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Monday, October 4, 2010

Rafe tried to get Sami to tell him the truth about E.J.'s shooting. She was reluctant at first. Rafe assured her that she wouldn't lose him. When Sami started to tell him the truth, Arianna and Gabi showed up with housewarming gifts, but Sami was less than enthusiastic. Arianna realized that they should have called first and that they had arrived at a bad time, but when she tried to leave, Sami insisted that they stay.

Arianna felt that they should tell her and Gabi the truth if it wasn't a good time to stop by. Rafe admitted that it was a bad time, so Arianna and Gabi got ready to leave. Gabi glanced at Rafe's computer and realized that they planned on going to Green Mountain Lodge to get married. Arianna asked if Rafe wondered what would happen to E.J. when he found out that Rafe and Sami planned to get married, but Rafe didn't care how it would affect E.J.

Rafe got angry with Arianna for accusing Sami of attempted murder. Arianna argued that Sami had tried to take E.J. off life support. Sami said that was what E.J. had wanted her to do and what the doctors had said was best. Sami refused to argue anymore, and Arianna apologized for arguing, but she refused to apologize for caring what happened to E.J. Rafe said they didn't plan to tell E.J. about their wedding until after they got married. Arianna agreed not to tell E.J., and Gabi considered it romantic. Arianna said that whoever had shot E.J. needed to pay.

E.J. and Stefano plotted to send either Sami or Will to jail and tried to decide which would hurt Sami the most. Roman stopped by the hospital to see E.J. and get his statement about the shooting. Roman wanted to question E.J. alone, but Stefano didn't want to leave. Stefano accused Roman of lacking objectivity in investigating E.J.'s shooting. E.J. told Stefano to leave so he could set the record straight. Once they were alone, Roman asked E.J. how much he remembered. E.J. said he remembered everything.

Roman asked exactly what E.J. remembered. E.J. said he remembered the wedding, and after that it was "hazy." Roman continued to question E.J. about what he remembered, but E.J.'s alarms went off on his medical equipment. Lexie reminded Roman that she had warned him not to push E.J. Roman said they hadn't even discussed anything controversial before the alarms went off. He asked if E.J. could make the machines go off intentionally. Lexie reminded Roman that E.J. was the victim, and she assumed that he would want to tell Roman who had shot him.

Meanwhile, E.J. gloated to himself that he was able to get out of Roman's line of questioning. E.J. was determined to make sure justice was served his way. Stefano told E.J. about Roman's theory that E.J. was able to manipulate the machines, and E.J. admitted that he had done it on purpose. Stefano pointed out the flaws in E.J.'s plan. E.J. wanted to buy some time until he could figure out how to get his kids back. E.J. wanted proof of exactly who had tried to kill him. He planned to make sure that Sami and Rafe didn't "live happily ever after." He also planned to make sure Johnny and Sydney never saw Sami or Rafe again.

After Arianna and Gabi left, Sami prepared to tell Rafe that she had shot E.J., but he told her he didn't want to know because once they got married, he couldn't be "forced to disclose anything that could potentially incriminate" Sami. E.J. called Sami and thanked her for allowing the kids to visit him in the hospital. She said she would check with Lexie first before letting them visit again. E.J. said he had suffered another medical scare, and he asked if she worried about him. "Of course I do," she said. E.J. said to tell the kids that they would be living together again soon.

After she got off the phone, Sami told Rafe that she wanted E.J. to know that she knew what he had done to her. Sami told Rafe that she didn't deserve him, but he said it was the other way around. "You're wrong," she said, and he pulled her into a kiss. After she left, Rafe said to himself, "Okay, so she knows Will shot E.J. Now we gotta figure out a way to get the kid off the hook." Sami vowed not to tell Rafe the truth, even after they got married. "I just can't do that to you," she said to herself.

E.J. told himself that once he found out who'd shot him, the charade would be over. Arianna stopped by to see E.J. in the hospital, and he was happy to see her. She gave him a book that she had liked to read in prison.

At the Brady Pub, Adrienne walked in while Justin was on the phone with Victor, who wanted Justin to speed up the divorce proceedings. Justin explained that he couldn't do that unless Vivian agreed to speed it up. Adrienne joked about Victor and Vivian's divorce. Justin considered Victor to be lucky because the divorce was just an inconvenience to Victor. "It hurts like hell when you divorce someone you really love," Justin said.

Adrienne and Justin were talking about their regrets when someone called him. He told the person on the phone that he was talking to a client, which irritated Adrienne. Justin explained that he didn't want to explain that he was too busy talking to his ex-wife about regrets. She pointed out that they had just said they didn't have any regrets. "I don't know about you, but I lied," Justin said.

Brady and Nicole started making out in the mausoleum, leaving Vivian frustrated that she was stuck in the sarcophagus again. They went to the mansion and had sex. Afterwards, Nicole noticed that Brady wasn't exactly overjoyed, so she asked, "Was it good for you?" Brady said it was good for him, and Nicole wanted to know whether he was happy that they had slept together. She questioned the timing of it, and Brady said that he had missed her and missed being with her. "Good answer," Nicole said.

While he was in bed with Nicole, Brady dreamed that Vivian was lying next to him. Brady told Nicole that he had to take care of something, but he wanted her to stay. Nicole noticed the Bluetooth on the bed and hid it from Brady. Brady rushed off to the mausoleum to receive Isabella's body. Meanwhile, Vivian tried to pass the time by counting, and she worried that Nicole hadn't called the police or that the police didn't believe Nicole. Nicole went downstairs and put on the Bluetooth to talk to Vivian. Vivian asked whether Nicole had called the police.

Vivian saw that Brady had returned to the mausoleum, and Nicole realized that Brady had ordered his mother's remains returned to the mausoleum. Nicole said that Vivian would get out of the sarcophagus but wasn't sure about the timing. "Not sure about the time? We're not talking about meeting for coffee. We're trying to get me out of the sarcophagus," Vivian said. Nicole agreed to try. "It's easy. Just pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1," Vivian insisted.

"Don't tell me what to do, you stupid cow. Okay, you not only have nothing to negotiate with -- you brought this on yourself," Nicole said. Vivian pointed out that she hadn't locked herself in the sarcophagus. Vivian insulted Brady to Nicole, and Nicole defended him and said she wouldn't "lift a finger" to help Vivian until Nicole made sure that Brady was safe. "Oh, my God, I thought you seduced him, but he seduced you to buy silence," Vivian realized.

Nicole denied that Brady had seduced her. She said they loved each other. "That was love? Getting all hot and bothered in a crypt?" Vivian said. Vivian insulted Nicole, calling her a "washed-up porn star." Then she quickly realized her mistake. "I was wondering what I should do about this situation, but you know what? You went ahead and told me your true feelings," Nicole said, adding that Vivian was exactly where she should be forever.

Brady talked to Isabella's casket and worried that she would be disappointed to find out that he was more like Vivian than Isabella. "See, at first it was all about protecting Maggie, but now it's much more than that," he said. Justin walked in and asked Brady what was going on.