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Monday, June 22, 2009

At Maggie's house, Chloe prepared to tape her segment for Kate's show, and Lucas asked how Chloe was doing. Chloe was nervous, because she didn't know much about cooking. Maggie asked Lucas where Kate was, and he said Kate would be there soon with Daniel. Upon hearing Daniel's name, Chloe dropped the ceramic bowl she was holding.

Lucas surmised that Chloe was upset about Daniel being on the show. Chloe covered by saying she was just caught off guard because she heard Daniel didn't want to do the show. She asked if Lucas knew why Daniel changed his mind, and he said he thought it was because Kate offered to donate a lot of money to Daniel's favorite charity.

Maggie admitted to Chloe that she was the one who convinced Daniel to do the show. Maggie questioned whether Chloe was over Daniel. She said if Chloe didn't deal with her feelings for Daniel, she would never be able to move on. Chloe agreed that Maggie was right.

Kate's assistant, Chris, brought out the hors d'oeuvres that Kate asked the Kiriakis chef to make. Chris wondered why Kate wanted it prepared at the Kiriakis mansion instead of at Maggie's house, because Maggie had volunteered to fix the appetizers and he would need to take them over to Maggie's house. Kate did not want to answer his question. She told him to meet her at Maggie's.

When Chris left, Kate started to poison the food, but Daniel walked in and asked why Kate was wearing gloves in the summertime. She lied and said she was pruning a plant while she waited for him. She showed Daniel the letter detailing that the proceeds from his appearances on the show would go to the cancer charity of his choice. Daniel was insecure about how he would perform on camera, but Kate reassured him that he would be great.

Daniel asked why she asked to meet her at the mansion. Kate said it was because she wanted to tell him how much it meant that he would be part of the company and that she put his affair with Chloe behind her. Kate and Daniel toasted a new beginning. He was hungry and asked for an appetizer, but Kate said the food stylist would be upset if he touched it. She explained that they were the treats that he would offer to Chloe. He asked her to take the food over to the show, and she would be there soon afterwards.

At the Java Café, Chad told Mia that he missed her. She asked what he was doing in town, and he said he was there for the summer. Mia didn't want to talk to him, and she made up an excuse about wanting to talk to her manager. Chad couldn't believe that Mia wanted to walk away from him after not seeing him for a year. Mia made a wisecrack. Then, she remembered the night that she and Chad had made love, and she ordered him to leave.

At the church, E.J. gave Sami a court order for temporary full custody of Johnny. Sami told E.J. that he couldn't take Johnny from her, but he said he could, just like Sami took Grace from him. Rafe said E.J. was wrong to seek custody of Johnny. Will overheard them talking and asked if E.J. was trying to take Johnny from Will's family. Sami urged E.J. not to pursue custody, because it wasn't just Sami he would be punishing.

Will asked E.J. if it would be okay for him to visit Johnny at the DiMera mansion, and E.J. said it would be all right. Will told Sami that he didn't blame E.J. for wanting to take custody of Johnny after Sami and Rafe lied about Grace. Will said E.J. had every right to take Johnny from Sami.

Father Matt told Nicole that some nuns from the Convent of the Holy Cross were expected to stop by the church to pay their respects to Grace. He tried to introduce Sister Agnes to Nicole, but the nun said she knew who Nicole was. Nicole said she didn't know Sister Agnes, so Father Matt introduced them.

Nicole asked if Sister Agnes arrived at the church alone, and the nun said she didn't. Nicole asked who accompanied Sister Agnes, and she mentioned Sister Claire. Father Matt asked whether Sister Theresa was with her, and Sister Agnes said that Sister Theresa was assigned to a new convent and had left town a few days before. Nicole saw Will walking out of the church and called after him.

Sami couldn't believe that E.J. was seeking custody of Johnny after Grace's funeral. Rafe told her that they would fight E.J. Sami accused E.J. of delighting in the suffering of others. E.J. asked if she thought he was happy about taking Johnny. Sami admitted that she had made mistakes, but she said E.J. couldn't act like he never did anything wrong.

E.J. said Sami did not have a moral leg to stand on. He threatened to sue her for slander if she made any accusations against him. Sami said E.J. could buy politicians, but she asked what they would say if they knew what E.J. did to the mayor, Philip, and Stephanie. E.J. said it didn't matter. Nicole walked in and asked what was going on, and Sami accused her of being behind the custody petition. E.J. defended Nicole and said he didn't need a reason to take Johnny from Sami. He gave Sami one hour to bring Johnny to him. Sami vowed to see Nicole and E.J. in hell for what E.J. was doing.

Mia told Chad never to call her goldilocks again. She was upset that he never called her the whole time he was away. He apologized and said he assumed she wouldn't take his calls based on the way they ended things. He asked if she remembered the fun times they had together, and Mia told Chad that she remembered the fun they used to have.

Chad asked to hang out with Mia after work, but she tried to blow him off. That was when Mia's boss announced that he had found someone to cover her shift, after all, so she could start the next day. Chad was excited that they could catch up. Mia told Chad that she didn't want to see him again.

Father Matt and Sister Theresa walked into the sanctuary and asked what was going on, because they heard shouting. Sami and Rafe stormed out, and E.J. shouted after them. Father Matt wanted to speak to E.J. alone, and he urged E.J. not to do anything that he would regret. E.J. told him to tell that to Sami, because she was the one who played God and would regret it.

Nicole tried to approach Sami, but she ordered Nicole to go away. Nicole told Sami that it was E.J.'s decision to go after Johnny, and Nicole had nothing to do with it. Sami didn't believe her, because Nicole looked guilty. She asked what Nicole was hiding. Nicole said she didn't do anything. Nicole said that what Sami did was wrong. Sami thought Nicole would not have a problem with Sami keeping E.J. from Grace, because E.J. had been focused on Nicole and Sydney-never on Sami and Grace. Sami said E.J. would always think about Sami and Grace.

In the park, Will called Lucas, who said that they were about to tape Kate's show, but Will insisted that he needed his father. Lucas agreed to meet Will, and asked Chris to take over as associate producer while Lucas was gone. Chloe tried to run after Lucas, but she ran into Daniel as he was heading in the door. Daniel asked if his presence would make Chloe uncomfortable, and she said she would be fine. He said the one good thing to result from his part on the show was that Kate had finally put Daniel and Chloe's affair behind her.

Kate lifted Daniel's fingerprint from the glass of champagne he was drinking and planted it on the poison she used for the appetizers.

Chris advised Chloe and Daniel how to appear natural on camera. Then Kate arrived and took over. The director suggested they start filming right away so the appetizers didn't go bad. Kate told Chloe that she hoped Chloe was hungry, because the appetizers were "to die for." The director planned to shoot video of Daniel offering an appetizer to Chloe.

Nicole asked E.J. how things went with Father Matt, and he said that they agreed to disagree. E.J. wanted to go home to get ready for Johnny. Nicole asked if they should take the picture of Grace home with them, then she broke down in tears, saying how wrong it was. E.J. said it wasn't Nicole's fault, and she said it was. She said she felt guilty because Sami hated that Nicole was in Johnny's life. E.J. assured her that it had nothing to do with Nicole. She told E.J. to go ahead without her so it would be easier for everyone.

Nicole mourned Grace privately. She asked for Grace's forgiveness. She went outside and reminisced about how she helped deliver Grace. She felt guilty about switching Grace and Sydney, and she felt like she might have caused Grace to die. She felt horrible that Grace dying made Nicole's life better. She thought about how E.J. would never forgive Sami for lying, and that made Nicole's place in E.J.'s life more secure than ever. Nicole said she would do anything to bring Grace back.

At the park, Will confronted Lucas over Lucas knowing that Grace was Will's biological brother. He called Lucas a liar just like Sami and Rafe. Sami told Rafe that she needed to take Johnny to E.J.'s by herself so she could explain to Johnny what was happening. Rafe understood, and he vowed that they would fight for custody of Johnny and they would win.

Lucas told Will that it was complicated. Will accused Lucas and Sami of having no problem lying to him and E.J. Will said that Sami was paying the price because E.J. was taking Johnny away from Sami. Lucas took off to see Sami. Mia saw Will, and Will hugged her. Mia asked Will what was wrong, and he promised to tell her what happened later. He asked why she wasn't at work, and she said she wasn't needed, after all. Will asked if she was in trouble. Meanwhile, Chad got a job at the Java Café.

Sami told Rafe that Mickey Horton, Abe, and Roman told her that she had no choice but to give up Johnny to E.J. immediately. She broke down into tears in Rafe's arms.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Sydney that her brother would be living with them.

Lucas stopped by Sami's place to see how she was doing. Lucas offered to help Sami overturn the custody arrangements. He said she could always count on him. He said Sami was a great mother. After Lucas left, Johnny ran out to Sami and asked to play, but Sami explained that he had to go to his father's house. Sami dropped Johnny off at the DiMera mansion, and E.J. asked Sami to shut the door on her way out.