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Monday, September 20, 2010

The nurse removed E.J.'s breathing apparatus at Sami's request as Lexie cried in Stefano's arms and Rafe, Kate, and Will watched from outside the room. Sami whispered, "I'm sorry" to E.J. The nurse left the room as Stefano said goodbye to his son, saying he would be missed more than he ever knew. E.J. started breathing on his own, which startled everyone. Will asked if that meant that E.J. was waking up.

Lexie ordered everyone out of the room, while she examined her brother. Sami replayed the events over in her head from the night she shot E.J. Will asked her if she was okay, and she told him to stop worrying, because everything would be all right. "It didn't quite work out the way you'd hoped, did it, Samantha?" Stefano said. Sami tried to defend herself.

Rafe told Stefano to shut up, reminding him that he had signed off on what Sami did just like everyone else. Stefano said he had been hoping for the best -- he wasn't hoping E.J. would die. "No one was hoping that E.J. was gonna die. The doctors said he didn't have a chance, so Sami just did what she thought was best," Rafe said. Lexie walked out of E.J.'s room and told everyone that while E.J.'s lungs were clear and functioning normally, his prognosis wasn't much better than before.

Stefano wanted to see his son, and Lexie wanted to do another test on E.J. Kate asked Sami to stop by the DiMera mansion to pick up some of the things she had left. Rafe asked to speak to Will alone away from the hospital. Before leaving the room, Lexie told Stefano that "sometimes things don't work out the way we hope." Stefano whispered to E.J., "Never mind what she says. You come back to me."

When Sami and Kate got back to the mansion, Sami wanted to know what Kate wanted. Kate said that she was there so they could talk about Will. Meanwhile, Rafe took Will out to the lake to talk about Will's whereabouts when E.J. had been shot. Kate said she knew Will was aware of what Kate had told Sami about E.J.'s plans to kidnap the kids. Sami assured her that Will had promised not to tell anyone about what Kate had said, but Kate said she wasn't just concerned about that, and Sami knew it.

Kate told Sami that Will needed an alibi for the night of E.J. shooting. Stefano returned home and interrupted Sami and Kate's conversation. He demanded to know what they were talking about. Kate said they were talking about E.J., and Sami asked how E.J. was. "As if you care," he said. Stefano said E.J. was fine. He asked what Sami and Kate were "really talking about." Sami said they were really talking about E.J.

Stefano said he thought they were talking about Will because Stefano had information that the police did not have. Sami demanded to know what he was talking about. Stefano said he was referring to the gun that had been used to shoot E.J. While the shooter must have tossed the gun after the crime, the gun had been locked in the drawer in the living room, Stefano said, and only the people living at the house knew about it.

Stefano unveiled his theory that E.J. had not been shot by one of Victor's people. He said it was "an inside job." No one had been at home at the time but E.J., Stefano said. Since Sami had been with Rafe, the only person left was Will, Stefano added. Sami insisted that Will had not shot E.J. Meanwhile, the nurse checked E.J.'s vitals and then left the room. E.J. whispered Sami's name.

Will told Rafe that he had been at the pub with Johnny, Allie, and Sydney. Rafe said he didn't really believe Will. Rafe asked Will to be straight with him, and Will said he would tell Rafe what he wanted to know. Will repeated his alibi, adding that he had stepped outside for a minute to make a call, but that was it. Rafe still didn't believe him. Will told Rafe that if he really thought Will did it, "Then bring it on. Charge me!"

Maggie told Melanie and Philip that she had changed her mind about attending Isabella's re-internment because she had received a warning the night before about Vivian. Maggie told them about the call she had received from Gus telling her to watch out. Melanie pointed out that everyone needed to "watch out" where Vivian was concerned. Maggie noticed that Vivian had been friendly in recent weeks and had practically begged Maggie to attend. Melanie and Philip told Maggie to stick close to them, and they would protect her. Maggie told Philip and Melanie what a good person Isabella was.

Chloe rubbed her belly, thinking of her last conversation with Vivian, who had suspected that there was something going on with Chloe's sudden friendship with Carly. Daniel walked up on Chloe, which startled her. Chloe was having second thoughts about going to the memorial service for Isabella, because she didn't want to see Vivian.

Daniel said he would go to the memorial alone, and he would have a "chat" with Vivian, telling her to stay away from Chloe and Melanie. Chloe was uneasy about the prospect of Daniel speaking to Vivian about her, so she changed her mind and decided to go with him. Daniel doted on Chloe.

Stephanie ran into Ian outside the Brady Pub, and she stressed out over who had switched Chloe's DNA test results. Meanwhile, Chloe and Daniel went to the Brady Pub, and Daniel was kissing all over her. Stephanie told Ian who they were, and then she realized that Daniel might have switched the results. Stephanie called around and found out that Daniel had special privileges at St. Mary's so he could have accessed the results and changed it.

Victor showed Vivian's email announcing that she had left town to Brady, and Victor said it was "impossible." Victor went upstairs, and Brady followed.

Vivian thought about what a hypocrite Brady was for turning into a "reptile" after discovering what she had done with Isabella's corpse. She was hopeful that Victor would find her. She remembered that there was a remote inside the sarcophagus, so she tuned in to what was going on in her bedroom.

Victor looked all throughout Vivian's bedroom. He opened her closet and noticed that all her clothes were still there, including her luggage. He then looked inside her bedside table and noticed that her jewelry was gone along with her passport. Brady acted surprised and said "That may mean something." Victor noted that Lawrence's ashes were gone too. "There's only one word I can say about this," Victor said. "Hallelujah!"

Victor was beaming when Justin walked in asking what was going on. "Justin, wonderful news! Vivian has left me," Victor said. Victor showed Vivian's "letter" To Justin. "Vivian can be dense as cement when it comes to how other people feel about her. I never thought she'd see the light of day and leave," Victor said. Justin thought that was far-fetched even for Vivian, but he chalked it up to "strange things do happen sometimes."

Victor wondered if it was one of Vivian's schemes to make him miss her. He figured they would find out if she didn't show up for the memorial service, because there was no way Vivian would resist being the center of attention. "Unless she left," Brady said. Vivian said to herself -- and Victor -- "No. My love I'll find a way, I promise."

Victor ordered Justin to prepare the divorce papers just in case, citing desertion. "That way she won't even get the prenup money," Victor laughed. Justin still felt there was something a little too strange about Vivian just disappearing. Brady interjected, "You know. You should look at the bright side on this one. I mean she's gone. He's happy. You should get used to that."

Brady apologized for snapping at Justin. He explained that he wanted to concentrate on his mother's memorial. Victor went into the mausoleum, and Vivian realized he was right near the sarcophagus. Victor delighted at the revelation that Vivian was really gone. When Philip arrived, Victor told him the good news. Victor was so happy he could "dance a gig." Maggie, Melanie, Chloe, and Daniel arrived soon after, and Victor announced his happy news to them. "Vivian has left me. There is a God," he said.

Victor told everyone that Vivian had dumped him by email. Vivian cried out to Victor. Philip hugged Victor, happily. Everyone was happy to hear that Vivian was gone. It was "the best news ever" to Daniel. Vivian called them "all bastards to the core." Maggie asked Victor if he was certain she was gone. He said if Vivian was gone, it was all thanks to Maggie.

Vivian was heartbroken. Victor began the ceremony as they all held hands around the sarcophagus, unbeknownst to everyone but Brady that Vivian was trapped inside. "It wasn't supposed to be this way. You should all be standing over Maggie's helpless screaming body. This is so disgusting!" Vivian said.

Maggie said that Isabella wasn't just beautiful -- "she was an ideal beauty." She said Victor learned more from his daughter than from anyone else about love. Victor said Isabella opened up his heart, and life with her wasn't just wonderful, "it was perfect." He thanked everyone for attending the service. Brady interrupted Victor's toast so he could "come clean" about something. Vivian assumed that Brady was about to confess to trapping Vivian in the sarcophagus.

Instead, Brady told how he had never known his mother growing up, so he learned about her through other people's stories. Brady thanked Vivian for planning the re-internment and said the way in which she'd handled Isabella's memory "was really incredible." He said his only hope was to find a way to pay Vivian back for it. Brady said he felt bad for being so harsh and critical to Vivian while she had been there, because Vivian did a "wonderful and right thing" for Isabella. He proposed a toast to Isabella and "to the woman who made today possible -- Vivian." Vivian screamed, "NO!"

Ian pointed out the flaw in Stephanie's theory -- that if Chloe had cheated on Daniel and gotten pregnant by another guy, Daniel wouldn't change the results so that everyone would think he was the father -- he would tell Chloe to get out of his life. Stephanie surmised that Daniel probably thought it would be better for everyone, because there would have been too much at stake to just leave Chloe, so he'd changed the results, thus saving Melanie's marriage, and Daniel and Chloe's too.

Stephanie told Ian that he didn't need to hack any more computers, and she thanked him for his help. Ian wished her good luck with Nathan. Stephanie said that even though they'd hacked into the computer system, it wasn't like she had changed the results. Adrienne walked up and noticed that Stephanie was afraid of something, and she demanded to know what Stephanie had done.

Stephanie took offense to Adrienne's accusation that she was lying. Adrienne asked what Stephanie had done, and Stephanie said she hadn't done anything. Adrienne called Kayla, because she thought that Stephanie needed Kayla.