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Monday, December 21, 2009

At the hospital, Bo tried to figure out how a dead body ended up in the bed of one of Carly's patients. Daniel said he had discovered who put the body there and why. He said that a new orderly took the blame for the incident and then quit. He said the hospital tried to follow up with the orderly with more questions, but he was nowhere to be found. Bo asked Daniel how he and Carly knew each other. Daniel said that they had worked together for a couple years, and at the time, Daniel did not know that Carly had been married to Victor. Daniel was glad that Bo didn't hate Carly like Victor did. Bo said he considered Carly a "good friend."

Bo told Carly that they needed to pay Vivian a visit, but Carly didn't see the point. Carly wanted to leave her alone, because it might cause the situation to escalate. Bo ordered Carly to go home with him so that they could discuss the matter in private. At Bo's house, Carly and Bo argued about whether to back off of Vivian. Bo forgot what he was saying, and they had a good laugh about it. Bo said that Carly was still impossible. Carly started to leave, and then she noticed that a picture of Bo, Hope, and Ciara was missing. Carly asked what happened to it, and Bo said that Hope took it. Bo confided in Carly that he thought that his marriage was over.

Bo regretted telling Carly about the state of his marriage. He said that Hope would be upset that he confided in Carly, and Bo would feel the same way if the roles were reversed. Carly said she understood. Bo couldn't understand how he and Hope got to where they were. He said he and Hope used to be able to talk about things and resolve their issues, but there was too much resentment and anger.

Carly started crying. Bo asked what was wrong, and she said she regretted how his admission made her feel. He asked how it made her feel. Carly said that she had reacted badly to Justin's accusations because she realized that Justin was right. She said she had been "stuffing" her feelings for too long and she couldn't deny any longer that she was falling in love with Bo again. Carly tried to leave, but Bo stopped her and said she didn't need to leave.

Will stopped by Mia's house to find out what time she wanted him to pick her up for the school dance. He suggested 7:00, which was fine with her, but Chad's phone call interrupted their conversation. Chad also wanted to know what time to pick up Mia. He suggested the same time that Will suggested - 7:00 p.m. Mia hung up with Chad.

Brady playfully kissed Arianna, but she wanted him to let her get out of bed so that she wouldn't be late for work. Brady went to take a shower, and after he left the room, there was a knock at the door. It was E.J., who started interrogating Arianna about why she went to Cleveland. E.J. accused Arianna of working with Brady to kidnap Sydney. Arianna got angry and tried to kick E.J. out, but he wouldn't leave.

Brady returned and asked why E.J. was blaming Arianna. Arianna explained that she was at the Java Café with Melanie when Sami got the phone call from Nicole. E.J. slowly realized that he had made a mistake. He apologized and said he couldn't sleep or eat because he was desperate to find his daughter. Arianna said she understood. Arianna tried to make E.J. feel better, but E.J. interrupted her and told her not to apologize. E.J. felt that it was his fault for rejecting his daughter.

Chloe visited Nicole in jail and gave her a book to read. The only gift that Nicole wanted was for Sydney to be safe. Nicole told Chloe that she remembered the boots that the kidnapper wore when she took Sydney. Nicole believed that Stefano was behind the kidnapping. She said that Roman didn't believe her about the boots, but Rafe did. Chloe said she would try to visit Nicole on Christmas Day, but Nicole discouraged it, saying that Chloe needed to spend time with Daniel.

Chloe planned to convince Brady to visit Nicole, but Nicole said that Brady had made it clear to Nicole that he wouldn't see her again, and Nicole knew she had to accept it. Brady visited Nicole in jail. He said they hadn't found Sydney and that, according to E.J., Stefano wasn't involved. Nicole was going crazy thinking that Sydney was kidnapped by a stranger. Nicole asked Brady to promise that he wouldn't stop searching for Sydney, even if everyone else gave up hope. He promised Nicole he would continue the search.

Rafe told Sami that after he gave Stefano a truth serum, Stefano admitted that he did not have Sydney and did not know anything about the woman that Nicole said took her. Sami was worried that the news meant that Sydney was with a complete stranger. Sami believed that Nicole was behind the kidnapping, but Rafe said he didn't believe Nicole was behind it either. Rafe told Sami about how Nicole saw the kidnapper's boots. Sami got upset at hearing that the only lead they had was about the kidnapper's boots. Rafe tried to calm Sami down and told Sami to imagine Sydney sitting under the Christmas tree opening her presents. He said that they would find Sydney.

E.J. called Sami and asked her and Rafe to go to the mansion, because he had a plan. Once they arrived at the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Rafe that he made "inappropriate accusations" against Arianna, but she forgave him. Rafe said that if his sister forgave E.J., Rafe was okay about it. E.J. suggested that they offer a cash reward. Rafe received a phone call, and it seemed to be good news. He told Sami and E.J. that the description Nicole gave of the kidnapper's boots matched up with one specific kind of boot, and only one pair was ever sold in Salem -- to a woman that E.J. and Sami knew very well.

Anna told Sydney that she believed she did the right thing, because Sydney belonged with her. She said that Tony would be crazy about her. Anna showed Sydney a picture of Tony and said he was "the best man" she ever knew. She said that being a DiMera destroyed him, and she was thankful that Sydney would never have to suffer that way. Anna thought that everyone might be suffering "a great deal right now, but soon they'll be suffering much, much more." Anna made a ransom note that said, "I have your daughter." Anna put the paper down and told Sydney that they were going to spend their first Christmas together, and "Auntie Anna" would make it very special for her.

Will ran into Gabi at the pier. She asked how the search for Sydney was going. Will said there was nothing so far, but he was looking forward to going to the school dance with Mia. Later, Chad saw Gabi at the pier, and he encouraged her to go to the dance. He said he was planning to take Mia. She asked if Chad was going with Mia and Will. Chad was confused at first. Gabi covered by saying that English was her second language and that boys mumbled.

"T" stopped by Maggie's house to retrieve his phone from Mia. He apologized for Kinsey's behavior. Mia confided in him that she had accepted a date to the dance with both Will and with Chad. T advised Mia to call Chad and tell him that she was going to the dance with Will. Chad would be offended and throw a temper tantrum, T said. Mia asked T not to tell Kinsey about it. He agreed to keep the situation to himself, but he felt that she would hear about it from someone.

Will stopped by to see Mia after T left. Before Mia could tell Will about accepting Chad's offer to be his date to the dance, Chad showed up asking Mia to tell them who she was going to the dance with -- him or Will.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi noticed what a good mood Arianna was in and suspected that it was because of Brady. Arianna said she wanted to do something for Brady, and she needed Gabi's help. She wanted to make some homemade tamales.