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Monday, April 12, 2010

Chloe met with Nicole at the Java Café to vent about Carly. Nicole encouraged her to fight for Daniel. Chloe said Carly might be moving in with Chloe and Daniel. Nicole thought that sounded like something that Nicole would do. Chloe wanted to know why Nicole was in town. Nicole tried to explain, but Chloe didn't buy it. She knew that Nicole was there for Brady.

Nicole admitted that she was in town for Brady. She felt that she would have been with Brady sooner if she hadn't been involved with E.J. Chloe reminded Nicole that Brady was marrying Arianna. That didn't faze Nicole, because she planned to keep that from happening. Chloe encouraged Nicole not to do anything awful to Arianna, and she reminded Nicole about how bad things were between Nicole and Chloe when Chloe and Brady were together. Nicole said she was crazy when she did that before.

Hope thought back to when she saw Bo and Carly kissing for the first time. Carly stopped by the Kiriakis mansion to leave a book for Ciara from Bo, which interrupted Hopes thoughts. Hope overheard them talking and confronted Carly about Bo not telling Hope how sick Kim was.

Carly explained that Bo had to leave town quickly and had left messages, but Hope didn't call him back and hardly ever called him back. Hope told Carly to watch her tone of voice, but Carly said that someone needed to speak to Hope, and it might as well be Carly. Carly accused Hope of throwing her marriage away.

Hope clarified that she did not throw her marriage away, and Carly wouldn't have had a chance with Bo if Hope and Bo were not separated. Carly agreed that Hope was right, and she encouraged Hope to live with the fact that Bo chose to be with Carly. Hope told Carly that she was just in the right place at the right time. She explained that when things would get really bad, Bo would retreat into the past.

Carly said she wouldn't begin to understand what Hope went through when Hope lost her son, but she considered it a cheap shot to say that Bo would have affairs so he didn't have to grieve while Hope handled all that for the both of them. Hope said she didn't "give a damn" what Carly thought. All she knew was she went through some really bad times alone.

When Carly mentioned Patrick, Hope asked if Bo had told Carly about it. Carly said that Bo talked to her about a lot of things. She accused Hope of standing on her moral high ground when the fact was Bo had been hurt too. Hope said there was more pain on the way for Bo. Hope accused Carly of killing her own marriage and then having the "audacity" to kill Hope's too. Hope predicted that Bo would find himself all alone again.

Carly didn't care if Hope ridiculed her. She was in love with Bo and planned to be with Bo for the rest of their lives. Hope said she used to use the same word. " Can we not do the martyr thing, please, anymore? And just so you know, I'm not going to grovel, and I'm not going to continue to apologize, okay, so just forget about it," Carly said. She felt that her love for Bo and Bo's love for Carly would never change. After Carly left, Hope had a bad headache and went to bed.

Stefano prepared to show Sami the DVD of Anna confessing to kidnapping Sydney on E.J.'s orders. Sami said she didn't want to see the DVD. Sami said no matter what was on the DVD, she wouldn't believe it. Stefano tried to pique Sami's curiosity, but she refused to listen, so he said he planned to find another way to "enlighten" her. E.J. escorted Sami out of the room, and he explained that Stefano was trying to discredit E.J. in Sami's eyes because E.J. wasn't under Stefano's thumb anymore.

Sami asked E.J. to tell Stefano that she wouldn't let Stefano get between her and her family. After she left, E.J. went back to the living room. "You are so lucky that Samantha is such a stubborn bitch," Stefano said. E.J. asked what Stefano wanted. Stefano said he wanted E.J. to take responsibility for what he did.

E.J. asked if Stefano wanted him to tell Sami everything. He asked if Stefano wanted to see Johnny and Sydney again, because if E.J. told Sami, she would keep Johnny and Sydney from Stefano. Stefano said that if E.J. had trusted Stefano with the truth, Stefano would have moved "heaven and earth" to protect E.J. E.J. asked Stefano to show E.J. some love by keeping E.J.'s involvement in the kidnapping a secret.

Stefano praised E.J.'s skill in duping Stefano about Sydney's "death." While he didn't like being played for a fool or having his life threatened, he praised E.J. for getting Sami to believe in him. He called E.J. "a true DiMera." Stefano said he suspected E.J. when he found the bottle of children's medicine, but he said E.J. "deceived the ultimate deceiver." Stefano handed E.J. a copy of the DVD -- although it wasn't the only copy -- as a gesture of respect. He said E.J. "played it well."

Stefano said that E.J. had become a man. "You're my son. I'll always love you," Stefano said. He said in order for there to be complete peace and understanding between them, there was "one final condition."

Arianna wanted to go home, but Brady wanted her to stay at the Kiriakis mansion for the night. She felt self-conscious about sneaking past Henderson in the morning. Brady reassured her that Henderson knew that she was Brady's fiancée and wouldn't have a problem with it. Arianna said people advised her to rush and get married because Nicole was back and wanted Brady.

Brady denied it, but then he realized he'd made a mistake -- he didn't offer Nicole enough money. He wrote the check with the intention that it would get Nicole out of their lives so Arianna didn't have to think about Nicole anymore and could spend more time thinking about him. When Brady left the room, Arianna grabbed the check and decided to deliver it to Nicole in person.

Nicole realized that Brady loved her and just thought Nicole would be with E.J. forever. With E.J. out of the picture, Nicole had her sights set on Brady and intended to prove to Brady that Arianna was wrong for him. "Good luck with that," Arianna said. Chloe reminded Nicole to remember what Chloe said. After Chloe left, Arianna told Nicole that she and Brady had a chat about Nicole, and she presented Brady's check to Nicole as a gesture from Arianna and Brady. Arianna said that Brady felt sorry for Nicole and wanted her to leave town in exchange for the money.

Nicole took the check and asked when the wedding was. Arianna said they had decided not to rush into things. Nicole claimed that Brady was taking her advice. Arianna said Brady was too decent to abandon someone as needy and desperate as Nicole.

Nicole said that Brady was too smart to abandon a woman who had his heart and always would. Arianna said that she wasn't like Chloe or the other girls Nicole had pushed around. "I've been inside, the same as you. You mess with me. You're not going to like what happens," Arianna said. Nicole asked if Arianna was threatening her. Arianna suggested that Nicole take the check and leave town unless Nicole wanted to watch Arianna and Brady living happily ever after.

Justin stopped by the Cheatin' Heart to give Adrienne papers that her real estate agent had asked him to draw up. He asked if Adrienne planned to sell the bar. Adrienne explained that she wasn't able to keep a close enough eye on the bar. He asked whether she wanted to stick around and run the place herself. She wondered if he was asking her to stick around. Justin said he just stopped by to make sure she was doing what she wanted to do -- selling the bar. When he tried to leave, she challenged him to a game of pool.

Justin and Adrienne joked around and reminisced about when Justin would let Adrienne win at pool. He said he used to let her win because he wanted her to feel better about herself. Adrienne thought that nothing about their relationship was what she thought it would be. She realized that he hadn't returned to Salem because Victor wanted Justin to defend Daniel on a murder charge when he was really in town to get close to Hope.

Adrienne decided to sign the paper to have the bar sold. Justin said there was never anything between him and Hope. "Right, because she's so hung up on Bo, she wouldn't give you a tumble, but if that would change right now, you would leave skidmarks getting out of this bar," Adrienne said. Adrienne accused Justin of trying to encourage her to stay in town to make Hope think she was missing out on a good deal. Justin said that was beneath him and Hope, but Adrienne thought she was "right on the money."

Adrienne said that this time around, she wasn't falling for it. She signed the document and handed it to Justin. After Justin left, he tried to make a phone call outside the bar while someone watched from behind some boxes.As Adrienne was closing the bar, she heard a noise and ran outside to find Justin unconscious on the ground. He had blood on his head.

Sami met with Brady at the Brady Pub. She filled Brady in on Will's decision to move into the DiMera mansion with Kate because E.J. was staying at Sami's house. Brady was shocked that Sami had turned to E.J. after all that E.J. had put Sami through. Sami felt that E.J. had changed, because of everything that they went through with Sydney. Brady pointed out that E.J.'s way of changing involved spending all his time at Sami's house.

Brady asked how that was working out for Sami and Rafe. Sami said it had nothing to do with E.J. She explained that Rafe didn't want to work things out and didn't even let Sami be his alibi. She explained that Rafe was accused of beating up the district attorney, but he hadn't been charged with anything yet.

Brady reminded Sami that she had four kids and didn't need to lean on E.J. Sami said she wasn't relying on E.J. She said she had confronted Stefano. Brady asked why Will moved out of the house. Sami said it was because E.J. was living at her place. Brady got angry and told her to "throw the bum out." Brady said that E.J. was just trying to make another play for her.

Sami said E.J. knew that there was no future for her and him, and they made promises to God when Sydney was kidnapped. She felt they needed to honor those promises since Sydney was returned to them safely. Sami said E.J. was a better person. Brady thought E.J. was a goon who hired guys to beat Brady up on E.J.'s wedding day, because E.J. didn't have the guts to do it himself.

"He is that person, and that is exactly why I didn't want to tell him about Sydney in the first place. I know that, okay? But I also know that he hates who he was, and he doesn't want to be that person anymore," Sami said. Sami said E.J. had distanced himself from Stefano and wanted to be a good father. "I believe I am seeing the real E.J.," Sami added.

Chloe left a message for Daniel as she opened their apartment door. When Chloe saw Carly waiting in the living room, she hung up. Carly explained that Daniel gave her a copy of his keys, and she promised to do her best to stay out of Chloe's way.