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Monday, April 21, 2008

Lexie and Daniel examined Chelsea to determine the cause of her relapse. Daniel told Kate that Chelsea was suffering from a complication of the transplant surgery. Lexie and Daniel ordered a series of tests in order to determine the problem and recommend appropriate treatment.

Nick arrived to visit Chelsea and assured her that he would be there for her if she needed him. Chelsea told Kate and Nick that she was in good hands as long as she was in Daniel's care.

After Kate and Nick left the room, Chelsea asked Daniel to tell her the truth about her condition. Daniel asked Chelsea to wait until all the test results were in before he could give her an answer. Daniel told Chelsea that she was a great patient and shared a story with her about a previous patient.

Daniel asked Chelsea to think positive and focus on other fun things like where she would like to go on vacation after she left the hospital. Daniel and Chelsea talked about various places they had visited. Chelsea got lost in the moment and started to daydream and then fantasized that Daniel kissed her.

In the meantime, Kate tried to contact Bo to tell him that Chelsea was hospitalized, but thought it was strange that she could not locate him so soon after he was released from the hospital.

Nick and Kate returned to visit Chelsea and told her that they would be by her side. Chelsea told them that the best way to help her was to act normal and go about their regular daily activities and not to treat her as though she were dying.

In the hallway, Daniel told Lexie that he received all of Chelsea's test results and that they did not look good.

E.J. returned home excited to tell Sami about his new office at Mickey Horton's law firm. Sami was in a foul mood and about to take the twins for walk in the park. E.J. offered to accompany Sami and the twins, but Sami refused. She told E.J. that unless he dropped Nicole's case, he would never be allowed to go anywhere with her or the twins.

E.J. was angry at Sami for using such tactics and for trying to blackmail him. E.J. told Sami that he thought she understood why he took on Nicole's case. E.J. reminded her that he had no income and was taking this case to help their family. E.J. asked Sami if she was going to play dirty to keep him away from Johnny as she did before when she lied about Lucas drinking in front of Will. Sami was furious at E.J.'s remarks and reminded him that Nicole's schemes and misdeeds were far worse than hers.

E.J. accused Sami of being jealous of Nicole, and Sami vehemently denied it. Sami lashed back at E.J. and told him that he was probably falling for Nicole. E.J. denied it, but reminded Sami that any man would be attracted to Nicole. Sami became even more agitated, ended their conversation, and left for the park.

At the Vitale mansion, Ava was devastated after she explained to Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope that she was never the same after Steve left her standing at the altar. Steve tried to apologize to Ava but she screamed at him and told him that she could never forgive him. Ava blamed Steve for her years of psychiatric treatment that included isolation, confinement, and various drug regimens. Ava told them that she had been through hell. Ava's state of mind was drifting in and out of reality and her behavior became very erratic. She lovingly approached Steve and fantasized about their wedding day. Ava thought about how happy she and Steve would have been if he hadn't left her at the church that day. As Kayla watched Ava embrace Steve, Kayla became hysterical and yelled at Ava as the one responsible for her father's death and for taking everyone hostage. Ava became violent and ordered Angelo and George to kill everyone. Kayla intervened and pleaded with Ava to think about her actions. Kayla let Ava feel her baby move and told Ava that this baby was innocent and should not die because of what happened in her past. Kayla told Ava that they were all sorry for what had happened to her.

Steve asked Angelo to get help for Ava because if she killed them, Ava could spend the rest of her life in prison. Angelo agreed with Steve and convinced Ava to cancel the hit. Ava told Steve that her life was meaningless without him and left the room. Angelo had everyone restrained. Hope's condition worsened and eventually she passed out from her gunshot wound. Bo tried to revive her but could not break free from his restraints. Bo, Steve, and Kayla told George that Hope needed medical treatment and to call 9-1-1. George checked on Hope and said she was fine, but Bo was not happy with George's answer and kicked him. George hit Bo in the face with his gun and knocked him unconscious.

Ava returned to the room with Angelo and told Steve and Kayla that she was going to spare their lives under one condition-she wanted Kayla's baby as her own, and Kayla would agree to be the surrogate. Ava told Steve that he and Kayla already had a child together and they owed her this child as payback for the pain Steve had caused her. Ava told Steve and Kayla that after the baby was born, she would decide which of them would live or die. Steve screamed back at Ava and told here that there was no way she would take his and Kayla's baby. Steve turned to Kayla and apologized for all the pain he was causing her as a result of his past.