and Nathan were in the contagious stages of their infection. "I'm already feeling the effects. We don't have an hour or two," Carly pleaded before collapsing. Daniel helped Carly to the bed as Melanie pleaded with Carly to listen to Daniel.

After reminding Daniel that she was aware about the effects of improper dosing from her pharmacology course, Melanie asked him to wait as long as he could before giving Carly the anti-viral treatment, since it had not been created for her. Daniel tended to Nathan while Melanie gave Carly a pep talk as her symptoms worsened. Carly said she loved Melanie and apologized for all her mistakes. In pain, Carly called out to Daniel and begged him to give her the anti-viral. Concerned, Daniel administered the anti-viral into Carly's arm.

Nathan's breathing became labored, and Daniel calmed him down. When Nathan admitted he did not think he was going to survive, Daniel urged him to hang on. Nathan became delirious and began to babble aloud. Nathan reached out to Melanie, and Daniel assured him that Melanie was fine. "No one understands! I love her," Nathan said.

Daniel crossed the room to check on Carly. While Carly's pain intensified, Melanie worried about how rapidly Carly was developing symptoms. Daniel explained to Melanie that because Carly had injected herself with the drug rather than letting it develop naturally in her system, the infection was spreading faster. "I was expecting some signs of improvement by now," Daniel muttered. In the next bed, Nathan struggled with his pain and began to thrash. Daniel rushed to care for Nathan as Carly called out to her daughter. Melanie thanked Carly for working with Daniel on a cure for the virus.

"You have to be strong so the drug can work. Please. I believe in you. I trust you. Please, just please stay strong," Melanie said. In the next bed, Nathan told Daniel that he needed to tell Melanie he loved her before he died. Daniel iced Nathan's forehead and assured him that he would be fine. Delirious from the fever, Nathan apologized to Daniel and told him that he should have told him the truth. When Daniel asked what truth, Nathan became unresponsive.

In the next bed, Melanie said that she loved her mother. As Carly labored to breathe, she responded that she did not want Melanie to forget how much she loved her daughter. Melanie nodded, and Carly appeared to stop breathing and die. Frantic, Melanie called out, "Mommy!"

In the hospital hallway, Stephanie told Philip that he was Parker's father. Stunned, Philip asked Stephanie why she would think he was the father of Chloe's baby. Philip theorized aloud that Stephanie had drawn the conclusion from the fact that Daniel had asked him to take care of Parker if anything should happen to Daniel or Chloe. Philip argued that Stephanie thought he was a horrible father based on his history with Pocket. Shaking her head, Stephanie interrupted Philip and explained, "You still need to hear the truth."

"The truth about what?" Chloe asked as she approached Stephanie and Philip in the hallway. With a sneer Philip responded that Stephanie thought he was going to be a terrible father. Chloe defended Philip to Stephanie and cited how good Philip was with Parker.

While Chloe cooed over Parker in the hallway, Dr. Jason Walters approached Chloe and informed her that Daniel had muscled past a security guard and locked himself in the quarantine room. Jason noted that Carly had injected herself with the Loma virus and then Daniel had followed her into the room. "We now have three doctors and a nurse in the isolation unit, all of whom could die," Jason said ruefully as Adrienne and Justin arrived at the hospital.

After receiving an update from the quarantined area, Jason informed Chloe, Stephanie, Philip, Justin, and Adrienne that Daniel had administered the anti-viral to Carly but that there was no response yet. Justin stepped away to call Bo, while Philip took Chloe aside to calm her down. Adrianne asked Stephanie how she was holding up, and she cried in Adrianne's arms. Stephanie apologized for her behavior the last time she had spoken to Adrienne. Adrienne assured Stephanie that she'd had a right to be upset, since she was going through a tough time. With a sigh, Stephanie clarified that she was going through a tough time because of other issues. Adrienne followed Stephanie's gaze across the room and saw Philip sitting next to Chloe with his arm around her.

"Thinking about Daniel and that poor baby? If his father dies just a few days after he is born?" Adrienne asked. Shaking her head, Stephanie corrected Adrienne and explained that she had learned that Philip was Parker's son, not Daniel's. Shocked, Adrienne asked Stephanie how she was so sure that Philip was Parker's father. When Adrienne asked if Kayla knew, Stephanie admitted that her mother had confirmed the paternity tests.

Stephanie filled Adrienne in on Chloe and Philip's one-night stand and then explained that the results had been switched. "Daniel, Chloe, and Philip still think that Daniel is the father of that baby," Stephanie stressed. "I have to come clean, no matter what," Stephanie added. Adrienne surmised that Stephanie was worried that Melanie would run to Nathan when she found out that Philip had slept with Chloe. As tears rolled down Stephanie's face, Adrienne advised Stephanie not to worry about telling the truth and to instead concentrate on Nathan's illness.

Across the room, a doctor gave Parker back to Chloe, and she went down the hall to nurse her son. Justin returned after updating Bo and asked Philip how he was doing. Philip admitted that he was worried because Melanie was the love of his life. When Chloe returned, Philip promised that he would keep his promise to Daniel and look after her and Parker.

In the DiMera living room, Rafe asked E.J. to let the children spend time with Allie and Will over the holidays. E.J. refused and stressed that his children would no longer have a relationship with either Sami or her other children. Rafe begged E.J. to reconsider, but E.J. threatened to send Sami to prison if she attempted to contact Johnny or Sydney. "As far as Johnny or Sydney is concerned, their mother is dead," E.J. said.

"All I'm asking you to do is to cut Will and Allie a little slack," Rafe pleaded. E.J. reminded Rafe that Will had known Sami had shot him and had taken part in the cover-up. E.J. then added that Sami would use Allie to poison the minds of Johnny and Sydney. When Rafe argued that Sami would never use Allie, E.J responded, "Rafe, she uses everyone. That's why you're here." E.J. stressed that Sami would never be able to have contact with Sydney or Johnny again.

With a grin, Rafe pulled out a photo of the four kids together. "They're a family, E.J." Rafe said quietly. "Not anymore," E.J. said as he ripped the photo in half. "Obviously you don't give a damn about these kids," Rafe said. E.J. argued that he was protecting his children from their "destructive and highly emotional mother." "One moves on," E.J. said. When E.J. noted that Rafe was hurting from the death of his sister, he added that over time, the pain would recede. "Nature helps us heal by making us forget," E.J. said. E.J. argued that Johnny and Sydney would forget their mother over time.

When Rafe informed E.J. that Johnny was bound to ask about his twin sister as he grew older, E.J. argued that by the time Johnny and Sydney grew up, he would "have educated" them. "I'm going to tell them that their mother only cares for them when they're useful tools to help her get what she wants and that she is a manipulative liar that tried to murder their father," E.J. said with a devilish grin.

Out in the DiMera garden, Nicole played with Sydney as Sami crept out from behind a hedge. As Sami rushed toward Sydney, Nicole advised Sami to stay away from Sydney before E.J. spotted her lurking in the garden. "Give me my baby," Sami growled. Sami attempted to push past Nicole, but Nicole begged Sami to reconsider. Sami asked Nicole why she would trust E.J. after the way he had treated her. "I am here because E.J. wants me here," Nicole said. Nicole explained that E.J. had let her back into Sydney's life because of her connection with Sydney.

When Sami scoffed at Nicole's statement, Nicole shook her head. "You're jealous and you're insecure because she's never loved you the way she loves me. That is the simple truth," Nicole said. When Nicole argued that Sami did not want Sydney because she was E.J.'s baby, Sami lashed out. "Don't you ever say that to me again. I wanted her, and I wanted to protect her from E.J.," Sami barked. Nicole swore that she was protecting Sydney by handing her over to E.J.

"I am not leaving here empty-handed. And if you think I am, think again," Sami said. Nicole warned Sami that if she attempted to leave with Sydney, she would go to prison. Sami countered that she only wanted to hold Sydney for a few minutes. "I can't. You're too desperate, you're going to want more," Nicole said sadly before calling out to E.J. E.J. rushed out to the garden with Rafe hot on his heels. E.J. accused Rafe of distracting him so that Sami could steal Sydney.

Sami swore that Rafe had not been aware that she was going over to the DiMera mansion. Annoyed, E.J. asked Nicole to take Sydney inside so that he could talk to Sami and Rafe alone. As Nicole picked up Sydney, Sami reached out to her daughter to say goodbye. Nicole hurriedly walked away. "If either one of you pull anything like this again, our deal is over and both of you go to prison," E.J. said. With a twinkle in his eye, E.J. added that while Sami was in prison, he would show the children Sami's taped confession on their birthdays. "You really are a heartless bastard, aren't you?" Rafe asked as Sami stalked out of the garden. "Thank you," E.J. said with a nod.

Inside the DiMera living room, Nicole cradled Sydney in her arms and said that she believed they held a special bond. As Nicole told Sydney she loved her, E.J. returned from the garden. Nicole apologized for the incident in the garden, but E.J. thanked her for calling him. "Did I past the test?" Nicole asked hesitantly. Nicole promised that she would do anything to help Sydney. E.J. asked for more time, but agreed to let Nicole tuck Sydney in for her nap.

Down on the pier, Rafe chased after a heartbroken Sami. "Why were you there?" Sami asked. Rafe explained that he was attempting to broker a deal with E.J. so that the kids could visit each other during the holidays. "And I ruined that too," Sami said with a sigh. "You didn't ruin anything. I didn't say I was able to get through to him. I said that I was trying," Rafe joked. Rafe urged Sami not to give up, but not to sneak over to the DiMera mansion either. Sami admitted that she could not bear to live without Johnny and Sydney.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In bed at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady told a giddy Nicole, "So you and E.J., you've worked something out. That sounds swell for you; doesn't sound so swell for Sami." Nicole offered to try to take his mind off the terrible day he'd had, and planted a kiss on him. After they'd had sex, Nicole gushed to Brady about how happy she was to have gotten to put Sydney down for a nap earlier. Brady cautioned her not to trust E.J. not to back out of their deal. Nicole agreed, but asserted, "I think he's beginning to see that if he wants this to work with Sydney, he needs me."

When Nicole noticed that he didn't seem happy, Brady admitted that he was worried about Melanie -- plus, he couldn't be happy about Sydney having been ripped away from her mother. Nicole insisted that she wasn't to blame; Sami was, for having shot E.J. "Nicole, you and I are way beyond blame," Brady stated pensively. He maintained that although he was fully aware of who Nicole was, he couldn't pretend that her wanting to have Sydney in her life again was a good idea -- for Nicole or Sydney.

Stefano arrived at the DiMera mansion, and was surprised to find the foyer strewn with Johnny and Sydney's toys. E.J. proudly informed him, "Giovanni and Sydney are back where they belong." An overjoyed Stefano embraced his son in congratulations. E.J. warned Stefano that all the news wasn't good: Nicole had been the one to find the proof that Sami had shot him, and had used it to finagle her way back into Sydney's life.

Stefano cautioned E.J. that Sydney might become attached to Nicole, and that would ultimately give Nicole the upper hand. He wondered why E.J. would go along with the deal. E.J. irritably countered that Stefano was "married to a lying, traitorous bitch," who had been scheming to get out of that house ever since Stefano had blackmailed her into saying, "I do." Stefano insisted it wasn't true.

E.J. divulged that the sole reason Samantha had chosen to shoot him the night she had was that Kate had tipped Sami off that he had been planning to disappear with the children. Stefano was floored, refusing to believe that his Katherine would do such a thing. E.J. taunted him, "Once a hooker, always a hooker." Stefano crossly pointed out that he had backed his son through "one disastrous mistake after another." E.J. asserted that Kate needed to suffer consequences for what she had done, but Stefano replied that it would be his decision.

With a shrug, E.J. said that Stefano could deal with Kate however he saw fit. "And you will deal with Samantha?" Stefano asked, but he was skeptical when E.J. declared that he would. "She is the sun in your solar system," Stefano maintained. E.J. was adamant that he wanted to make Samantha pay by forcing her to watch him and Nicole bond with Samantha's children. "You see, for Samantha, that's a living hell," he added with a sardonic chuckle.

When Tina, a prison trustee, delivered a tray of food to Hope in solitary confinement, Hope barely looked up. Tina asked what Hope had done to end up in solitary confinement, Hope replied quietly, "I was simply trying to help someone." Tina cautioned her that around there, no good deed went unpunished. Hope asked if Tina could tell her what had happened to Pam, the patient who had been expected to be transferred to University Hospital for surgery.

Tina informed her that Pam was just about to have surgery there at the prison. "Oh, my God," Hope exclaimed. "She's gonna die!" She quickly covered, explaining that she thought Pam wasn't strong enough for surgery. Tina was skeptical. Hope then told Tina, "I need to talk to the warden right away. Tell her there's something she needs to know -- and tell her that Pam's life could depend on it."

When Bo met Jane, the prison warden, at the Brady Pub, she informed him that Hope had been placed in solitary confinement. Bo was peeved, but Jane insisted that she'd had no choice, because Hope had stolen a cell phone -- and the warden couldn't be seen as having favorites.

"I've conferred with her psychiatrist," Jane continued. "And we agree: We need to limit Hope's contact with her family, so she can focus on herself, on getting well." Bo expressed his displeasure, but Jane pointed out that she had informed him of what was going on as a courtesy. Bo countered that he would have found out regardless of whether or not she'd told him.

In the quarantine room at University Hospital, Nathan was feverishly babbling to Daniel, "I need to tell you about Chloe." At the same time, Carly stopped breathing in the bed across from Melanie, who shouted for Daniel's help. Daniel rushed to Carly, and frantically began administering CPR. Sobbing, a devastated Melanie begged him not to let her mom die. Nathan raised himself weakly on one elbow to see what was going on.

Out in the waiting area, Jennifer left an urgent message for Bo to call her about Carly. When Kate arrived at the hospital, Philip told her about the experimental drug that Daniel had developed to treat the virus Melanie and Nathan had contracted. Carly had injected herself with it to test it, and had become very ill.

Philip was furious when Kate revealed that Vivian was going to get away with her crimes. As they were arguing about whether the whole thing was Brady's fault, they heard a Code Blue go out for the quarantine room. Philip and Jennifer immediately ran to the door of the isolation chamber, and watched in horror as Daniel tried to revive Carly.

"No!" Melanie wailed. "My mom's dead!" With great effort, Nathan climbed across the small gap between their beds to try to comfort her, while outside, Philip could only call Melanie's name ineffectually. At last, Carly took a breath, and used it to moan, "Melanie, baby, shhh." Daniel shouted excitedly to Melanie, "She's back!" Melanie's hysterical sobbing turned to tears of joy and relief.

A frustrated Bo was trying to get the warden to give him the name of Hope's psychiatrist when Jennifer finally reached him. Bo heard the panic in Jennifer's voice, and assumed that Melanie had gotten worse, but Jennifer told him that Carly had contracted the virus.

When Jane returned to the prison, she visited Hope in solitary confinement. "Warden, I don't want to accuse anyone of anything," Hope began. "I know I don't have a complete case, but I've got to do this. I can't allow another innocent person to die." She explained that she didn't think the two previous deaths during surgery in the infirmary had been accidents. Hope added that neither of the women who had died had any family, both had been cremated, and both had died during routine surgeries.

"Appendicitis, a broken leg?" Hope noted. "When was the last time you heard of someone dying from a broken leg?" Trying to hide her displeasure, the warden feigned surprise. Hope urged her to transfer Pam to University Hospital for surgery. "I'm glad you came to me," Jane declared. "I assure you that I will take personal responsibility for Pam's safety." She reminded Hope that there would have to be an inquiry, but she would get Hope out of solitary confinement as soon as it was over.

After the warden left, Hope worried whether she had done the right thing, but she knew she had to trust someone. "I just pray to God the warden's one of the good guys."

When an exasperated Jane got back to the infirmary, she told Lee, "You were right; she knows too much." Lee worriedly asked what they were going to do with Hope. Jane declared that they had had to get rid of Hope, but Lee pointed out, "Her husband's gonna be all over us!" Jane assured her that Bo wouldn't be a problem.

After she had talked to Bo, Jennifer told Philip that she was going to the hospital chapel to check on Chloe and Stephanie. As she walked off, she ran into Ben, and filled him in about the Code Blue, and how Daniel had revived Carly. Ben promised to check on things and report back to everyone. Since Ben had just gotten out of surgery, Jennifer asked if it had gone well. "Of course it did -- I was the surgeon," Ben replied with a grin, but Jennifer guessed that he wasn't kidding.

Philip assured Kate that she didn't have to stay at the hospital with him, but she insisted she did. "Is this out of concern for Melanie, or are you just scared to go home?" Philip wondered.

Melanie staggered over to sit on the foot of Carly's bed. "I am so mad at you!" Melanie proclaimed weakly. "If you ever inject yourself to save my life again, I will never forgive you!" She admitted that it felt strange to love someone as much as she loved her mom. "I have loved you since I first held you," Carly replied knowingly. "I have loved you even when I didn't know where you were. What I couldn't imagine is how much I like you." As Melanie climbed into the bed and rested her head on Carly's chest, Carly reassured her, "You're gonna be fine, baby."

When Bo got to the hospital, Jennifer gave him the letter that Carly had written before injecting herself with the virus. In it, Carly apologized for not telling him goodbye, or discussing her decision with him, but she knew he would have done the same thing if it had been for Ciara. She continued that she had given up on happiness before her return to Salem, but the previous few months with him had been wonderful. She closed with, "I love you. I always will."

When Nathan began to get worse, Melanie implored Daniel to give Nathan the drug. Daniel rushed to Nathan's bedside, and urged him to hang on. Bo appeared at the door, and Carly gave him a weak smile and reassuring nod.

While Philip and Jennifer talked, Kate left a message for Sami. "This isn't the message I wanted to be leaving," Kate said grimly. "I tried to neutralize E.J., but it didn't work. So, in short, you're screwed -- and so am I."

A pleased Ben reported to Jennifer and Philip that the antiviral drug appeared to be working on Carly, whose viral loads had decreased significantly just over the previous few minutes. Philip assumed that meant they could administer the drug to Melanie, and Ben confirmed it. Jennifer and Philip were visibly relieved. "I can't make any promises, but I think we have every reason to be optimistic," Ben declared.

With a huge grin, Daniel told Carly, "It worked, Madame Curie." He added that he was about to give the drug to Melanie and Nathan. Melanie relayed the news to Nathan, and then climbed into bed next to him. Just then, Philip arrived outside, and told Bo what Ben had said. The sight of Melanie in Nathan's bed quickly turned Philip's joy to dismay.

When Bo joined Jennifer in the waiting area, Ben updated them that Daniel was about to administer the drug to Melanie and Nathan. As he walked away, Ben said something else that showed his arrogance, and Jennifer became enraged. Bo stopped her from chasing Ben down the hallway, and reminded her that they had just gotten good news. Much calmer, Jennifer agreed, and hugged Bo gratefully.

Jennifer then told Bo that an upset Hope had called her recently, but they had been disconnected before Hope could explain why she'd called. Bo revealed that the warden had put Hope in solitary confinement for stealing a cell phone -- but he thought it was really because the warden didn't want Hope blabbing anything to Jennifer. Jennifer tried calling the phone number again, but had no luck.

Kate embraced Philip when she heard that Melanie was going to be all right. Remembering what he'd just seen in the quarantine room, Philip tried to stay positive, as well. After Kate had gone, Philip pulled Ben aside and asked, "With this drug -- Melanie and I were talking about having kids..." Ben assured him that it shouldn't be a problem, but suggested that Philip check with a specialist to make sure.

Daniel encouraged Melanie to visit with her mother, so he could check Nathan's vital signs. As Melanie walked slowly away, she heard Nathan report that his chills had stopped almost immediately after Daniel had given him the antiviral. Melanie stopped in her tracks when Daniel asked what Nathan had been trying to tell him about Chloe. Nathan insisted that he'd been delirious from the fever. Melanie was relieved.

Later, Daniel announced to his quarantined patients that while it appeared they would all be just fine, they weren't being released from isolation until the next morning. "Sleepover!" a happy but still weak Carly declared. Daniel thanked her for saving their daughter's life, but Carly asserted, "From where I stand, it looked like we did it together."

Melanie told Nathan that she hadn't enjoyed watching him almost die, and ordered him never to do it again. Nathan agreed, as long as she promised not to, either. They both admitted that they would never forget what had happened. "But where do we go from here?" Nathan wondered.

When Kate returned to the DiMera mansion, Stefano greeted her from his chair in the parlor without turning around. "Katherine," was all he said, and she instantly realized that he'd learned what she had done. "You know, don't you?" she asked. When he confirmed it, she asked what he planned to do. "Well, my darling, just gonna have to wait and see," Stefano replied.

Brady and Nicole were on the pier when Brady received a phone call. After he hung up, Brady told Nicole that Melanie was going to be all right. Nicole was genuinely happy for him. Brady then rushed off for the hospital.

Just then, E.J. rounded the corner. He told Nicole that he had just seen her and Brady together, and he thought they should set some ground rules. "What you do on your time is your business, but when it comes to Sydney, I have to consider my daughter's best interests," E.J. stated. "You're going to have to make a choice: Either you can have Brady in your life, of you can have Sydney. Not both."

Thursday, December 2, 2010

At the Brady Pub, Sami told Roman, Caroline, and Will that when she went to see E.J. at the DiMera mansion, he had made it clear that she would never see her kids again. Caroline thought that E.J. couldn't take her kids away from her and that Sami and Rafe would have to go to court. Sami said there was a lot more to it than that, and she promised Caroline that she would get her family out of the mess.

Roman asked if there was any compromise that E.J. would accept. Sami said there wasn't and E.J. had won. "The hell he has," Roman said. He said he would find a reason to arrest E.J. Sami said Roman couldn't do that, because E.J. was just looking for a reason to take the kids out of the country. Roman said that he could have cops around E.J. constantly, so E.J. wouldn't escape. Will thought the best thing to do was figure out a way for Sami to see the kids first, but Sami said that they needed to play it E.J.'s way for the time being. Will didn't like it.

After Will left, Roman reminded Sami that when she did things on her own, things had a way of not turning out well. Sami agreed, but she said she wasn't alone anymore, because she and Rafe were in it together, and they had agreed that they had to play along with E.J.

Rafe met with a diver in the hopes of finding the gun Sami had used to shoot E.J., which she had thrown in the river. He told the diver which kind of gun he wanted to recover. The diver asked why Rafe wanted it, and Rafe said that if anyone else retrieved it, a lot of lives would be destroyed. The diver searched but didn't find anything. Rafe said that the gun had gone into the river three months before, and the diver concluded that it might have been carried away with the currents or someone else had already found it.

E.J. told Lexie that Sami had given him full custody of the kids, and Lexie asked how Sami had gone from taking out a restraining order to granting him full custody. E.J. had Marie take the kids in the house so he could speak to Lexie alone. E.J. admitted that he had managed to turn "a certain situation" around to his advantage. Lexie asked what that situation was. E.J. told Lexie that Sami had married Rafe. E.J. said he was fine with it, but Lexie knew that not too long before, he had wanted more than anything to marry Sami.

E.J. said that he had realized that he didn't want Sami to be a part of his life, and Sami had realized that she wanted to marry Rafe, plus Sami had a lot of things to do and couldn't handle raising four kids. Lexie didn't believe him, and she asked if the possibility that Sami or Will might have shot E.J. had anything to do with the custody arrangement. He said that they didn't need to speculate on what might or might not have happened, and he wasn't going to share his children with anyone, especially Sami.

Lexie said that E.J. wasn't fighting over a piece of land. She reminded him that they were talking about his children, and Sami was their mother. "Not for long," E.J. said. He said he didn't have to do anything to Sami -- he just had to sit back and watch her self-destruct. Lexie said Sami was a survivor. "Maybe when she's facing an adversary," he said. "And you're not an adversary?" Lexie asked. He said that Sami had won and had the children and the restraining order. He said he had been so desperate that he had "almost stormed the Brady Pub" and kidnapped the kids, but she had the police force protecting them.

E.J. said at one point he had almost thought about taking his life, which wasn't enough for Sami, who wanted more and got it. Lexie realized that he was saying that Sami had shot him. Johnny and Theo ran to E.J. and Lexie. E.J. offered Johnny some hot chocolate, and Johnny assumed that Sami was going to pick him and Sydney up. E.J. told Johnny that Sami wasn't picking him up and offered to get him some pizza. Lexie had to leave, and she agreed to leave Theo with E.J. E.J. received a text message regarding Rafe's whereabouts and said, "Oh Rafe, always a pitiful step behind."

Rafe went to the pub and told Sami that the diver he had hired hadn't found the gun, which meant that E.J. might have it. E.J. called Sami, telling her not to waste time looking for the gun, because it was in a place where they would never find it. Sami thought that E.J. had everything. "For now," Rafe said.

Roman stopped by to see E.J. Roman saw Sydney playing outside, kissed her, and told her that he loved her. Roman said that if E.J. thought they would let E.J. keep the kids, he wasn't nearly as smart as Roman thought he was. "Before you begin your little rant of what I'm doing to Samantha, you might want to think about what I'm doing for her," E.J. said. "Like what?" Roman asked. E.J. said he was allowing Sami to live freely with Rafe and her other two kids. Roman said that with what little respect he had for E.J., Roman had thought that E.J. was better than that, at least when it came to the kids.

"Who cares if Sydney bounced from Nicole, to Anna, to Sami, and now she won't have a mother thanks to you? And who gives a damn that Johnny's best friend is his sister Allie? She's Lucas Roberts' kid, right? So just cut her out of Johnny's life. He'll get over it," Roman said. He asked if that was really the kind of father E.J. wanted to be. E.J. accused Roman of hypocrisy by claiming that E.J. was hurting the children by taking them from Sami, but Sami wasn't hurting them by keeping them away from E.J.

Roman asked why Sami shouldn't have kept E.J. away from the kids, since he had kidnapped Sydney. Roman vowed to find Anna and have her testify against E.J. E.J. said that if Roman brought the law down on E.J., E.J. would bring the law down on Sami, and E.J. had an airtight case.

Outside the pub, Sami and Rafe were talking about how Will was taking the news that Sami couldn't see the kids. She referred to E.J. as a "monster." Lexie overheard her and said, "Who's calling who a monster?" Rafe said Lexie knew what E.J. had done to Sami. Lexie said she wasn't "as well-versed on what Sami did to E.J."

Sami asked if Lexie had seen the kids and how were they doing. Lexie assured her that the kids were fine, and she said that E.J. had reason to be cautious with having the kids around Sami. "E.J., this is not going to turn out the way you want," Lexie said to herself after Sami and Rafe went inside the pub. Sami realized that she had handled Lexie in the wrong way. She felt she had to do things differently to get the kids back.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told Kate that they needed to finish their conversation regarding how she had betrayed him. She said she thought they had said everything they needed to say. Stefano tore into Kate for watching him go crazy trying to figure out who had shot his son when she knew it was Sami. Kate said she hadn't known for sure who had done it. Kate asked whether he had expected her to ignore it when she overheard what Stefano and E.J. were saying about E.J.'s plans to kidnap the kids.

Stefano said that she was supposed go to him, but instead she had put into motion a series of events that could have led to E.J.'s death. Kate reminded him that E.J. hadn't died. She asked what Stefano was going to do to her. Kate said she had loathed Sami, but she was worried that E.J. would take the kids with Stefano's help. Stefano said that the kids were his grandchildren. Kate said that Will didn't make that distinction, because Johnny and Allie were his siblings. If the kids had been kidnapped, Will would have assumed that Kate had been somewhat responsible, and she couldn't have let that happen.

Kate reminded Stefano that E.J. was his blood, and Kate was just the woman Stefano had blackmailed into marrying him. She said Stefano would have helped E.J. vanish with the kids without giving a second thought to how it would have affected Kate. Stefano said it had nothing to do with E.J. -- it had to do with Stefano and Kate. He said that she had taken Sami's side against him. Kate said she'd had two children taken away from her by her "lunatic husband," and she wouldn't wish that on anyone -- not even Sami.

Stefano asked if Kate had sympathy for Sami. Kate said no -- she had sympathy for Sami's kids, because she knew what Billie and Austin had gone through when Curtis had taken them. She said when she'd found out what E.J. had been plotting, something had snapped, and she had acted without thinking. Kate reminded him that E.J. was fine and had his kids. She asked if they could put everything behind them. Stefano said it all depended on whether there was anything else she was keeping from him. Stefano got a phone call regarding Chad's paternity test results.

Stefano said that someone from the hospital would be arriving at the mansion along with Chad. Stefano asked how Kate felt about the possibility of him having another child, and she said she was okay with it. Stefano said she was taking the news well. She asked if he had discussed it with E.J. Stefano said that previously he'd had the feeling that she had been pushing Chad at Stefano for a reason. She explained that Chad was Will's friend, and that was why she had offered him a job at the company. Kate got a business call and needed to wait for a conference call.

Kate returned to the living room after learning her conference call had been cancelled. Stefano realized that she had been behind Chad's birth certificate being sent to him. Stefano asked if Kate had ever stepped back and thought about the past, put everything together, and figured out a story. He said that was what he had done. He accused Kate of knowing about Chad's paternity for a while. Kate denied it, and she said that Chad's father had probably sent Chad the birth certificate anonymously. Stefano didn't believe it.

Stefano reminded her that she'd had accessed Madeline's safe deposit box, which meant that Kate had gotten the first look at whatever was in there, and she had known that Chad could be Stefano's son and had kept it to herself. Stefano demanded to know why. Kate admitted to finding the birth certificate and explained that Madeline had begged Kate not to tell Stefano, because Madeline hadn't wanted her son to be part of the DiMera family.

Kate said she had decided to honor Madeline's wishes, but after Chad's father had turned on Chad following Madeline's death, she had decided to reveal the truth anonymously to Chad so he could decide whether he wanted to be a DiMera. Stefano accused Kate of betraying him and keeping his son away from him. Stefano said he was her husband, "And yet, you look after everyone's interests but mine." Kate said she had been protecting Stefano. "From my own son?" he asked. He ordered Kate to move out of the mansion.

Chad saw Will and told him that the results were in on Chad's paternity test results. Chad said that even if Stefano was Chad's biological father, it didn't mean anything to him. "Maybe, but you better believe it's gonna mean something to him," Will said. Will warned that Stefano was "the epitome of old school, and if you have a drop of DiMera blood in you, he wants to own you." Will told Chad that his siblings were living with E.J., who had forbidden Sami from seeing them.

Making people miserable was fun to the DiMeras, Will said. He said that Chad's mother was right when she had told Chad to stay away from the DiMeras. Chad asked why their mothers had learned to hate the DiMeras after they'd slept with them. Will said that Chad's mother had wanted a good life for Chad, one that didn't include the DiMeras.

In the hospital, Vivian paid Maggie a visit and handed her some flowers. Maggie tried to buzz the nurse, but Vivian grabbed the call button from her. Maggie asked why Vivian wasn't in jail, and Vivian said she was a victim just like Maggie. Maggie asked how Vivian had gotten away with locking Maggie in a coffin. Then she changed her mind and ordered Vivian to leave her room. Vivian said Maggie had nothing to fear from her. Maggie asked what Vivian planned to do with her free time if she wasn't plotting Maggie's demise, and Vivian said she would set her sights on Victor.

Maggie threw the flowers at Vivian, and she said she would tell the police what Vivian had done to her. Vivian said that even though Victor had kept Vivian in the sarcophagus, Brady was the one who had put her there. Maggie didn't believe Vivian. "Oh, but he did. His drinking is totally out of control," Vivian said, and she said Maggie wasn't "cutting it" as Brady's sponsor.

Vivian vowed that she would sing like a canary if Maggie told the police what Vivian had done. Then Bo would have no choice but to put his father and nephew in jail. Then Vivian would plead temporary insanity due to being locked in the sarcophagus. Vivian said that Philip, Nicole, and Kate were also in on the plot. Maggie didn't believe Vivian, but Vivian said that Maggie would find out the truth soon enough.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Daniel arrived home to his and Chloe's apartment to find baby Parker crying -- and Chloe in a panic. "I think something's wrong with the baby!" Chloe exclaimed. After Daniel managed to quiet the newborn, a relieved Chloe worried that Parker could have colic. Daniel wasn't sure, but reassured his wife that they would get through it together.

Chloe then felt guilty for freaking out about her baby crying for a few hours, when Daniel had been up for two days. Suddenly Daniel smelled something burning. Chloe realized that in the chaos of Parker's endless crying, she had accidentally burned the lasagna she'd made for them to have for dinner that evening. An understanding Daniel assured Chloe that they could just order takeout. Chloe pronounced her husband a hero.

Stefano ordered Kate to leave the DiMera mansion. Exasperated and frustrated, Kate retorted, "Suit yourself," and stormed out. When she yanked open the front door, she found Chad on the doorstep. He told Kate that he was there to learn the results of his and Stefano's DNA test, just as Stefano appeared in the parlor doorway. Stefano invited Chad in, and growled goodbye to Kate, who wished Chad luck and left.

A confused Chad asked Stefano why Kate had been so upset, and Stefano replied that they had just had "a little disagreement." Just then, Dr. David Bilbauer arrived with the paternity test results. Stefano thanked the doctor for delivering them personally, and then asked, "So, am I this young man's biological father or not?" Dr. Bilbauer confirmed that Stefano and Chad were, indeed, father and son. While Stefano seemed pleased, Chad did not.

Stefano reiterated his thanks for Dr. Bilbauer's time and discretion, and handed the doctor an envelope. After Dr. Bilbauer had gone, Chad asked Stefano, "What do we do now?" As a cheerful Stefano wrote out a check, he explained that he had heard Chad had been accepted at Wake Forest University; the check was for Chad's tuition and other expenses. Chad accused Stefano of trying to buy him off.

"You do not understand," a surprised Stefano explained. "You are my son. You're a DiMera now -- and a DiMera never turns blood away." He added that Chad could use the money to go to whatever college he desired, and if he decided to stay in Salem, he could move into the mansion as soon as Stefano had the chance to tell his other children that they had a brother. Chad was still dubious, but Stefano insisted that he was serious.

Stefano added that if Chad didn't want to go to college right away, Chad could work at DiMera Enterprises. Stefano produced a business card for one of his tailors, and instructed Chad to have a suit made. Stefano then suggested, "Let's now figure out when is a good time for you to move in here?" Chad ripped up the check and business card, and let the pieces flutter down around Stefano. "How about never? Does never work for you?" Chad replied. "You expect me to move in here, learn the family business, wear suits? You gonna tell me what to eat, what to think, and who to be friends with?"

Chuckling, Stefano said that Chad was overreacting. Chad retorted, "I already have a family I hate. Why would I want to be a part of another one?" Irked, Stefano demanded, "If that's the way you really feel, why did you come in here waving your birth certificate -- and threatening me with a knife, so that we could have a paternity test?" Chad explained that he was sick of lies, like the lies that had kept him from knowing his daughter -- and Stefano from knowing his granddaughter.

An understanding Stefano suggested, "Possibly this could be a fresh start for us." Chad ranted quietly about how "messed-up" it was to learn that he was a year older than he'd always thought, and how dysfunctional the family his mom had fabricated was. Stefano pointed out that at that moment, Chad had no money, no family, and no job, but Stefano could give him all of those things.

Chad asserted that he didn't want to be a DiMera. "All you people know how to do was take," Chad declared. "Well, I won't let you take me." Stefano gently replied that Chad didn't have a choice: like it or not, Chad was a DiMera. "There's no way to escape this family," Stefano added lightly. "Oh, yeah? Watch me," Chad countered, and then strode out of the house.

At the hospital, Nathan found Stephanie in a waiting room as soon as he got out of the isolation chamber. She hugged and kissed him with relief, and promised never to take him for granted again. "Please tell me I'm never gonna lose you," Stephanie implored him, and then apologized for being so needy. Nathan remembered how he and Melanie had each admitted their love for the other while they were in quarantine, and he then cautioned Stephanie that he needed to tell her about something that had happened.

Before Nathan could divulge anything, Nurse Maxine entered the waiting area. "You scared the hell out of me, and I don't like that!" Maxine chided Nathan, and then she gave him a big hug. She told him that one of his patients, Mrs. Lang, was leaving the hospital for hospice care, and had asked to see him before she left. Stephanie assured Nathan that she would wait there for him.

A surprisingly lighthearted Mrs. Lang was happy to see Nathan looking well when he arrived. Her eyes twinkling, she told him that she wanted him to remember her at her best, hinting that she didn't want him to visit her after she left for hospice care. "I always will," Nathan declared with a smile. Mrs. Lang asserted that Nathan was just as charming as her late husband. "Sounds like you found your soul mate," Nathan replied. "I didn't say that," Mrs. Lang pointed out. "I mean, I loved him, but soul mate?" She asked if Nathan had found his soul mate.

As he recalled kissing Melanie, Nathan replied that he had. He was surprised that Mrs. Lang hadn't married her soul mate, and wanted to know if she had loved her husband. She assured Nathan that she had, and asserted that being with one's soul mate wasn't everything. "I will always cherish the time my husband and I did have together, the family we made together," Mrs. Lang declared. "I had a wonderful life." With a somewhat relieved grin, Nathan replied, "I am so glad you did."

When Nathan returned to the waiting room, he told Stephanie with awe that Mrs. Lang was amazing. Stephanie asked what Nathan had wanted to tell her. "I realized that I needed to get better," Nathan replied. "I needed to hurry up and get better so I could come and spend the rest of a very long life with you." He kissed Stephanie passionately.

Nathan then divulged that his grandmother had been admitted to the hospital, because she'd had a relapse of her myasthenia gravis. As he left to visit Maggie, Stephanie told herself, "If we can survive what he just went through, he can survive knowing the truth about Chloe and Philip." She dialed Caroline, but had to leave a message. "Grandma, it's Stephanie. Call me back as soon as you get this -- it's really important."

When Melanie was finally released from quarantine, Philip was overjoyed to see her. "I couldn't stand watching you through that glass," he confessed after they embraced. "You looked so pale." Melanie admitted that she was tired, but otherwise happy just to be alive. Philip declared that it was time to take her home.

Philip tucked Melanie into bed at Maggie's, and vowed to wait on her hand and foot until she was fully recovered. Although thrilled at that prospect, Melanie admitted that she wanted to go back to the hospital to visit Maggie, who Melanie assumed had experienced a relapse. Once he was satisfied that Melanie was up to it, Philip agreed to take her back to the hospital.

In Maggie's hospital room, a furious Maggie ordered Vivian to leave. Victor arrived just then, and Maggie demanded to know if what Vivian had said was true -- that Brady had been the one who had locked Vivian in the sarcophagus, and everyone else had known but kept quiet. Although he didn't want to discuss it in front of Vivian, Victor reluctantly admitted, "We thought it was the only way to keep you safe." Maggie was appalled and disappointed. "You did it in my name," she said with disbelief. "Just go. I never want to see you again."

Maggie was crying when Melanie and Philip arrived, but she was thrilled to see that Melanie was out of quarantine. Melanie admitted that she felt bad that she hadn't been there when Maggie had relapsed, and asked why it had happened. Maggie would only say that she had stopped taking her medication unintentionally, and asked Melanie to request some pain medication from Maxine, while Maggie and Philip chatted.

As soon as Melanie had gone, Maggie said, "I know what you did to Vivian, Philip. I know everything." Philip maintained that he'd only been protecting his family and the people he loved -- including Maggie -- from a woman bent on destroying them. Maggie was appalled that none of the Kiriakis men seemed to grasp that what they had done was terribly wrong, and demanded that Philip tell Melanie the truth.

Just then, Melanie returned, and asked, "The truth about what?" Philip took her into a private waiting area to explain. "You remember when Maggie said she didn't mean to stop taking her meds?" he began. "The reason... was that Vivian put her in a coffin." He continued that Vivian had really ordered the sarcophagus for Isabella because she intended to lock Maggie in it; Brady had found out, snapped, and put Vivian in it instead.

Philip explained that Maggie was upset with him because he hadn't done anything about it when he had found out what Brady had done -- and because Victor, Kate, and Nicole had also known and had done nothing, Brady had explained that Vivian would get revenge on all of them if she were freed. "I didn't do this just to protect my family," Philip asserted. "Vivian, she was totally unrepentant; she was gloating -- and then I thought about what she tried to do to you, and how quiet it was with her in that coffin, and I just couldn't bring myself to let her out." Melanie thought about it for a minute, and then smiled -- and forgave Philip.

When Victor ran into Vivian on the pier, he declared that instead of marrying her, he should have let Bo kill her. Vivian suggested that they might be able to find a way to make a go of it, since Maggie was completely out of Victor's life. Enraged, Victor vowed to spend the rest of his life making Vivian pay for what she'd done to his family. "You're threatening me with revenge?" an equally furious Vivian countered. "I'm going to have my revenge on the whole pack of you!"

As soon as Vivian had stormed off, Victor dialed Kate and ordered her to meet him at the pier immediately. When Kate arrived, they agreed that they had to make sure that Philip took the threat from Vivian seriously. Kate was surprised that Victor was genuinely worried, but he maintained that Vivian had gotten plenty of time to work out a revenge plan. "This time she won't fail," Victor fretted.

Victor guessed that Vivian might wait until they all became complacent before she struck, so he was going to hire a 24-hour guard for Kate. When she refused, Victor demanded that she tell Stefano what was going on so that he could have her guarded. "Trust me; this is not the time to talk to Stefano," Kate replied grimly, but she didn't want to discuss Stefano with Victor. Victor declared that they couldn't just sit around waiting for Vivian to exact her revenge. "We have to take her out," he asserted.

Stefano arrived on the pier just in time to hear Victor telling Kate, "I'm not going to let anything happen to my family -- and that includes you."

Vivian was remarkably cheery when she met Gus at the Brady Pub later. "Victor and Brady and the group know that if I go to jail, they'll be in the cell right next to me," she chirped. Gus asked if Vivian had wanted to meet so they could discuss her next plan for Maggie, but Vivian insisted she had moved on from that.

"I have a plan to get even with Victor and company," Vivian declared, eyes dancing. "And if I do say so myself, it's devilishly clever." After she had divulged the details, Gus proclaimed that it was a brilliant plan, but, "I'm just not sure anyone -- not even you -- can pull it off." Grinning impishly, Vivian urged him to just wait and see.

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