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Monday, February 1, 2010

Bo spoke to Ciara by webcam, but there was a knock at the door, so he said goodbye. Carly arrived to tell Bo that she felt that Melanie was warming up to Carly, and Carly wanted to tell Melanie that Carly was her mother. Bo thought it wasn't a good idea, because Melanie was an emotional person and wouldn't be able to keep news like that to herself. Therefore, Vivian would find out somehow.

Bo held Carly's face and told her that they would get through it together. Bo was sorry that Carly couldn't tell her daughter the truth. Carly agreed that Bo was right -- if Melanie knew that Carly was her mother, Vivian would get it out of Melanie.

At Maggie's house, Caroline and Maggie left Ciara in the kitchen to finish her food. While they were gone, she turned on the laptop webcam again so she could talk to Bo and saw Bo and Carly kissing on the couch. Ciara heard them discussing Melanie being Carly's daughter. Later, Caroline decided to take Ciara to Bo's house for a surprise visit.

Carly left to start her shift at the hospital. On her way out, just as she was opening the door, she told him she loved him. Caroline and Ciara were at the door and heard her. Caroline did not look happy. "This is a surprise," Bo told Ciara as he hugged her. "Apparently so," Caroline said. She told Carly, "Don't let me keep you." Ciara went upstairs to draw a picture.

Bo could tell that his mother was upset with him, so he let her have her say. She asked if he ever thought about anybody but himself. "I'm a selfish bastard, Ma. My family doesn't mean a damn thing to me," Bo said sarcastically. "That came out stronger than I meant it to be. God knows I'm not in a position to throw stones," Caroline said. "You always say that before the big guns," Bo said.

"Okay, the big guns. You think about what it does to Ciara when she comes home, and she sees Carly, and then she hears this woman tell her daddy that she loves him," Caroline said. "Is that any worse than her mommy in their new home, doing whatever she does with Justin?" Bo asked. "We're not talking about that -- we're talking about Ciara and about your responsibility to your daughter," she said.

Bo told Caroline that Hope took his daughter from him and ripped his family apart "Hell, my own ma doesn't even see that Hope is the one who did this," Bo yelled. Caroline asked if Bo thought that let him off the hook. "Hope's wrong, and anything you do is justified? You tell that to Ciara. That should be a big comfort," she said. Bo said he was doing the best he could, and Caroline said that Ciara would really be hurt.

Bo was frustrated that he and Hope hadn't been able to connect. He said they were having a hard time talking about anything. Caroline told Bo to think about what was best for Ciara, and the answer didn't have anything to do with Carly. Later, Bo looked for some markers for Ciara's picture, and he found a picture of him, Ciara, and Hope.

Vivian left a message for Melanie to go to the spa together. Hope overheard her and asked why Vivian was "so wrapped up in Melanie." Hope asked what was in it for Vivian. Hope surmised that Vivian was hoping that Melanie could help Vivian secure her place in Victor's life. Vivian wanted to be a member of the Kiriakis family, and she and Melanie would be the new girls in the family and needed to stick together.

Vivian wondered why Hope was being "antagonistic" given that they had a common enemy -- Carly. Hope suggested that Vivian was driven by the need for revenge. "Clearly I wouldn't be in this position if Lawrence were alive -- if Carly hadn't killed him. I could have left well enough alone," Vivian said. Hope found that "interesting," and she asked, "What would you have left alone, Vivian?"

"I would think that's rather obvious -- I would have left well enough alone if Carly hadn't killed Lawrence," Vivian said. "So maybe you are back for revenge," Hope said. Vivian said that revenge was her original intention. She started to say that she was welcomed back into the family with open arms, and then she suddenly remembered that she was missing her hair appointment. Hope realized that Vivian hadn't changed at all and was still after Carly, but Hope wondered what that had to do with Melanie.

Melanie stopped by the hospital so that Carly could have Melanie's finger x-rayed. Nurse Nadine told Melanie that Carly wasn't in yet, but there was someone on staff who could handle it. Nathan arrived just as the nurse was speaking. "Ah, speak of the devil," the nurse said about Nathan. Melanie told him that she could wait for Carly. Nathan tried to touch her to hand to see if she had any broken bones, but she told him not to touch her, and she walked off.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie told Justin that she was falling in love with someone, but she didn't think he felt the same way about her. Justin said that if Stephanie loved a man who didn't love her back, that man was an "idiot," which meant that she "dodged a bullet." Stephanie thought that Justin reminded her of her father, because her father would think that a guy was an idiot without knowing anything about the situation.

"Fathers don't need to know anything about a situation to pass judgment. He's not good for you, and apparently, he has terrible eyesight," Justin said. "What if he's just hung up on someone else?" she asked. "Who cares? He's a jerk," he said. Stephanie revealed that she was referring to Nathan, "and you know he's not a jerk." Justin agreed that Nathan wasn't a "jerk." She explained that he had feelings for someone else, but Nathan had explained that he was over it. Stephanie was worried that Nathan was lying to himself.

Justin advised Stephanie to speak to Nathan honestly about what she was worried about. "Is that what you and Aunt Adrienne do?" she asked. "No, we just tell other people to do that," Justin said. He got a phone call from Adrienne and excused himself from the table.

At the police station, Chad delivered a file to his father, the district attorney. Chad tried to thank his father for letting him invite some friends to watch the Olympics. His father seemed preoccupied, so Chad decided to leave, but his father stopped him to apologize. He said that he was like that before every trial. "You'd think I'd have figured that out by now," Chad said. His father encouraged Chad to have a good time in Vancouver.

Chad thought that his father went easy on him, given Chad's record. His father was confident that Chad would do great. "You weren't the problem, Chad. It was that lying, little... Let's just say I'm glad Mia McCormick is out of your life for good," his father said.

At the Java Café, Gabi, "T," and Kinsey were excited about going to Vancouver. Kinsey told Gabi that Chad clearly invited Gabi to Vancouver to be alone with her and "see what he can do to warm" Gabi up. Mia listened discreetly and fumed in anger. When Chad showed up, Kinsey suggested that Chad get them tickets to the curling competition. She told Chad that he was an "amazing friend." Chad asked Gabi if she had started packing yet, and she said she hadn't -- she couldn't believe she was going. Gabi promised to pack right away.

Mia had been eavesdropping on their conversation. She told Will goodbye, and claimed she was going to check on Maggie. Will stopped by Maggie's house, to say he was worried about Mia and that Mia had said she needed to see Maggie. Maggie told him that Mia wasn't home. Will tried Mia on her cell phone, but she didn't pick up. Maggie theorized that Mia might have run into some friends on the way home. Will said that she didn't have any friends, but Maggie didn't believe it.

Will confided in Maggie that since Grace had died, Mia wasn't the same person. Will compared the way Sami acted when Grace died and how Maggie acted when Mickey died to the way Mia was acting. "You're still you. You're you, but sad. I'm ... not sure I know who Mia is," he said.

Mia stopped by the police station to see Chad's father. He didn't think that they would have anything to talk about. She claimed she was there to thank him because Chad had invited her to Vancouver.

At the Java Café, Vivian cancelled her hair appointment and plotted a way to make Melanie's wedding "something that no one would forget."

Nathan and Melanie argued about Melanie pulling her hand away. He advised her to let another doctor look at her hand, because they were unable to keep a doctor-patient relationship. Carly had Melanie's hand x-rayed and found out it wasn't broken. They started talking about Melanie's upcoming nuptials. Melanie was nervous about having to write her wedding vows. Carly said that if Melanie didn't have any doubts about marrying Philip, the vows would write themselves.

Melanie realized that Carly had tricked her into staying at the hospital longer by asking her to fill out unnecessary forms. Carly had noticed that things looked intense between Melanie and Nathan. Melanie said she was trying to be sensitive to Nathan's feelings, because he still had feelings for Melanie. Carly said that if Melanie still had feelings for Nathan, Melanie wasn't "in trouble -- not yet anyway."

Carly said Melanie needed to take things slowly and enjoy her youth. Melanie thought that Carly was telling her to forget about Philip and give Nathan another chance. Carly asked if Philip could make her happy, and Melanie said yes. Carly admitted that it wasn't her business. Melanie apologized for passing judgment on Carly without knowing the whole story. She invited Carly to the wedding.

At the Brady Pub, Hope called Henderson to see if Vivian was home. When she heard that Vivian had left, Hope tried to rush out the door, but Justin stopped her. He had heard from Adrienne that Hope had called Adrienne to ask if Justin and Adrienne's marriage was over. He also found out that Hope had tried to convince Adrienne to give Justin another chance. "I'm a romantic," Hope said.

Justin said his marriage was over, and Hope's interference was just prolonging the "agony." Hope said she was in a hurry to leave. Justin told her that their conversation wasn't over, so Hope said she could use his help.

Justin accompanied Hope back to the Kiriakis mansion to get to Vivian's puzzle box to find out Carly's secret. Justin theorized that Hope would benefit by slaying "Carly's dragon," because Carly wouldn't seem so appealing to Bo. Hope didn't have time to discuss it -- she wanted to get to Vivian's room. Vivian returned sooner than Justin or Hope had estimated. Justin tried to stall to keep her from going upstairs while Hope sneaked downstairs.

Justin asked Vivian to talk to Victor about him. She agreed, and Hope made it downstairs before she got caught. She sneaked the puzzle box downstairs. Hope opened the box and found a paper. She read it and said to herself: "Damn you, Brady. Damn you."

At the dock, Stephanie had stepped in a puddle, and her toes were wet and cold. Nathan massaged her feet. Nathan asked Stephanie to join him at a ski lodge. Stephanie was interested until he told her it would be on Valentine's Day. She said that she was helping Melanie with the wedding, which took place on Valentine's Day, and if she told Melanie that she wouldn't be there, Melanie would ask where they were going. Stephanie and Nathan agreed not to go anywhere until the day after the wedding.

At the Java Café, Will questioned Mia on her whereabouts. Mia made up a lie about going for a walk instead of going home. Mia overheard Chad getting news from his father canceling Chad's trip to Vancouver. Chad told his friends that his father had changed his mind about the trip. Gabi, T, and Kinsey were disappointed. Mia turned around and told them it wasn't the end of the world.

At the Brady Café, Vivian told Gus that while she didn't know how to kill Melanie, she had decided it would be on Melanie's wedding day.